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My mistress is no seductress she has no siren's call, she'll bring you to bended knee no matter great or small.

No man seeks my mistress, yet to each she will call, how long she will visit him no one knows at all. My mistress is a cruel lover never leaving by my side, cursing many a mortal them wishing they had died. It's said she is of Satan's spawn from which we must abide, no one wishes her by name but from her you cannot hide. My mistress has a reason to show up in our world, to let us know not to move from the cliff we just been hurled. She wants to know which flag it is before her we have twirled, a white flag of surrender or the fighting flag unfurled. My mistress is not the sort that any man would embrace, she alone the destroyer of man's body and soul debased. The only thing my mistress has done for me is find my inner space, only in my mind I can vanquish her and keep her in her place. M