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Published by: Ravindra Chandra on Mar 02, 2012
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Strategic Importance of Afghanistan

• Kabul is the political Center of Gravity for Afghanistan and is the world-recognized seat of the sovereign state • National Elections 09 / Parliament 10 • Relations with Pakistan, India, Iran • Enemy Reconciliation / Integration

• ANSF (ANA, ANP, ABP) capacities must increase • FATA as a sanctuary / safe haven • Number of COPs / FOBs functionally dislocates and inhibits our greatest advantage (maneuver) • Troop-to-task ratio is evolving


Economic Information
• • • • Perceived lack of security All roads leads to Kabul Enemy exercises persistent and pervasive IO Most ethnically diverse population • Rich in natural resources (natural gas, minerals, copper, coal) • Foreign investment hampered by lack of security • More difficult terrain for infrastructure development • Pervasive illiteracy and lack of skilled laborers • Nascent and inefficient government limits economic viability (Corruption)

“Kabul, as the capital, is the hub of political, educational, economic, diplomatic, and military activity…Like Rome, in the days of the Roman empire, all roads in Afghanistan eventually lead to Kabul.” – Mohammad Yousef, ISI Director, Afghan Bureau, 1983-1987 THIS SLIDE IS UNCLASSIFIED//FOUO

Population Kabul Afghanistan = 32 million RC East = 9.6 million Kabul = 3 million Iraq = 26.8 million

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