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Rebels burn equipment in Isabela villag.e Some fully armed men who identified themselves as member of the traditionally Maoist New People's Army (NPA) set on fire several heavy equipment of a sawmill in a southern Isabela town Wednesday afternoon.


Binay jogs with Boom Bomm (photo) Most wanted slain in shootout a 42-year-old man wanted for killlng of the Army soldier and the latter's cousin in Agusan del Sur was killed in a shootout with agents of PNP Criminal I.nvestigation and Detection Group Wednesday in San Luis town. 3 rebels charged for burning equip't The ClOG yesterday filed arson, grave coercion, robbery and qualified tresspassing against the three suspected rebels who burned equipment at the Tarlac-Pangasinan-Ia Union Expressway in Barangay San Miguel Sunday. naipit sa labanan, lumikas Lumikas ang mga residente ng BarangayTabungao na sakop ng lalawigan ng Maguindanao matapos na maipit sa sagupaan ng barangay officials Aat MILF kahapon n~ madaling-araw. 4 3 key M.ILF commanders suspended The MILF has suspended three key commanders involved in an October clash that killed 19 soldiers and endangered a years-long ceasefire. Residenteng

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PMA batch '80: military-police ruling elite The PMA Class of 1980, the group that adopted the four sisters of President Benigno Aquino III as honorary members, is slowly climbing the ladder of promotion, indicating they will become the ruling class in the Armed Forces in due time. Wake up, wake up! PNoy, military to.ld Call made leftists, rightists takeover threats The leader of the anti-communist group on Thursday urged president Benigno Aquino III and military leaders not to be complacent about rising influence of leftists in the government.

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Noy: Enemies want me out to restore corruption President Aquino said yesterday enemies of reform want him out before his term ends so they can restore patronage politics and continue their corrupt ways. Noynoy bares ouster plot against him, woos PSG In what some saw as a "coup me" plot, President Aquino yesterday bared during the anniversary celebration of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) that there are groups that want him out of Malacafianq, saying that these groups want to stop his efforts to run after those who had committed wrongdoings in the past.

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Aquino bares death threat President Benigno Aquino III yesterday bared threats on his life and a plot to oust him for blocking the return of the "old system" for graft and corru tion. RP, US meet for top-level regional security talks A crucial meeting between the Philippines and the US that will determine the extent of American military presence in the country has been set for April 30 in Washington, Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario said. Gazmin: 'At least the MILF acted' Defense Secretary Voltaire GAzmin yesterday described as "very lighf' the three-month suspension imposed by the MILF on three of its commanders who were involved in the Oct 18, 2011 killing of 19 Special Forces soldiers in AI Barka, basilan. Enrile asks: What's happening in talks with MILF? Asenior legislator has urged the government peace panel to report on progress of talks with the MILF, saying the public deserves to know the issues bein discussed b both sides. Joma's joining Cabinet 'pure canard' The co-founder of the NDF and a former lawmaker on Thursday denied as "pure canard" talk of a plan to bring exiled chairman of the CPP, Jose Maria Sison into a overnment of national unification. 'Only final peace deal to prompt Joma return' Exiled communist leader Jose Ma. Sison would only return home once a final peace deal has been signed by the government and the rebels, Defense Secreta Voltaire Gazmin said esterda . Military warned against 'rising influence' of communists ln govt An anti-communist legislator Thursday challenged the mititary leadership not to become complacent about the alleged rising influence of communists in the overnment Solon blocks revival of mandatory ROTC In the Congress Committee on Higher and Technical Education hearing recently tackling legislative measures that aim to reinstate the mandatory ROTC in all colleges and universities nationwide, Kabataan Party-list Rep Raymond Palatino said he vows to stop such proposal that aims to "reverse and disregard that gains of students in their fi ht a ainst an unri htful milita treininc." s(photo)

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A-6 President Benigno Aquino III, accompanied by PSG Commander Col Mateo Dizon, tropps the line during the PSG's 26th founding anniversa celebration in Malacaiian on Thursda hoto)

20-21 22 23 Surve: Marines well-loved in Sulu Confidence buildin Phili

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Easterlies prevail over eastern Visayas ana Mindanao . . astern Visayas and eastE ern Mindanao wHl be mostly cloudy with scattered rainshewers and thunderstorms. The rest of the country will be partly cloudy to cloudy with isolat€d rainshowers or thunderstorms, mostly inthe afternoon or evening. Coastal waters in the eastern section of the country will be moderate to rough. Elsewhere, seas will be slight to moderate. Temperature forecasts: Metro Manila, 23-33deg4'ees Celsius; Baguio City" 14.25;
Tagaytay City,. 21-30; Subic

and Clarkzone, 23-33;Metro Cebu, 25-31; Metro Davao, 24-32; and Cagayan de Oro,
23-32. nila Bay: high tide at 4:18 p.m. at 0.84 meter; low tide at l:JO a.m, at 0.06 meter. Sunrise is at 6:12 a.m.; sunset at 6:04 p.m,

Tidal predictions in Ma- - .

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02 March 2012

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SANTIAGO CITY -- Some 18 fully armed men who identified themselves as members of the traditionally Maoist New People's AnDy (NPA) set on fire several heavy equipmentof a sawmill in a ,southern Isabela town Wednesday afternoon. , AuthQritif'.8 said the armed men in camouflage unitorms and bearing long and short firearms burned a generator set, road grader, loader, dump truck, three forklifts, a six-by-siXtruck, crane and saws of still undetermined cost around 5 p.m. at Barangay Usol in Jones town. The suspects then immediately fled east aboard a Delica van after the incident. A hot pursuit operation is at present being conducted against the' rebels by joint Army and police elements. " The said area has been known to be a fonner hotbed of communist terrorists with remnants reportedly holding out in some remote parts. , . Ted Boehnert


burn equipment inlsabala village '

• -~.!Busmessenrror
A btoillier look ilt tX.iift·s I:uiIte!S

defend his Internatioha!

aooM Vice Pre~'ident



with .

boxer Rey:uB<)oFnBoom" Balltista at the Baclayon Public Market In Bohol.Boom on Saturday, at:the Carlos P.G;;mia Spor.ts Complex in Tag bilaran City.

Boom Will,

Boxing Fede'ration title against Mexican Miguel Angef Mendo~a


March 2012

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Most wanted slalninshootout
A 42"YEAR-OLD man ~Luis town. geant [onie Bautista and wanted for the kiIling of PNP-GIDG chief Di- . thesoldier'scousinJeremy an Army soldierand the rector Samuel D: Pagdl- Bautista in 2007. Iatter's cousin in Agusan lao, [r identified the. faHesaidlocal CIDGmen del Sur was killed in a falityasStevenFrartcisco,. and members of the mu~hootout'with agents of- .of Purok 1, Barangay nicipal police wen! about tJ;.e Philippine National Baylo, San Luis. to arrest Franciscowhenhe 'Police Criminal InvestiPagdilaosaidFrancisco fired at·them triggeringa gatiort and Detection was tagged behind the firefight. _ . Group Wednesday in San . death of ArmyStaff SerThe suspect died while being rushed to a hospital in Talacogon, Agusan del. Sur.Se~dfromhimwasa, 12-gauge shotgun, a load, edcaliber.357revolverand a bolo. __ AIfrec:IDalizon .... .


CAMP' MACABULOS,menf at the Tarlac Pan,Tarlac City.--· The Crim-' gasinan-La Union Ex'imil'Investigation and presswilY in Barangay .Detection Group yesterSan Manuel Sunday. . day .filed arson; grave The suspects, eaid.tobe coercion, robbery and member.sofPinagsanibna. qualffied tresspa.ssing Sangay ng Tarlac-Zam'against the three sus- bales·CNN, wereidentip e cte d repels who fied as Janet Cruz/alias burned heavy equip- .. "LIoay";OliverMillb,alias'

a ~ebelschargedfor.burning·equip~,
"Red," and Neptali Santos, alias " Atong." . The RD Policarpio COne 'struction1Jaid the suspects burned thl:ee backhoes; a payloader and a crane 'all worth over P50 million. '.' Authorities said extor- 0: tion was the motive for the attack. Georg. Hublei-n~'.

Lumikas ang mga residente ng Bgy, Tabungao na sakop ng Ialawigan . ng Maguindanao matapos ria maipit 'sa sagupaan ng barangay officials at Mora Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) kahapon ng mada- . ling-araw, . Ayon sa tagapagsalita ng 6th Infantry Division . (ID) ng Philippine Army . (PA) na 81 Col. Prudencio , Asto, naganap aug barilan sa pagitan ng grupo ni Bgy. Chairman Jerry Macalayar ---..---""""l:c--.....",.----:::-...-;;-::;:"""'I'--j KumanderAdzmieTagadaya ng 106th Base command :....It..:...~~--=:.!..._~..::;:......::....:.._.;::;__ ....::~ ng IvpLF dakong aIas-3:50 ,11K~aling-araw:,,",' .','.: Ang walang puknat na sagupaan ay naganap sa Sitio Kampana, Bgy. Tabungao, Rajah Buayan ng nasablng l~lawigan, kung saan dahil sa .takot ay nagtakbuhan na ang rnga residente na nga-. yon ay nagsama-sama sa isang covered court upang iwasan ang Jigaw na bala, 'Sa kasalukuyan ay iniimbestigahan.ng mga awtoridad kung Han ang nasawi atsugatan sa magkabilang gr;tpo. . Pumagitnana fin sa ,.,...------~--"""':'-~:--'!O<;;---;:-" lugar ang pinagsamang puwersa ng pulis at militar p....:.;.::..;_.._~....:;. ...... ~ ......__....... __ upang matiyak na hindi 1 na muling: sisrklab 'aug :j sagupaan. .





"02J.March 2012

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3 key .MILF commanderssu.spended
The Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) has suspended three key commanders involved in an October clash that killed ·-19 soldiers and endangered a years-long cease-fire.. MILF rebel leader Mohagher Iqbal said Thursday that the three commanders on southern Basilan island were suspended for three months after an investigation by Malaysian-ledpeace monitors found they violated a cease-fire accord with the government.. The probeshowedgovernment troops also violated the truce, officials and the rebels said. Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin welcomed the rebel mover' saying the. punishment was light but acknowledgedthat the rebels made mistake. . The Oct. 18 clash erupted when army special forces attempted to arrest Moro Islamic liberation Front commander Dan Laksaw Asnawiin his hilly stronghold near AI-Barka town on southern Basllan island and another allied militant. Asnawi has been blamed for the 2007 beheadlnqs of 10 marines during a clash in Al-Barka, a rebel stronghold. . Asnawi was captured but escaped from a jail in 2009 with the help of his comrades. Rebel spokesman Von AI Haq said the punishment meted on the three commanders underscored the guerrillas' sincerity. "If both sides don't own up to : mistakes, it's hard to push for reforms," AI Haq said. (AP)



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March 2012

standanl· ~_~~ TODAY



. THE Philippine Military Academy Class of 1980, the group that adopted the four sisters of Pies ident Benigno Aquino Aquino III as 'honorary members, is slowly climbing the ladder of promotion, indicating they willbecome the JUling class in the Aimed Forces in due time National Police chief· Gen. Nican'or B~olome is so far. the highest official appointed by Mr. Aquino from that class. Just recently, he promoted to a keypositi~n Brig. Gen. Teodoro

By Florante S. Solmerin

PMAbatch 180: military-pollee rulingelite ,

Cirilo Torralba III, a member of, the same class who became the. senior military adviser of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, " Torralba is a former commander of the Army's 902nd Brigade.' . He replaced Brig. Gen. Marlowe Salazar who is set to be installed. as the Armed Forces'..new Internal Auditor. Salazar is.an adopted member of the class, although he is not a'J>MAgraduate.: Also recently, . Commodore Zyril Carlos was appointed chairman of the Armed Forces' Bids and Award Committee, which

takes charge ofall the military's projects for bidding. The other members of the class now holding key positions in the, military are Air' Force chief Maj. :Gen. Lauro Dela Cruz, Western Mindanao Com": -mand chief Maj. Gen. Noel Cabelles.Deputy Chief of Staff for .Civil Military Operations Rear Admiral Miguel Jose Rodriguez, 2nd Infantry Division chief Maj. Gen. Eduardo del Rosario, lst Infantry Division chief Brig. Gen .. Ricardo Rainer Cruz III, lOth.Infantry Division chief MaJ. Gen.
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PMA ...
Jorge Segovia, and Intelligence Service chief Ronnie 'Cesar. Ordoyo. . Anny chief Lt. Gen.. Bmmanuel Bautista graduated with the Class of 1981, but he was an original member of the Class of 1980. The head of the Coast Guard, Vice. Admiral Edmund Tan is . also a member of the Class of . 1980. There is talk that Air and Education ~Training Command chief Maj. Gen. Gregorio Macapagal, also member of the Class of 1980 will be' appointed to the Office ~f 'the . Deputy Chief' of Staff, th~ third-highest position in the. military. Mr. Aquino's sisters . Viel, Pinky, Balsy and Kris were . adopted 'by the Class of 1980 before the President assumed power. It is not-clear if the President is also an honorary member of that class.





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March 2012 '

Wake up, wake ·upl PNoy, military told ...
i Call madeamid
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standard ~~ TODAY


J\. .1.

leftists, rightists takeover threats .
.. 0:....

r;., .......... ~..l ~


a, ..._,

.,1.Q_'~_' __ ~_ .... ,,~ ~-.,,,, ••



By FloranteS. Solmerin


THE' leader of ananti-communistgroup . on Thursday urged President Benigno, Aquino, III and militaryleaders not to, be' complacentabout the risirig influen~e of leftists in the g?yernrtlent.···;. ':'
Rep. PastorAlcoverof the Alli- Maria Sison and' his" allies in the nee for Nationalism and Democ- ' govemmem were.already plai:ming a ilCy said communist leader lose takeover tooustPresident Aquino ..



"So, [in our case], the military 'them anymore, Mr. Aquino said should wake up; wake up, wake .during the 26th anniversary of .up" he said. . the Presidential Security Group. Alcover's warning came as Pres-. But the military dismissed AIident Aquino announced that un- cover's warning.' .ruimed parties were seekingto oust . The Armed Forces was' solid him over his anti-corruption drive. behind the commander-ill-chief; "There are some Who want to the chain of command' was inbring back the oldsystem where . tact; Public Affairs head and they' amassed huge amounts of spokesman' CoL Arnulfo Marmoney, because they know' that celo Burgos Jr. .said after Mr. we will not agree 'to-that, they Aquino bared a plot tooust him want me removed from the pic- .over his aggressive stand against ture so that no one will prosecute. graft and corruption. :,'


He"said as far .as a possible" coup was concerned, that was negative.' 'The Armed Forces is solidly behind the President, Dizon said In. his warning Thursday, Alcover insisted that Sison, the exiled founder of the Communist . Party 'of . the Philippines, and his allies in Congress and other branches of ,the government ,were govemment.. . already consolidating.' "Definitely, Aquino Win be " .. Alcover also urged Aquino. kicked out. Their target is 20ll , to take action .. , ,'; One of their strategies is to force , "He, ,should' wake ",: up .' Aquino to insert, Bayan Muna . . because he who raises' a tiger partyiist Representative Teddy . will be eaten byfhe 'tiger.. Casifiointo ·the Liberal Party , Communists are ' ... against :. ticket of 'senatOr-candidates," laridlords ' and' .AqUino'.. is .. Alcoversaid, : . ," , ~~resel;lting ,·the.land~?W. He . With Joyi::e:Paqgco ;p~~~.

doesn't know his enemy, even its strength," lie said, . Aleover .also said' he received unconfirined reports ' that communist negotiator Luis Jalandoni met with the President's advisers Ronald Llamas and Teresita Quintos-Deles in Malaysia before Christmas last ,year to talk about a coalition with Mr. Aquino's Liberal party. The lawmaker said he feared the alliance could lead to a communist-style cleansing. in


..... ---.-


There was no need also for a . loyalty check bec!luseilie Armed . Forces was a very professional . and disciplined organization, Bur- . . gos said. There was no truth~ what some were saying about a nft , in the military organization. The commander of the Presidential Security Group, .Col. Ra7 mon Mateo DiZOn, said they had : not monitored any 'coup plotsor ----------------------. OFFICE OF THE ARMY~ threats to Aquino.' . oacpa~hpa@yahoo.com"It isbusiness as usual for us:"

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NoytBnemieswanimeout. torestore corruption
. PresidentAquino s~id 6Y·DEI..ON.~C!RCALLA·. lost three of your men. Yo~tmit terday enemies of-reform want SeCurity Group. ".. " .'. min, who used to command the saved me and a companion from him out before his term ends ... "iWe're.winninggraduaUy. PSG during his mother's tenure, certain death," Aquino told ofso .they can restore. patronage . We're restoring the trust of. theiforhelpirig repel nine coup . ficials and members of the PSG. polities. and continue their cor- people as well as their eagerness ..attempts. Aquino survived an He said the PSG that Gazmin rupt ways. . .. ' .to.improve/' he said. Aquino's: ambush attempt at the height helped found in 1986 was a far "There are some who want mother, the late former Presi- of the 1987 coup. "If there is an cry from the PSC under Marcos, to bring back the old system dent Corazon Aquino, formed attempt to seize Malacafiang, whose members had beeninstruunder-which they earned lots the PSG in 1986 shortly after you will be the govenunent's ments in carrying out the dictatorof mot}ey Since they know that the ouster of the Marcos dicta- .first line of defense. If you show ship's oppressive policies., . Iwon't let them do it, they want torship. The elite presidential weakness, the enemy can easily "Secretary Cazmin's efforts me out of the picture so that no . guard urn t was called Presidenseize victory;" he said, address- . have bore fruit. The once feared o~e ~an 9? ~te~ them," Aquino tial Security C?mrna.nd during. g the presiden~al.gu". ards led is, now a l?artner ~1 pu~lic sersaid m Filipmo in a speech dur- the Marcos regime. by Army Cot Chito Dizon. VIce, and It doesn t hesitate to ing the celebration of the 26th The President also thanked .. "I wish to thank the PSG per- reach outto the people in fulfillanniversary bf the Presidential Defense Secretary Voltaire Caz- sonally. In the 1987. coup, you ing its task," Aquino said.

ye~-. . '.', .'.',::.. ,:

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of.. March 2012



Noynoy bares ouster plot against him,
woos PSG.
By FerRan J. Angeles
Inwhat some saw as a "coup me" plot, President. Aquino yesterday bared. during the 26th anniversary celebration of the Presidential Security Group (PSG) that there are groups that want him out.of Malacaii.ang, saying that these groups want to stop his efforts to run after those . .who had committed wrongdoings in the past. In his speech during 26th foundation anniversary of the PSG held at Malacaiiang Park, AquinO, without naming names, pointed to some members·Qf, the preVious administration as behind efforts to "get him out .·.oftheirway."· , ... . . Aquino, however, would not sa.ywhat he meant by . "getting him out oftheir way" evenas he zeroed in . . ic:inthe .need tor the PSG to strengthen its line of . ,·defense agaiItst destabillzation, "There are soin~ groups who want to return ; .to the old \Vays, where they.made oodles and oodles ofmOney,~he said in Tagalog .. ..'. . '~ . "AS you know, we will not' allow this to happen. , .... 1hey:want me out ofthe (M'aIacafiang) scene so that noiJOOy . would. go after them, "AquipQ}!aidjI~ a part of hls'speech, ."- Hinting at a~' ~ffort to unseat him,. Aquino however remained optimistic that he would be able to focus on what he. has been mandated todo for as long as the PSG men keep him ·sare. . . "I'm very confident (of not being ousted) because the PSG is with me. you (PSG) are shielding me in my battle against those who don't seem to want the government's reform agenda to push through," he said, "You may not be at the war zone but you certainly did your job quite welL I can work with focus because you're there for me," Aquino added. He then wooed the PSG with additional firepower and mobile equipment ashe urged his security battalion to continue protecting him and the Office of the President while issuing a new instruction to defend him and Malacafiang against plots ot unseat him. . As· a reward, Aquino announced that the government would provide additional firepower and mobile equipment to the PSG.· Aquino also intimated that. he would beef up his security with more.
,. , •.

PSG officers, as be would be taking along with him Plore PSG men iJi his official functions outside the Palace, apparently referring to foreign trips and hisnightIy sojourns; . "Weacquired 54 vehicles, firearms to beef up security. Plus the training grants to improve your capability. We are also working on a system that would allow more PSG men to come. with me in my official functions, Aquirulaid. . . Joining Aquino were· Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, PSG commander Col. Ramon Mateo Dizon and other national and local

government officials led by Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. Upon his arrtval at the PSG Grandstand, Aquino was accorded full military honors by PSG troops led by commander Col. Nestor Herico. The President then. led the presentation of plaques of recognition to the top PSG 'personnel for 2011 as Well&8 citations to private Individuals "for their unwavering support and assistance to the PSG:" To signify their profound thanks to the Jilresident, the PSG presented. the Chief Executive with a molded resin replica of a PSG Beret which symbolizes the PS(}!s commitment to ,protect the President of the Republic of the Philippines, However, there has been no hint of any military' destabilization thus ' far, and his police and military' generals keep saying that there is no demoralization in ,both the military . and the police: . . It is being. speculated that 'this is to gain public sympathy and support for him, and that a "coup me" piot is in the works, for him to push through with mob rule, should Chief Justice Renata Corona be acquitted by the Senate court.



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PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino ill yesterday bared nerve as portrayed in a political komiks propaganda authored-by a prominent komiks storyteller which threats on his Ute anda plot to oust him for blocking Aquino used in his..presidential campaign . :the return of "the oldsystem" of graft and corruption. .. '. Aquino said his confidence and efficiency come . However, the Presidential Security Group (PsG), from the PSG who are protecting him. . .. "Kayo ang nagsisilbing kalasag ko laban. sa roga which is tasked to protect him, brushed aside any assassination threat. to the. President. .: .. . riagtatangkanghadlanga:'-ang isinusulongnatingpag"There are: some who want to .bring back the old babago. Kayo po ang SUS) sa maayos kong. pagtatrabasystem where they amassed huge amounts of money; ho upang maitaguyod ang karapat-dapat para samga Pilipino," ne added. ... ... . . because they know that we will not agree to that, they Alsoinhis speech,· Aquino boasted of higher qualwant me removed from the picture so that no one will .prosecute them anymore," Aquino told his audience. ..ity, more effective and secured flow of. information within Malacanang offices with the installation offiber . at the 26th anniversary of the Presidential Security Group yesterday. held at the PSG· Grandsfand at. optic cable. from Malacanang Park to 'Malacafiang "Complex, .'. ..... . '. Malacanang Park,. Manila. .. ."Kapagmaynagtangkangagawinang Malacafumg,· . . Malacaneng Park and Malacafumg Complex are separated by the Pasig River ... kayo ang unangsanggalang ng pamahalaan .. Kung nagpapakita kayo. ng karupukan, agad na magtat- . The President thanked three telecommunication. agumpayang kalaban, Ngunitsagisagpo angtumitibay companies for helping improve and secure the com- . . nating Iiderato at naisasa-katuparang mga reporma sa. munication system in the Palace, . epektibo ninyong pagtupad sa tungkulin," he added. . "Natapos na rin ang installation ngFiber Optic PSG commander Col. Ramon Mateo Dizon said Cable mula saMalacanang Park papunta sa Malathey have not monitoredany planned coup or threats cafiang Complex.Salamat sa .PLDT, Smart at Globe sa to the life of Aquino. .. . . . . pagpapaunlad ng. sistema at pagpapaigtilig sa segu..... "It isbusiness as usual for us. But as far as a possible ridad ng ating komunikasyon," he-said. . .. coup is concerned, that is negative: The Armed Forces. "Sa dinatnannating kapasidad ngPSG, 60 porsyenof the Philippines is solid behind the President," Dizon to lang rtg kanilang pangangailangang komunikasyon : stressed. ' ... . ang kayang tugunan ng kanilang communication sys. Aquino did not elaborate on the threat against him tem. Dulot po ito ng luma at pupugak-pugak na mga . .. . nor did. he tdentify the assassination or coup plotters .. kasangkapan at pasilidad," he added. Despite the supposed threats against him, the PresiAmong those that will benefit from the improved dent said he was confident. because 1 have with me communication system are the PSG, Office of the the Presidential Security .Group - the people who President, Presidential Management Staff and the Of.. serve as my shield fromelements who want to prevent . ficial Gazette. Meanwhile, some 40 women were .able to stage a . the reforms that we are pushing for." Aquino's mother, the late Corazon Aquino, who lightning rally in front of St. Jude Church inside Mal. became president after the ouster of the Marcos dicta~· acanang complex while the PSG anniversary was ontorship, survived at least eight coup attempts by m.il-. going.. . . . Some ·70 members of the militant group Gabriela itaryrebels. He cited how the PSG saved him from an ambush attack during the 1987 coup against his moth- , slipped past police and PSG lines to stage the.rally near .. the Palace's Gate 7, .according to a report. on dzBB er. . "Nang nagkudeta para pabagsakin ang ~dmws-. radio. . .' trasyon ng akingina noong 1987, tatlo mula sa inyong The activists brought placards calling for the scrap" hanayang napaslang. Ang hanay din ninyo 'ang napingofthe expanded value-added tax; which they gligtas sa akin at sa isa kong kasama 'mula sa1;iyak na blamed for recent fuel price hikes. They also called for kapahamakan," Aquino said, .. the deregulation of the oil industry. .. The President stilt has a bullet in his napedue to the Manila 'police and PSG members eventually man" aged to break up the rally. incident. It could not be extracted as it hit a .sensitive



{)i.. March 2012



By Michaela P. del Gallar and Mario J. Mallari

RP, lIS meet for top-level regional seeurity talks
activities in the Philippines amid territorial disputes with China in the contested South China Sea, where Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei and Chinese rival Taiwan also have overlapping claims. 'The Sp.-atlys, a cluster of.islands, shoals and coral outcrops that travel to washington t€l meet with counterparts Secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Secretary.of. Defease Leon Panetta, • : ' ... Both sides wiIi diseuss how the US could further assist in the country's territOrial defense to protect its sovereign.teJ'rit;oriesand Washington's planned expansion and troop re-alignment in the Asia· Pacific, several years after being preoccupied with its anti-terr6r turn to page 2 have

A crucial meeting between the Philippines and the United States that will determine the extent of American military presence in the country has been set for April 30 in Washington, Foreign Mfairs Secretary Albert del ROsal.'iosJlid. , It is considered a vital meeting as it will extensively diseuss 'a planned increase in US military

straddles one Iilfthe world's busiest shipping lanes, is believed harboring rich oil and mineral reserves. .
Del Bosarto and Defense SecretarY Vt)ltaire Gaztnin wi~



campaign in Iraq and Afghanistan. . The two sides would also lay thegroundwork for the official working visit of President . Aquino to WilshiIigton for a meeting with US President Baraek.Obama that will take place sometime late Mayor early June, the DFA chief added. I DelRosario said .the Philippines' was considering Washington's proposal to hold more joint military exercises with US .troops and posSibly the deployment of a rotatirig ·force of American troops, but gav\li further details. . . "It is important for every colintry to establish at the very, least a credible' .minimum defense posture and . I think. this is a fundamental aspiration.of every sovereign country," Del Rosario said at the MaiJ.i.la Overseas Press ' Club forum Wednesday' . evening. .Long-running territorial disputes came back to public attention when Manila -accused China of repeatedly intruding into Philippine territorial areas; including in . the Spratlys,:in the first·half


'witbgunfirej and sabotaging Philippine oil explorations at the Recto or Reed Bank off Palawan's western' coast .. . In desperate effort to deru.with Asian superpower China, the F1lilippines, whose military is among the weakest in the region, turned to its 10Iig-tirne treaty ally, the. US, for help. . "We're actually asking the US. to help us in terms of being able to achieve this, minimum credible defense' posture that we are seeking," Del Rosario said, stressing that the South China Sea is a core national interest. ·We hope to be. able to . improve our interoperability, we. hope to be' able to obtain assistance' in terms of military assets from them," he added. . The Philippines, Del R'osario said, .will also continue' efforts to secure warships, fighter jets and 'weap'onsfromthe US 'and other countries like Australia, . Japan, South Korea, Italy and Poland. . "Our objective is for the Philippines to complement its diplomatic tools a minimum defense credible posture and .in order to do this, since our on011. Philipp. ine government' resources are definitely . officials blamed Chinese limited, we are seeking the vessels of harassing Filipino.' assistance of our ~ennen, who ~~e ~t one . in~emational partners," he pQjn:t ~egedly mtmndated........__,., said, , . --"

announced plans to deploy
Marine. contingents' in northern AustraIia, dock Ships in Singapore and intensify joint· military exercises and .. ship visits to the Philippines as part of Washington's' . efforts to reassert its military . . presence. in the Western. Pacific region to . counterbalance China's dominance. Relatedly, Gazmin yesterday defended the' exploration projects being undertaken by the. .Department of Energy (DoE) • in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) where the disputed Kalayaan Islands Group (KIGs) or the Spratlys . are situated. .. "The oil exploration is within our territorial limits, . why. do we have to ask I permission to whoever when J it is ours," he stressed. . Gazmin maintained that the DoE's exploration projects in the West Philippine Sea . should not cause any tension . in the disputed region. In fact, • the Defense chief said' there . is no need for the military to beef up security operations in the area. .

us . officials



OF13ICEf.QFTHE 1(aMy~aIEf'

PU:atlC APFAI~S -Email ad6: ga.

"I don't think so, now if they get angry, we cannot control their emotions but then we win stick to the fact that these are within our territory. As the President ..' . p,a.... b~a@~altp.( said 'what is ours is .ours, ~Jl,tI§al:5287;;.S2"9&< that's very definite," he said. :' .


March 2012

TIt& k'atloflal Newspaller



Hazmin: 'At least the MllF acted'

DEFENSE Secretary Voltaire Gazmin yesterday described as "very light" the three-month suspension imposed by the Moro ISlamic Liberation Front on three of its commanders who were involved in the Oct. 18, 2011 killing of 19 Special Forces soldiers in AI Barka, Basilan. Nevertheless, Gazmin said the government is glad that the MILF, which is negotiating a peace accord with government, took action on its men who violated a cease-fire agreement. "No matter how very light the punishment that they gave, . at least they made a move, they acknowledged that they made a mistake, said Gazmin. Told ofGazmin's description of the punishment, MILF vice chairman for political affairs Ghadzali Iaafar said, "We respect his opinion but that is the decision of the Central COmmittee." Asked if the punishment is indeed light, ]aafar said, "Whether it's heavy Or light, that's the decision of the Central Committee. "

On Wednesday, MILFchief negotiator Mohagher Iqbal said that in compliance. with recommendations for sanctions issued by International Monitoring Team, they imposed the suspension on the commanders who will also be made to undergo schooling on the cease-fire agreement. . The suspension means the three could not command their· forces, according to the MlLF. The Malaysia-led IMT, which is monitoring compliance with the . ceasefire agreement, has found that both the AnnedForces and the :MILF committed truce violations. One of the Wee suspended is Dan Laksaw Asnawi, deputy commander of the MILF's 114th Base Command who led the fighting with the Special Forces soldiers who were serving an arrest warrant on wanted MILF and Abu Sayyaf elements. Top AFP officials have ordered the relief of four ranking military offlcials, including erstwhlle : Special Operations Task ForceBasilan commander Col. Alexander Macario, for lapses and are now facing court martial. .


0.2. March 2012


Enrile. asks:.Whafs· happening .in talks with MILF? .
A SENIOR legislator has urged the gov- . ernmentpeace panel to report on progress of talks with the Mora Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), saying the public deserves to know the issues being discussed by both sides. In particular, Nationalist People's Coalition Rep. Jack Enrile of Cagayan said there should be public disclosure on pro..posals being pushed by both panels coming into one of the thorniest area in the negotiation pr0G.ess:the development of a framework for the. political settlement of the Bangsamoro problem. . . "What's happening to the peace neg6~ tiations with the MILF? The government panelsald both partieshave entered asubstantiye phase in thetalks, but we have not heard from 'both sides ·abo.ut their respective proposals on the prospective peace agreement" Enrile said. The lawmaker noted that such a dis- . clos~re will open the proposed solutions to scrutiny and feedback. He added that the government panel should learn from experience and conduct public consultations before committing to any kind of settlement with the MILE Both panels, In early February, concluded the latest round of talks which the government. said would "delve into the substantive aspects of the negotiations" including the drafting of a framework for .a political settlement. . However, Enrile s~id that aside from a : "vague" joint statement released by both panels, there were no other available details on what transpired during the latest · round of talks, He further noted that the joint statement didnot even mention developments in thedrafting of the framework for the political settlement. "The public. remains in the .dark on what have been achieved during the latest round in terms of drafting the pollti'cal component of the peace agreement. This is a.very important agenda in the · talks; and yet we are not made aware on how we are proceeding in this aspect of the negotiations:' Enrile said. He said getting the proposals out in the open will prevent the repeat of the · memorandum of agreement On ances·tral domain (MOA-AD) which has. already been initial~d by both sides, only to be nullified by the Supreme Court in 2008. The lack of transparency in the negotiations has also resulted in questionable "transactions" between the government and MILF negotiating panels, including the government's awarding ofaPfi-million fund for MILF leaders; "~ith a history of questionable agreements entered into by government negotiators with their rebel counterparts, we would like to see more transparency now on how both panels are proceeding with the talks," Emile said.' . "We' have to make sure 'that agreementsor side agreements signed in the process of the peace talks are aboveboard, are within the bounds of the law; and are in line with public interest:' R.Acosta






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March 2012

,'standatu' , ~ TODAY
Joma'sjoining Cabinet 'pure canard' - Ocampo' .


By Maricel Cruz and Rey E. Requejo
TIlE co-founder of -the National Democratic Front and a fonner lawmaker on ThUCsda:y denied'as "pure canard" talkofapIan to bring the exiled chairman of the Communist Party of the Philippines, Jose Maria Sison, into a government of national unification. Bayan Muna.president Satur Ocampo, who co-founded the NDF in 1973, said the aceusations of the anti-communist group Alliance for Nationalism

and Democracy were purely speculative and baseless. "It is pure canard, not an iota of truth," Ocampo told the Man:ila Standard. • "That's a spin tQ~ho~ lq,esident Aquino welcomes tlif Left in his administration - similar to charges versus Cory (late former President Corazon Aquino) that she had leftists in her Cabinet," .' Ocampo said. At the same time, Justice SecretuyLeiladeLimadeniedreports 1hat she was a go-between for the President and Sison. Nextpage

Ocampo, meanwhile, denied government, we don't know where accusations that members of that will lead," ' , the 'Aquino Cabinet, including 'Weste~ S~arRep, Mel Senen "There is absolutely-no truth his' advisers Ronald. Llamas, Sarmiento, vice chairman-of the to the suggestion that I part Teresita Quintos-Deles and House committee on national of the negotiations between the Alex Padilla, were negotiating defense, dismissed the issue government panel aitdNDF-CPP- on behalf of the' Communist speculative, adding that there NPA, . much 'Iess the suggestion Party and its military arm', the ,might be some groups using it .to that.I am acting as a 'conduit' for . New'People's Army. ,;'IdVance theirpolitical interests. '. Joma, Sison," De Lima s~d, in a , But Maguindanao Rep. Simeon "We should- validate the text message. . Datumanong, who has served as information first Stakeholders. ' . She also denied ~e report that a ·pe!!£enegotiator with Muslim, should be: likewiseconsulted 'to 'she was a first COUSlll of Juliet de _gents in the south, said if the.· prevent anygroup from possibly Lima, Sison's wife: .' . .' 'talks" with the communists were taking advantage of the situation," .. "It's apparent ,that _the ~ource· true, the government was entering Sarmiento said. of the information IS himself a dangerous situation,' Sarmiento also urged those or 'herself misinformed. and, "There is nothing wrong initiating the so-called unification therefore, . unreliable because I about the result of unification coalition should stand up and a~ not the.first co~sin of ~uliet de for· the peace of the country," present its plan to the people. . Lima She IS the third cousm of my Datumanong said. "Transparency is very father," she said. "I know of her. "But if you mix the ideology of ' important," Sarmiento said. . but I have never met her before." the left with that of a democratic Ifugao Rep. Teddy Baguilat

Jorna's ..•.

.' .. ""l.. ~,.illo'" * ~'};





Brawner Jr., a member of the House committee, on national defense, said the. government .should first focus on getting . Sison to the negotiating table. "I· .think this is a must," Baguilat said. "It would be the strongest symbolic step forward so far reaching a peace settlement with the NDF. I think with so many of his comrades now engaging in the . above-gro~ndpolitical arena, Joma would like to experience pushing his advocacy without a life in exile," "Ending the war is a must that's why a unification effort premised on a specific agenda is significant. Without an agenda, however, it could end up just being a historic photo session." .


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if· March 2012
"With regard to serious issues that may affect national interest, these should be studied before statements are issued," he said. Gazmin dismissed as a rumor reports that Sison would be offered a Cabinet post once he returns home. By ALEXIS ROMERO· . Reportson Sison's return . spread last weekend, fueling Exiled communist leader . .speculations that he would . Jose Ma. Sison would only ·comehomefor the peace talks . .return home once a final peace Sison reportedly arrived in deal has been signed by the the country via Clark last Jan. government and the rebels, 20 using the name "Renate Ma- j Defense Secretary Voltaire· laya," 'There were reports that Gazmin said yesterday. . he was being protected by "imGazmin said the reports. portant personalities" in Iloilo, On Sison's supposed return Sison denied these reports to the Philippines are mere. in an interview with radio sta"rumors." . tion dzRH last Monday; saying "If ever he (Sison) returns: he was still in the Netherlands (to the.country), it would have and that pro-Arroyo elements . been part of negotiations that, in the military were spreading would put an end to our fight .false information about him. againsttheNPA(NewPeople's . Meanwhile, Justice SecreArmy) and we already have .• tary Leila de Lima yesterday . peace," Gazmin said in Fili-· denied an allegation that she is pino. . part of the team that is convincThe NPAis the armed wing ing Sison to join the Aquino. of the Communist Party of administration for national the Philippines, which Sison j' unification. founded in 1968. "There is absolutely no truth . ' "If he (Sison) returns, that to the suggestion that! am part. means we have already signed of the negotiations between ' (art agreement) and the armed I the government panel and the . conflicthas ended," Gazminsaid. I NDF-CPP-NPA, much ~ess-the Gazmin said such an ar- . suggestion that I am acting as a . rangement would not happen 'conduit' for Joma Sison," she while the peace talks between said in a statement. the government and the com-· She also denied the report. munist rebels are ongoing. that she is first cousin of Juliet He said the sources of in- . de Lima, wife of Sison. formation on Sison's alleged '. _ With Edu Punay return to the Philippines are unreliable. .

peate deal

'Only final

to prompt Joma return'



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March 2012



·Militarywarnedagainst 'rising .influenceof . . commurusts ingovt
By ZAP,P SOLMERIN , Correspondent

N anti-communist legislator on Thursday challenged the military leadership not to become complacent about the alleged rising influence of, communists in the government. "The military should wak~ up because what happened in Nepal might happen -in this country,' Party-list Rep. Pastor Alcover of the Alliance for Nationallsm and Democracy (Anad) said. Alcover believes that sticking to his belief that Jose Maria Sison, also known , as [orna and founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), and his allies in the legislative branches and key positions in government are already con- , solidating power. ' , According to Alcover, a-Nepal-style takeover is already being cooked up- by .. - . ---_ .. _. . .,-_ ..


"Nepal's parliament has been taken overby Maoist communists that ordered the integration of the: rebels into that country's armed forces and the Army chief was kicked out. 56, [in our case] the military should wake up, wake up, wake up. Hi~di puwede 'yung mga generakna sipsip na lamang sipsip" he said. . Alcover appealed to Mr. Aquino to be , wary of Sison's plan to bring the Nepal experience into his administration. . "He [Aquino] should wake up because he who rides a tiger will be eaten by the , tiger. Communists are against landlords and Aquino is'representing the landlord 'class. He doesn't know his enemy, even, iits strength:' he warned. During the watch of the President's mother, the late President Corazon , Aqp.ino,disgruntied military personnel launched at least' eight attempts to oust her. The bloodiest of the coup attempts was in December 1989 . Meanwhile, military' sources said , readers of the reaffirmist and rejectionist groups of the CPP met abroad todiscuss , their planned coalition with the Liberal Party, the political bandwagon of the President. ' "I have received information about that but it was not in South Korea, it~as held in Malaysia and this happened before Christmas last year. The problem is I cannot.confirm it but the information I


Llamas is the President's political adviser while Dele's is the chief of.the Office 'of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace , Process. Thelawrnakerfearedthe "alliance"could lead to "cleansing" in the government. H,isaid tha:tthe"alliance"isuslngandridingwith the Liberal Party and when cleansing comes "Aquino is not an exception:' "Definitely,Aquino will be kicked out. .. their target is 2013. One of their strategies is to force Aquino to insert Party-list Rep. Teddy Casino of))ayan Muna on the Liberal Party's senatorial slate;' he said. '



"Nep,al-style ,takeover is already being tookedup by Jomaand his allies in the government."

lorna and his allies in the government and



March 2012



Solon Blocks Revival Of Mandatory. ROTC
' '







N- t 'h e Con g res !3 to the people. The nation needs an Co mrn itt ee on The mandatory ROTCwas abolished army of volunteers and advocates Higher and Technical in 2001 as a result of nationwide to fight the threats of illiteracy, of ' Education _hearing protests students, faculty and political and social apathy, and the t: e c e n t Iy t a c k ii n g . administrators following' the death perpetuation of social inequities that. legislative measures that aim to, ofUniversity of Santo J'oml:!sstudent continue to obstruct genuine national reinstate the mandatory Reserve and ROTC cadet Mark Chua from progress," Palatino explained ,Officers Training Corps (ROTC) alleged ROTChazing. . Palatine furthered that the bill : in all coIleges and universities Palatino propo ses that the also proposes to add several civilian nationwide, Kabataan Patty-list' National Service 'Iraining Program programs in the NSTp, namely' Rep. Raymond Palatine said he (NSTP) Act of 2901 be strengthened • General Community Service vows 'to stop such ' Program aims to proposal that aims train students in bask to "reverse and services which may disregard the gains include systemic and of students intheir rational tree planting, ' figb t agains t an . street cleaning, waste, unrightful military segregation'; traffic training." management and other "The ROTC has related activities. taught its cadets • Community how to become blind Based Health 'and , and docile servants. Nutrition Program With its grim and aims to train students bloody human rights " in health and nutrition record, the AFPhas education. no righ t to meddle • Com m u nit y with the academic Immersion Program affairs of our youth. aims to strengthen A war-mongering social consciousness and mercenary of students through :instituti'on must e xpos u e « and 'not allowed to • PATRIOTIC? '"':"A congressm._n disputes assertions ,by the immersion' among "infiltra te schools Armed Forces ofthe Philippines,that the ROTCprogram instills basic sectors. , and teach students," love for country, and maintains that the Nation'al' Service' , • Dis a s t e r Palatine said. Training Program be strengthened instead." , Pre par edn e s s Pala tinoal so Program is designed to disputed the claim that the AFP-run instead. , train students in disaster prevention program would teach-the students InhisHouseBill23550rtheNSTP and preparedness in the event of .how to be patriotic. Reform Bill,Palatino pushes for the ' natural calamities. "The AFP uses the program in strengthening and expansion of the • Ecological Services Program its red-baiting campaign against social and civic service components is designed to- train students in ' progressive student groups. In many ofthe NSTP environmental protection and ROTC lectures, soldier-instructors "The bill aims to inculcate awareness activities, " .: conveniently tagged student activist the value of nationalism.vsocial ' • Human Rights Education and', groups as affiliated with the New consciousness and responsibility Advocacy Program aims to train People's Arrny. The ROTC is clearly in the youth, and for the youth to ' , students in the understanding, a threat to academic freedom," he assist the government agencies in' protection and promotion of human added. the delivery of basic social services rights:



6.2. March 2012

Page:_3 __

MUlti-purpose building for 500 kids

Quezo~ CityMayor Herbert B~utista leads' a ri.bbo~ting ceremony marking the blessing and turnover of the P4 million ~ultipurpase buildirig (covered court) to the 5CXJpupils enrolled at Fort Aguinaldo Elemeritaiy: School. The IXOject,built through initiative of House deputy..nuijor1ty: leader Congressman Jorge "Bolet" Banal Jr. (second from left) is interrled to develop the socialization skills and physical develop dent of , ' schoolchildren enrolled at Fort Aguinaldo ElementaIy School, ml\iority of whom are children of soldiers at the Armed Forces Qfthe Philippmes headquarters. WIth them are Councilors Julian Coseteng, Allan Benedict' Reyes and Gian Carlo Sotto, Barangay Chairman Greg Tolentino and W:dma Masigan, school principal. '



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?2 March 2012

Stili1dard· ,~ ~ ,,1 .. TOOL"" .


Recognized. President Benign~ C. Aquino III, assisted by Presidential s~tUffty Graul' Command;efCoJ, .. 'AA"atebof:Zl!ln,pr~ents the Plaq~e of Recognition to Radio TV Malacaiiang Exe~utive Director Virgi-lio Nadal Jr, aWlrig the 26th founding annillersarx celeb.fi!tion of the PSG at the PSG Gran~stand, Mala~ila'lg Park}"hursday. Nadal' is recognized fo~ assis~ing the differe~t medla networJ(s"durtng.pr-f!,_S[aeo'ti~ engagemeots in SUPPQrt to the differ.entSecu.ri"!y Task Acilon Groups. In 198&. form. er President Corazon C. AQ41,no ~!sband.ed the PresIdentIal S~tul'Jtv Command and replaced it with the leaner PSG. with then Army Col:Voltaire Gazmin as its first Group Coml'lla"Tii:ler,1'tie SG,Is the lead age"5\' taskeifitr'provlding security to the P President of the PhHippines and the First Family. They also provlde protective security to vrsiting Heads of States arid diplomats.

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tfJ...March 2012



• President Benigno Aquino 3rd, accompanied by Presidential Security Group Commander Col. Mateo Dizon (far right), troops the line during PSG's 26th founding anniversary celebration in Malacaiiang on Thursday. MA~ACA~ANG PHOTO


2 March





Survey: Marines well-loved in Sulu
Was Steve Wynn's sudden legal atEighty percent of Sulu residents trust tack on. estranged casino partner Kazuo the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Okada aimed partly to smear Pagcor.' s . and 98 percent credit it for securing their Entertainment City? Lawmakers 111 . communities. These emerged from a recharge of franchising and gaming overcent survey in theisland province mads sight believe so, and thus hesitate to in~ infamous by the .Abu Sayyaf terrorist vestigate.the allegedbribery of Pagcor group. Sulu in the 70s to early '80s also officials. . saw separatists fiercely fighting governIn the weeks preceding Wynn's lawment troops. . ... suit against Okada in the US, global inOf the 98 percent who consider the vestors were being notified that the AFP as the 'greatest impact to local. sePhilippines was the market to watc~. curity, 50 percent believe it is making One adyisory, from a global bankesti.. their place a lot safer, Respondents bamated gaming revenues in the Philip- . sically were referring to the Philippine pines to reach $1.4 billion in .2012. That. Marines, the most visible AFP unit to would be a 17-percent jump from the. Sulu locals, The Marine Corps has two earnings of Pagcor and casino franchi- .: brigades consisting of six battalions in' sees in 2011, according to one senator. " the island. Iointly with visiting US Presumably more worrisome for' . forces, they hold medical-dental checkWynn, whose Wynn Resorts-Las Vegas . ups, erect schoolhouses, dig drainage, operates Wynn-Macat,t:' is 2013-2014. .and perform other "evil-military opera~ For by then would open four gaming tions." Congratulations are in order for complexes in Pagcor's Entertainment Marine Corps commandant Maj. ·Cen. : City along Manila Bay. Investment Rustico Guerrero, and Naval Forcescounselors foresee the' Philippines. sur- l .: 'Western Mindanao commander Rear passing Singapore's two mega-casinos, ~ Adm, Armando Guzman . .The survey was designed by TNS Philippines and made last Dec. 3-15 with the help' of the Notre Dame of [olo College. Simultaneous polls were done

hty percentof.residents trust the AFPi 98% credi! it for sec~ring thetrglocales.They refer to the visible AFP llnit.Jh~.Manne.s.._.s.J!h!J~Jhe'.:. birthplace of the Abu Sayyaf terror. band. in five other conflict affected areas in
-, ~<Mindanao: Zamboanga, Isabela City, which are expected to earn $6.9 billion Basilan, .Cotabato, and Marawi. The in 2012. Not only that, Entertainment margin of error for Sulu was ±4percentj City would steal gambling junkets from in all the survey areas, ±2 percent. FolChina, on which Macau relies. That's low-up polls will be made this month. because aside from Macau-style gamCompared to the 80-percenttrust rating, the Philippines has a variety of ing of the AFP in Sulu, it notched 67 pertourist spots for junketeers - from sun, cent in the other conflict areas. ' .. .seaand sand to mountains, .museums Sulu respondents expressed slightly and malls. .. more. trust in extremist armed groups Okada is constructing one of the than the rest of the conflict zones. But four gaming-and -entertainment Ie-: on the whole such trust ratings were less sorts in the Pagcor, site. Shunted .out than 20 percent. In contrast, nearly 70 of the $2-billion project, Wynn percent of Sulu respondents and more charged him with corrupting foreign than 60 percent in the other areas congovernment officials, The lawsuit ensider the Abu Sayya1 a threat. No Sulu abled -Wynn·to declare Okada an un.£aniily would allow a member to join a OFFICE OF THE. ARM1 fit partner, and thus forcibly buy back a_hpa@y, terrorist band. Eighty-four percent of the latters shares in Wynn Reso~ts.~ Sulu residents feel safe in their commuand Wynn-Macau, at 30-percent dis.nities, almost the same as the rest of the count, ten years to pay, .' conflict areas, 86 percent. * * __



Most respondents are aware ot re, wards offered by the government to in, dividuals and groups who help in the , capture of armed~x,tremists. But ?~~y 23 , percent of Sulu respondents and 32 percent in the other conflict zones said they would avail of such rewards. The main reason cited to shun rewa~ds is the tear of retribution. The survey looked as well into the education.rincorne, employment and lifestyle of respondents. Many more Sulurespondents than in other conflict , areas had no electricity, TV sets, mobiles, Internet, radio, running water, refrigerators, 0).' two-wheeled transport in their homes. ' .,' . The survey would come in handy for Gov. Mujiv Hataman of the Autono- " mous Region for' Muslim Mindanao. More so when he embarks, on orders of Malacanang, on a drive against loose firearms. . * * * A studyon blindness in- the. Philippines shows that glaucoma is the third cause of lost Of low vision, next to cataract and refraction error. While cataract and refractionproblems can be reversed, by surgery and corrective lenses, glaucoma is incurable. Glaucoma patients suffer progressive blindness. At best, vision loss can be slowed down if detected early and the right treatment administered. Eight of every 100 blind Pilipinossuffer from glaucoma. In the wake of such finding~,.op~th?lmologists will hold the , Znd Philippine Glaucoma Congress on Mar. 10-11. Set by the Philippine Claucoma Society at the Edsa Shangrila Ho- , , tel, the congress will feature new methods and means to detect, treat and, teach glaucoma surgery. * *" *. SORRY. In my column last Wedi1esday there was a typo in the enumera-' tion of Chinese intrusions in Philippine territorial waters. Dec. Hand 12, 2012 should be 2011.



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Confidence building
What happens when a member of acknowledgmentthat the group was ' the' separatist Moro Islamic Libera- , at fault in the Al-Barka encounter. tion Front is "suspended" by its leadIt has been sevenmonths since ership? Does it include being tem- President Aquino held a controverporarily disarmed? Will the sus- sial secret meeting with MILF chiefpended member follow the lead of tain Al HajMurad in Tokyo, in, an MILF commander Amertl Umbra attempt to invigorate the peace proKate and simply form a breakaway cess. The confidence-building gesgroup? And who cart verify if the sus- ture was set back by the ambush in pension has truly been carried out? Al-Barka, which MILF leaders iniThe government, which continues tially justified" as their defense of ' . to explore long-term peace with the their "territory" in Basilan. I MILF;willjust have to take the word Unless a peace agreement is of the group for it. Theo~her day, the signed and the MILF get its so-called MILF leadership announced that sub-state/with its area properly dethree of the group's commanders lineated, it cannot claim any territory .b ased in Basflan had been sus- in this country. 'Government forces' pended for three months for their ate tasked to secure national terridirect participa tion in-the ambush of tory, and assist law enforcement Army.,SpeCial Forces and Scout agencies in keeping the public safe. ' Rall~ in the, town of Al-Barka on There is an ongoing manhunt for the' , Oct. 18 last year. Nineteen soldiers kidnappers of an Australian as well were killed. The MILF's chief peace 'as two bird watchers from the Nethnegotiator said the three would un- erlands arid Switzerland. The MILF dergo an education seminar on the must not get in the way of the forces ' peace process. pursing the kidnappers. Suspending, The Armed' Forces of the Philip- its members' for the attack in AI- , pines prefers to look on the bright Barka is a welcome gesture from the side. Yesterday APP officers pointed MILF. More confidence-building out that the MILF'S:announcement of gestures will improve the path to sanctions for its commanders was an peace.




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Posbie ba ang tJ.Jnay na pagbabago sa sangay ng military?



Talagirig gcruin na lamang ang ~ ko sa pagtaas ng dalawa kong kilay nang maimbitahan Gk~ malchg sa Army Tr<l1Sformatlon Roadmap na nilatag ng !sang major ng pf-jppIne Army. Chari1g! 'Van ang aI<hg ntemal da!ogJe.

• EDDORIAl:·Galugarin.mQ mina !l',J bayan • SPY 0lIl THE JOB: Pananabotahe? • USISERO: B \IS 16 votes • lUANA CHANGE: Philippine Army: Nangang<reef ng pagbabago!

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Bakltnaman wala eh ang dami kayang corruption atpabaon =~dOjnll business sa kani<ng hanay. May kal<iIa!a kava akong SUldalong malapit Discoverthe futureHere and NoW! sa puso ko na nagsabi na ang baIa dawata na pnambabarD sa yourube.camfericssonmultimedia kaniIa ng mga rebelde eh milta" din ang nagbental _i'l,,. ""Iii 00





Tapes ngayon gusto na daw taIaga niIang mag-c:ha';ge??? HoW true? And what kind of change? Baka cosmetic na papoglla1g naman. Bagong admlnlstrasyon kava mag-rlde tayo sa 1I..NifIdna daan? Baka naman bangil ang <Uo ng 1LIwid na daang 'yan para sa maraming SU1da!ong nagbubUWis ng buhay para sa atrlg bayan? Pero matapos ang meetrlg ay may nagbl1<as sa IiQng kasipan dahil naramdaman akIng mga kctlarap. ko ang sinseridad ng

AI>. 0 (in A CHANC[




MJa pa pala rlling AbrB ay p!napIano na nila ang transformation ng army ... to serve the people and to secure our land. At sa long term na plano, pn<pangarap nlla na iSang modemo, tuWid at thtingala ng taumbayang Philippine "'my stIa sa taong 2028. Sixty-four yrs. old na ako nunl At sana buhay pa paa makita ang mga pagbabagong pinapangar~ nila!
Pero ang maga1da at napakahalaga para sa aki'l ay makikiS£j, ako biIang Juana Change sakagus1Llhan rjang. pagbaBAGO. Hahamunln sila ng aming advocacy na patotohanan mula sa pnakamataas hanggang sa pinakamababang ranggo ng ~ Army ang transformatlon roadmap na ito! Atang a::H<ai1g ito ~ yayakapln ng bawat P~.

llitang mga !lyan, ma<j<.akasapatos at matrnnong kagamltan ang ball/at sundalo, tataas ang mga StJweldo, magk1t.adisipfna sa bawat han~, ang batas paa sa isa ay batas para sa iahat, bababa h.!nggang sa tuUyang mawaa ang korapsyOl1, magi<j'lg Mas sa kritisismo.



UIbot tayo saan man ng walang takot para sa atilg buhay, tataas ang respeto ng lahat sa tu<bo I dadaml ang mga taong magtitiwalang wmaaw sa atilg bayan dahl mararanasan ang 11Ilay na ~apaan at magkakNoon ng mcramirlg kabataanggustong maging SlI1daIo pa-a m1t.apagsIbi sa bay<n!
ngayon ang pangarap na ito ay pnapangarap na tayO! M<t1aba at mbap na proseso ang SUSlUlgin ng f>tippi1e .Army pero ramdam ko na buo <I1g 1000 n!a! At makakaasa sUa na kami m<n sa namin ng buong ka!ooban ang extr~ nali"lg I<hat!




amilg acboI<asiya at sa Kaya Nati1 ay Il.!tLdong para ito ay patotohin!n! na ito. 1iJtaI namai, ang tagumpay


nila ay


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