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Foodles Abhinav

Foodles Abhinav

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Published by: Pritpal Singh on Mar 02, 2012
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Horlicks Foodles


Company history
 Popular brand in Indian

Market since 1930’s.  Underwent a Revamp in 2004, and came with wide range of Flavors including Toffee, Elaichi, vanilla and Chocolate.

 Slowly-Slowly extended its Product line in healthcare. . Junior horlicks. Like Horlicks ninja. by introducing wide Range of Horlicks for every Age group. Mother’s horlicks. Horlicks lite etc.

 Part of GSK (GalaxoSmithkline). which is very well known in Health and nutritional products.  Other Nutritional products then Horlicks are:  Boost  Maltova  Viva . Industry.

which is present in India since 1983.  Expected to Compete the market leader. nestle maggie.Foodles  Introduced by GSK in 1200 crore instant Noodle industry in February 2010. .

Foodles’s Strength  Product of GSK. and introduced Foodles made up of wheat flour and with many flavors unlike Maggie with limited Flavors.  Highlighted its Nutritional value. who are much concerned about there kid’s heath as they eat too much of noodles.  Caught the point of maggi’s health Issues. . which is a healthcare solution Industry. to attract mothers.  Extended the Health drink brand tag to the Noodle industry.


. so better market penetration.  First focused on South because its media isolated and company don’t have to spend much on advertisement. non-Lunch. Which reduced the initial Launching cost. non-Dinner Snacking Platform.  Company aimed to Capture 5-10 % of this 1200 Cr industry.  Brand tried to influence moms and house wives who have to choose between taste and health for their family. And south itself has lots of Diversities into it.Strategy to Position Foodles  Strategy was to Position Foodles on Healthy.

.Foodles’s Flaws  As soon as it was launched in South as Healthy noodles which hiked its image in market. for its variant like “aata maggie”  Due to which Foodles lost its first mover advantage in healthy nutritious noodle industry. Maggie also came out with the tagline “Taste bhi health bhi” in rest of India.

and said as its healthy.  Foodles also provides “Health maker” sachet which comes along the noodles pack. and made TV commercials which highlighted this fact. which contains the essentials of 5 vitamins.  Foodles is currently trying to appeal to the upper middle class in the urban areas and placed the product at a premium price with Its multigrain variant costing Rs 15 for 80 gm compared to Maggi’s Rs 10 for 80 gm. took one more step ahead of maggie and tried to create this health factor as its USP. .Foodle’s reply  Foodles. it should be consumer’s choice.

 It also used the distribution Channel of horlicks. . So initially single packs of Foodles were given for free.

 But apart from adopting those campaigns. foodles also went for some different campaigns like: . which many companies already adopted in market.Strategies of Foodles to market itself  Foodles adopted some successful marketing campaigns of the same kind.

as the target consumer is Women and kids.PRESENCE IN THE WEB WORLD  Web publicity doesn’t take much of an investment and has been proven to give great ROI.  And Latest researches have shown that Indian Women are also becoming Internet Savvy and relying on it for their house-hold decisions . And Even for FMCG’s it has been proved to give paybacks.

POSITIVE BRANDING  The current advertisement which is on air by Foodles shows that generally instant noodles are bad for health and Horlicks Foodles is an exception. . This is an aggressive form of marketing and puts it in direct competition with Maggi.

Which can bring Foodles as a breakfast option too and thus increase probability of people buying it.MORNING SNACK  To further promote itself as an healthy snack. Foodles also planning to elevate itself from the 4 o’clock to food category and establish itself as a non lunch non dinner food. .

FOOD RECIPES  Only promoting itself as an healthy food may not get Foodles the market shares it aspires for as other of products like Maggi have already switched to Atta Noodles to get into the healthy food category. Ragi. corn. And each variant was launched with three different tastes. .  Just Like that Foodles also came up with nutritional Grain like: Wheat. and Rice.

.Further Strategies which Foodles can Aqquire  Apart from the above strategies.  And these Strategies are also used and have been proved to be very successful in Indian Market. Foodles can use more strategies to gain more shares in Indian Market.

 To promote its brand as a healthy food even more. Foodles can bring in well known cooks of the country like Sanjeev Gupta or Tarla Dalal who are known for their health conscious food recipes and promote the brand through them in their media advertisements. Indian women connect greatly to these cooks and thus this can increase the brand’s value in their minds.BRAND AMBASSADORS  Horlicks already have a Brand ambassador as Darsheel safary and Boost has brand Ambassador as Mahendra Singh Dhoni. .

GIFT ITEMS  Though gift items aren’t a permanent market strategy. .  So Foodles can tie up with some firms like Hot wheels to initially provide some gift items.  This has worked as Wonder with McDonalds. Foodles can give them out to attract kids so as to penetrate the market at the beginning even with its premium price.

Instant noodle market  Apart from MAGGIE-the generic Brand for instant noodles. And the Brnads are:  Ching’s secret and Smith and jones (Capital foods)  Tasty treat (future group)  Top Raman and Cup noodles (Indo-Nissan Ltd)  Wai-chi (CG)  Soopy noodles (knorr) . there are various players with whom Foodles have to compete.


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