Chapter 7

a. Where is this place? b. What are the people talking about? c. What does the right side woman want?

credit card hotel policy identi cation book a room standard room 7th oor I’d like a room

In your language.

In your language.
How may I help you? I want a room for nine nights. are saying to me…(let me get it right) It’s hotel policy that you… Miss Smith is it?


Chapter 7

Please circle the correct answer

1)Where are the people? A: Savoy Hotel B: Savory Hotel C: A Strange Hotel D: On a train

4) On what floor is Miss Smith’s room? A: 5 B: 6 C: 7 D: 8

2) How many nights does the recep onist make a mistake 5) Who is Fred? about? A: A Taxi driver A: Three nights and five nights B: A bell boy B: Two nights and one night C: A monster C: One night and five nights D: Miss Smith’s boyfriend D: nine nights 3) What should Miss Smith give to the hotel? A: A credit card and a key B: A passport and cket C: A credit card and passport D: none of the above

True or False T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F The hotel policy is to collect iden fica on The recep onist is forge ul Miss Smith gets help with her bags Miss Smith’s room is 713 Miss Smith will stay for five nights


At the hotel recep on desk

Characters Task

Student 1— hotel recep onist Student 2— hotel guest
1– S2 you need to book nine nights 2- S1 You need to get a passport and the guests name and you need to give them a key and room number


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