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uk Fountainhead Essays: The Main Themes Discussed in the Book The novel Fountainhead is both a philosophical work and a romantic drama narrating the story about a young architect. The protagonist is engaged into the struggle with traditional outlooks on architecture believing that modern techniques should be introduced to provide changes to social development. When students have to write Fountainhead essays, they should learn to practice the techniques of effective academic writing and discuss the main themes in the academic paper. What are the core themes that are worth disclosing in Fountainhead essays? 1. Individualism Ann Rand, the author of the novel indicates that individualism is the core idea confronting the concept of collectivism. Individual rights, however, are not presented in the light of political situation, but on the basis of human rights in the community. 2. Architecture The theme of architecture is developed to present modern ideas and tendencies correlating with the author’s beliefs and values. In this respect, such concepts as ethical egoism, superior importance of individualism, and enhanced creativity should be involved in a Fountainhead essay. 3. Reference to the origins It is understandable that evaluation of architectural techniques is aimed at revealing the origins of human right to self-determination. In this respect, the title of the novel is closely associated with another theme that can be elaborated in a Fountainhead essay. Aside from the topic relating directly to the plot, it is also preferable to include some facts from the activities of famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright whose approaches and outlooks on the world coincide with those pronounced by the author. These aspects can be found in a great number custom essays and custom term papers. Written by an intership program participant at aplusa.org.uk