Final Research Project is an integral part of the 24 months of PGDM Programme at Jagannath International Management School, Kalkaji.

Aim and Objectives of the Project Work The project is an activity assigned to each student to identify a problem issue at the organizational level/industry level and undertake a research study, through a systematic research methodology. The Research Project is to be preferably a primary data base research project. The students have to analyze the data using appropriate techniques preferably SPSS and draw-up conclusion and recommendations.
1. SYNOPSIS The student has to prepare a tentative research proposal/synopsis. Format for the synopsis is attached (Annexure -I) Last date of submission of the Synopsis of is 10th Feburary, 2012. 2. APPROVAL OF RESEARCH PROPOSAL / SYNOPSIS After preparing the research proposal, the student should preferably have preliminary discussion with faculty guide before proceeding further and approval of faculty guide has to be seeked. 3. FINAL PROJECT REPORT SUBMISSION All students have to submit two black hard bound copies with golden embossing of their Final Research Project to their class coordinator. Format attached (Annexure-II)

Last date of submission of the Final Project reports is 10th March, 2012.

Abbreviations or Nomenclature (optional) Executive Summary 1. (i) 1 The main headings are numbered serially.  List of tables & figures Separate pages for tables and figures should follow the table of contents. The guidelines for the Project Report structuring are mentioned hereunder and all students are advised to follow the same: 1.FINAL RESEARCH PROJECT REPORT GUIDELINES FOR PGDM/PGDM (IB) STUDENTS 1. Sometimes both tables and figures are given together in the same page itself. Recommendations and Conclusion Appendices Bibliography Page No. . Company Profile 3. Contents  Headings and subheading with page numbers CONTENTS Description Acknowledgement (i) Contents List of tables List of figures List of symbols. Page number starts from the introduction chapter. The subheadings are indented two spaces to the right under the concerned main headings. Student’s Undertaking I have been undertaking that this is my original work and have never been submitted elsewhere Project Guides: (By Student Name) • Faculty 3. Research Methodology 4. Title Page 2. Analysis & Interpretation 5. Findings & Inferences 6. Introduction to topic 2.

worded exactly as they appear in the text. Findings and Inferences 11. methodology. justification with emphasis on the objectives. Appendices  Questionnaires  List of tables . graphs. Gratitude to people in the organization. Organization Structure. No. Future Plans 8.Figures refer to maps. etc [Name of the Student] 5. Executive Summary It includes organization profile. Chapter _I Introduction to the topic 7. Direct competitors. Recommendations and conclusions 12. S. are presented with corresponding/consecutive numbers and page location. Market position. key findings and recommendations of the study. List of key Management personnel  Current Sales. Chapter II Company Profile  History. When written in first person the researcher should sign it. Analysis and Findings (using SPSS or any other statistical tool) 10. 6. A word of thanks to guide and other faculty ii. Acknowledgement Normally it should not exceed one page and should be written in third person. Generally it includes i. The full titles of the tables and figures. Acknowledgement LIST OF TABLES Table title Page No. charts. diagrams and photographs. Product Mix. 4. Research Methodology  Sample size and technique       Objectives Hypothesis Primary Data Secondary Data Data Analysis Limitation (if any) 9. drawings.

pp. 1022. reports and other sources of secondary data according to alphabetical order of last name (surname) of the author are to be listed in the format given below: Book Dessler. 4(2):1989.” Prehtice Hall. The materials that can be included here are original interview schedules/questionnaire. New Delhi. documents and long explanatory notes to the text. “Human Resource Management. journals. Vol. Trends in Women’s Employment. 2009. Bibliography The books. Glossary  Bibliography  References The Reference Matter Appendix An appendix is used for additional or supplementary materials. Biju. copies of covering letters used. Articles Nirmala Banerjee. . which has not found place in the main text. Economic and Political Weekly. Gary and Varkkey. statistical tests used and tables referred and any other material of considerable reference value.

5 o Graphical Presentation – Color/Black & White o Graphical Number – Each and every Table / Exhibit / Figure must be assigned its reference number. E. – Table 1.1..1. Left – 1. • PRINTING INSTRUCTIONS: o Paper – A4 Size .g. Fig 1. etc.5 Inch.Jagannath International Management School Guidelines For Typing • TYPING INSTRUCTIONS: o Border Indents   Top. o Page Numbering – Bottom centered o Font Type – Arial o Font Color – Black only o Font size – Uniform & Consistent throughout the report    Chapter Heading – 16 (Bold) Titles – 14 (Bold) Normal Text – 12 (Regular) o Line Spacing – 1. Bottom & Right – 1 Inch.

ANNEXTURE-I TOPIC of Final Research Project SYNOPSIS Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of Post Graduate Diploma in Management Approved By AICTE PGDM-VIIA/B/ PGDM-VII (IB) BATCH -2010-12 Submitted To: Name of Guide Designation Submitted By: Name Roll No. Class .

Chapter II. Synopsis should not be more than 5 pages. Fourth page.1 inch (Top. Organization structure. Products/Services. NOTE :.Black only Paper . SPSS is preferred.introduce the topic of your Final Research means only the names of the chapters which will be there in your final research project.Questionnaire will be based on the objectives) d) Research Method Primary data collection technique Secondary data collection technique e) Analysis technique It includes the statistical analysis which will be used to analyse the result. As the project depends on them.A4 Line spacing 1. Left – 105 Inch. .Research Methodology which will include a) Sample b) Sampling method c) Objectives of your research (these are very imp. Eg if you are doing project on training effectiveness of some company in the 3rd page explain in one page the term training. Future plans. Progress regarding project be communicated to guide regularly through mails or calls every week.Second page will the contents page of the synopsis Third page – Chapter I. It can include History. f) Chapterization:. Fifth page – Chapter III. Synopsis is to be approved by guide. Tentative chapters for final research project:i) Introduction to topic ii) Company profile iii) Research Methodology iv) Analysis of result and findings v) Recommendations and suggestions GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) x) xi) Project should be properly typed in Arial font 12 with no spellings mistakes Page numbering to be done in bottom middle Font colour .brief profile of the company/ sector where the student is doing final research project in one page or 250 words. Competitions etc. One copy of synopsis is to be submitted to guide and one copy to class coordinator. Bottom & Right).5 References to be properly numbered Border.

Sample: Annexure-II PROJECT REPORT ON Comparative Analysis between different Stock & Increasing HSBC’s Customer Base Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of Post Graduate Diploma in Management Approved By AICTE (2009-11) Submitted by Geetika Gupta 14/PGDMA/KJ/2009/011 JAGANNATH INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT SCHOOL Kalkaji. New Delhi-110019 .

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