Masters of the Pythagorean theorem Name__________________ __________________ Block

In order to show you are a master of the Pythagorean theorem you must complete the following by Friday, February 24. You will need to attach paper where you SHOW ALL OF YOUR WORK!!!! I. Define the following (5 points) a. Right triangleb. Leg-

c. Hypotenuse-

d. The Pythagorean theorem in my own words is… (include a picture)

e. The converse of the Pythagorean theorem says…


Complete ONE from each category a. Solve for the hypotenuse (10 points) i. ____Why Did the Cow Hate the Farmer? ii. ____What do Two Bullets Have When They Get Married? b. Solve for any side (10 points) i. ____What Did Lancelot Say to the Beautiful Ellen? ii. ____Greek Decoder c. Converse of the Pythagorean theorem (10 points) i. ____Practice and Applications ii. ____Get The Message Draw the picture! (6 points)


Pick a word problem (either Level 1 or 2 depending on how comfortable you are with the Pythagorean theorem) to draw out nicely and solve for the missing pieces, SHOWING ALL OF YOUR WORK. The more artistic and more detailed your drawings are the better. Extra Credit: This can only be completed AFTER you have met the requirements listed above. For extra credit you may complete more “Draw the picture” problems. They must be of high quality and you need to show all of your work. (2 points for each additional drawing)

How you will be graded:
I. Definitions (total of 5 points, 1 for each definition)  1 point for a correct and thorough definition  ½ point for a partially correct definition that is missing something  0 pt for a missing or incorrect definition Worksheets (total of 30, 10 for each worksheet)  10 points for correct answers with all work shown  6-9 points for some incorrect answers and/or some missing work  0-5 points for no work and/or not using the Pythagorean theorem correctly Draw the picture! (6 points)  The break down of how you will receive points for each situation: Drawing the triangle – 1 point Show your work to solve for the missing side – 2 points Giving the correct answer – 1 point Nicely draw and creatively shows situation – 2 points Being on task and behaving appropriately (4 points)  You will receive one point for every day you are doing your work and following directions.




45 total points
Remember, this is how you will show me that you understand how to use and apply the Pythagorean theorem. You need to work hard the entire week so that you can finish all of the required parts and do them well. If you finish all of the required parts this is your opportunity to earn some extra points to help your grade. I expect high quality work that really shows your understanding.

When you turn in your completed packet it should include the following:    This paper as the cover sheet with your name and block number (1st page) 3 worksheets along with your work (probably on a separate piece of paper) Your “Draw the picture” pieces of paper (at least one, but include all that you finished)

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