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J Roots Newsletter 2012

J Roots Newsletter 2012

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Published by: Prosserman JCC on Mar 02, 2012
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!‫בְּרוּכִּים הבַּאִּ ים‬ ֲ Welcome to J.

The J.Roots Team welcomes our new students:
Michael Vainshtok- Kita Alef (Sun) Robbie Benshimol- Kita Alef (Wed) Mia Aronov- Kitat Gan (Sun) Eyal Abramov- Kitat Gan (Sun) Sophie Pelz- Kitat Gan (Sun) Mark Pelz – Kita Alef (Sun) Michal Taran – Kohavim (Wed) Dana Nemirovsky- Kohavim (Wed) Tal Brenev –Teens’ Club Brian Abramov – Teens’ Club Joseph Nahomov- Teens’ Club

J.Roots Sheli...
“ Why should you go to J.Roots Bat- Mitzvah class? Why should you wake up at 9:30 am on Sunday morning?

Hi everyone, I'm Lina Patrick a kid who just started the J.Roots program. What I like about this school (actually I like everything) is the classes, teachers and the kids. The kids are kind and when I first came I was welcomed warmly and I felt as if I knew these people a few years. I go to Kitat Kohavim, the class which puts together the oldest kids. On my first day it was more like an introduction to the year thought boring a few games to get to know each other The teachers in this school are as kind as the kids, my Hebrew and lso known as the director of the school (for all those how don't know her name) Tova is fun but as all teachers should be is a bit strict to keep us on focus. The teacher for any other things we should know is Polina or Morah Polina is super fun and artistic. Hanukah at J.Roots is awesome, it started with us at the photo booth, it was actually fun then we went to make our own candles! Then played different drums tunes and played dr dle. We had sufganyot and it was delicious! Yum yum! Well that’s it these are my houghts of J.Roots BYE!!!

J.Roots Sheli...

Ariel , gr.7- Well, I’ll tell you. Here , at J.Roots Bat Mitzvah Club , we discover our inner-self and aren’t judged for being different.We learn a lot about Judaism and ourselves. Here, we have meaningful conversations about Judaism and how it applies to our lives. We have spoken about Anti-Semitism, and why Jews are the most disliked religion...We have had a “brachot party” where we got to eat and learn different blessings for foods, it was a lot of fun, laughing, and talking. I also enjoyed doing different crafts like challah covers, and when we got to go see the play, “The Children’s Republic.” I’m most looking forward to the lesson where we learn how to “make our parents o what we want.” I’m sure we will laugh and have a great time like always. Our group chesed/mitzvah project was collecting used clothing for (an organization that helps abused women and children) and we raised $28 in small change that was used to purchase teddy bears, stickers, and books for Hospital for . I felt very good when we were done. I liked giving away my clothing to other children in need and we learned that they do for the families there. The experience was fun and uplifting. I loved being able to help the kids in need and go on a trip. I look forward to more of these projects. And most of all, if this hasn’t convinced you yet… we talk, laugh and have tons of fun with Morah Polina!”

J.Roots Sheli...
Nicol, gr.7- “The things we learn here are very useful for your life! We have learned about: The 5 levels of pleasure, our roles and responsibilities, proactive and reactive language/reactions, good and bad habits, and of course: what is a mitzvah? We learn what life is actually all about, like knowing important definitions: believe, faith, knowledge, stereotype, prejudice, discrimination, etc. The girls in the group are very nice and we formed bonds that will hopefully last a lifetime! It makes the experience even better, so fun and exciting! I’m most looking forward to the lesson about “how to get what you want from your parents.” My favourite part so far was the “brachot party” because we got to eat! Making the challah covers and going to the play was also really fun! Our group chosen project was “Tikun Olam”- repairing the world. I most enjoyed going to Red Door and going to Hospital for Sick Children to donated clothes and give toys – it really make you feel good about what you have done. In the future, I would like to with my friend from the Bat Mitzvah Club to get a group of kids together to learn a song and dance and to perform it for seniors at a retirement home. To me, becoming a Bat Mitzvah means: “becoming a young woman and taking on more roles and responsibilities, and being closer to G-d. The experience has been amazing so far, I feel so awesome to be doing all this good and learning so much about myself and my heritage!”

J.Roots News You Can Use Upcoming Events

J.Roots February 2012 Journal
J.Roots Sunday School Tu B'Shvat Celebration on Sunday February 5, 2012! The students have learned the meaning of the Hag, songs, related words and art. Hag Tu B'Shvat Sameach!

*See More photos on our website: www.jroots.ca

Febru ar y-M arch 201 2 Ne ws

‫חַּדָ שוֹת‬


‫דְּ בַּר המנַּהלֶׁת‬ ֵ ְּ ֲ
Director’s Message Shalom Dear Parents and J.Rooters,
Morah Marina- Kitot Alef Teacher: I would like to congratulate both J.Roots Alef Classes (Wednesday and Sunday) on completing of Hebrew Alef- Bet learning (including Sofi’ot) and the vowels (Nekudot). I am very excited and proud of my students for the effort they put of the taught – 285- WOW!!! Judaics: Hagim learning January topic –Tu B’ Shvat, February topic- Purim – historical story, characters, hag traditions and of c , we invit parents to see their Mordechai at children starring as Achashverosh, Esther, Open Purim class for parents: Wednesday school- Feb.29, 7:20-8:00pm Sunday school- March 5, 12:15-1:00pm Bruchim Habaim!!! Yours, Morah Marina and they demonstrate . ebrew Vocabulary: As I am counting the amount

The purpose of the bi-monthly newsletter is to provide exciting updates and information to J.Roots students and parents. Our newsletter will help to keep you informed on the wonderful events happening at J.Roots. As well as the Hadashot of J.Roots, to allow us to connect the different groups of J.Roots, including Wednesday, Sunday and Teens Club. I am sure you will enjoy seeing the pictures here and on our website. Don’t forget to visit our website regularly for updates at www.jroots.ca where you will find pictures, movies and articles about our program. The J.Roots dynamic staff has put a lot of energy and effort into making the Jewish Journey of J.Rooters meaningful and fun. Please feel free to send us your feedback, thoughts, and ideas on our newsletter and/or J.Roots in general, we always love hearing from you.

J.Roots Kitot Alef traditional LIVING MEGILLAH !!!

Morah Zohar- Kitat Gan Teacher To all my wonderful kids in Kitat Gan- I would like to tell you how proud I am of you for doing your very best in learning the Hebrew Alef-Bet, the Hebr w Nikud and new Hebrew words every lesson (like the words for colors, animals numbers, body parts, simple actions, polite words, words which starts with the letter of the day). I also would like to tell you that very soon we will have a fun party for Purim (that’s the Holiday that you wear costumes for) and from our next lesson we will start getting ready for it. I am sure that we will have a great time!!! Me too!!!

Thoughtfully yours, Tova Hovich

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