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Personal Statement

I reckon that reality is greatly influenced by imagination. From making images in the fragment of clouds passing by in the sky to joining stars to make a kite in a clear night, my childhood has been a rhyme of my imagination. I realized, at an early age, that I can see what many eyes often fail to perceive. This has been a driving force in pursuing my carrier as a radiographer. I believe that I can be that eye, capable of scrutinizing any image in any possible way. The black and white contrast of radiography has always fascinated me as presence of one could just be the absence of other. To quench my thirst of knowledge I often used to volunteer myself in radiology department of local hospitals and could visualize anonymous radiographic films. Considering my interest in this field a consultant once pointed at x-ray film and asked me if I can see anything. I told him it looks like a beak of a kiwi bird. He was surprised and said that in medical term we do call it "bird beak sign". I was amazed to understand how small shadows can reveal so much about a patient. Radiography is a backbone of modern medicine and a potent influence on physicians diagnosis and management. Therefore, to be a radiographer is a huge responsibility and its very important to be thorough with the fundamentals of radiology. As famous writer Mark Twain once said "You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus". And I believe that this institution has the right refraction to focus my imagination.