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Book Report

Book Report

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Published by Yonatan Wegier

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Published by: Yonatan Wegier on Mar 02, 2012
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Adi Album and Yonatan Wegier

Anthony Horowitz
“Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Anthony Horowitz, the author of the extremely successful Alex Rider series. How are you doing?” “Great thanks” “So… What inspired you to write these books?” “… horrible childhood… James Bond… ” “How many books have you written? Which is your favourite?” “I have written 55 books, my favourite is Alex Rider-Stormbreaker” “Is Alex Rider based on a real person you know?” “Yeah, he’s based on two people, firstly a friend called Alex; he speaks two languages fluently, and knows martial arts. And also on the one and only James Bond” Adi Album and Yonatan Wegier

Robert Muchamore
“Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the one and only Robert Muchamore, the author of the incredible CHERUB series. How are are feeling?” “Great, thanks for asking!” “Sooo… What inspired you to write these books?” “Before I started writing I was a private investigator, this made me very familiar with the crim inal world, some of my storys are based on real stories” “What’s your favourite book (Other than the books you wrote)?” “It must be In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, It’s about the 1955 murders in Kansas, this is p art of my inspiration to become a Private Investigator, which was my inspiration of becoming a writ er” “How many books have you written so far? Are you planning any future books?” “so far I have written 17 books, and yep, I’ve actually just finished a book, it’ll come out in 2012 it’s the next book in the CHERUB series it’s called The Prisoner”

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