National Policy in a total review of it is an economic program in which high tariffs are introduced to protect the manufacturing industry

. National policies allowed Canada to gain its independence and also allowed to them expand the country with this process. During this time the CN, Canada’s main railway system, was produced and funded by the government and private sectors of the country. This gave the country the advantage to carry goods all across the country and this solved the issue of transportation of people and goods from one end of the country to the other. Canada was very vast and big and had a lot to offer. The fur trade was an established commodity in Canada and sow was timber. In Atlantic Canada fishery was the big industry and flocks of people had moved into British Columbia because of the gold rush that occurred at the time. All of these aspects and more not only created jobs for the people but also it started to bring in big revenue for the new and young nation of Canada. Ontario and Quebec has experienced the biggest revenue in takes because of some main factors. Both provinces hold the biggest population in the union and also the biggest industries in all of Canada. They had flourished under the new union and the laws that were passed and still do to this day. The Atlantic Provinces has fishery as their biggest source of income and finally the Prairie Provinces had agricultural growth which lead to their biggest revenues. Through all of these more people start to come to Canada and with this the country had been established through national policy.

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