GANTZ – Death is cheap

Stage 1: The heroes find themselves inside a large bus. They are just returning from a football tournament. The bus crashes killing everyone inside. The heroes now find themselves in the Gantz room. There are other people in the room.

Mary Buckley: ordinary female human Celebrity (CraftWriting) Strong 1; CR=1/2; HP=8 ; MAS=11; INIT=-1; SPD=30ft; Defence=12 (10 + cls=1 + dex=-1, touch=10, FlatFooted=10); BAB=1; Grap=1; Attack=1; (1d3+0 nonlethal unarmed strike); Melee=1; Ranged=0; Face=5ftx5ft; Reach=5ft; Saves: Fort=1; Refl=-1; Will=0; Abilities: str=11(0), dex=8(-1), con=11(0), int=7(-2), wis=11(0), cha=8(-1) Skills: CraftWriting=0 (R=1 M=-2 O=1); Jump=2 (R=2 M=0); PerformStrings=-1 (R=0.5 M=1); PerformWinds=-1 (R=0.5 M=-1); Feats: Level1Feat; Level1Feat

Wis (12) will reveal that this is in fact the famous Mary Buckley, writer of the classic bestseller “Born of Fire”.

Natasha Michaels: ordinary female human Rural (Ride, Climb, OccupationBonusFeat) Smart 4; CR=3; HP=13 (rolls=5, 2, 5, 5); MAS=9; INIT=0; SPD=30ft; Defence=11 (10 + cls=1 + dex=0, touch=11, FlatFooted=11); BAB=2; Grap=4; Attack=4; (1d3+2 nonlethal unarmed strike); Melee=4; Ranged=2; Face=5ftx5ft; Reach=5ft; Saves: Fort=0; Refl=1; Will=5; Abilities: str=15(2), dex=11(0), con=9(-1), int=13(1), wis=16(3), cha=15(2) Skills: Climb=3 (R=0 M=2 O=1); ComputerUse=4 (R=3 M=1); CraftStructural=3 (R=2 M=1); DecipherScript=3 (R=2 M=1); Gamble=6 (R=3 M=3); KnowledgeArt=3 (R=2 M=1); KnowledgeBusiness=4 (R=3 M=1); KnowledgeCivics=5 (R=4 M=1); KnowledgeCurrentEvents=6 (R=5 M=1); KnowledgePopularCulture=6 (R=5 M=1); KnowledgeTactics=4 (R=3 M=1); KnowledgeTheologyAndPhilosophy=4 (R=3 M=1); MoveSilently=3 (R=3 M=0); Navigate=3 (R=2 M=1); Pilot=1 (R=1 M=0); Profession=4 (R=1 M=3); ReadWriteLanguage=7 (R=4 M=3); Repair=7 (R=6 M=1); SpeakLanguage=7

Level1Feat. KnowledgeTechnology=-1 (R=1. FlatFooted=13). KnowledgeEarthAndLifeSciences=3 (R=3 M=-1 O=1). KnowledgeHistory.(R=7 M=0). BAB=0. SpeakLanguage=4 (R=2 M=2). 1. wis=13(1).5 M=0). HP=5 (rolls=5). Attack=0. PerformWinds=0 (R=0 M=-1 O=1). TreatInjury=1 (R=2 M=-1). dex=14(2). Defence=15 (10 + cls=3 + dex=2. CR=3. SPD=30ft. SPD=30ft. int=8(-1). Drive=6 (R=4 M=2). DisableDevice=2 (R=0. Melee=-2. Face=5ftx5ft. int=6(-2). MAS=10.5 M=-1). BAB=2. MAS=16. INIT=3.5 M=-2). touch=15. KnowledgeBusiness) Dedicated 4. HP=19 (rolls=1. Refl=3. 5. Level3Feat Special: AbilityIncreaseDexterity Harold Michaels: ordinary male human Entrepreneur (KnowledgeTechnology. CR=3. KnowledgeStreetwise=0 (R=1 M=-1). Face=5ftx5ft. Level1Feat Wis (13) will reveal that this is in fact the lead singer of the heavy metal band “Ümlaut”. Will=1. KnowledgeCurrentEvents=-1 (R=1 M=-2).5 M=-1). Level1Feat. Level1Feat. 1). con=10(0). cha=9(-1) Skills: Balance=3 (R=1 M=2). cha=11(0) Skills: DecipherScript=-1 (R=0. Gamble=3 (R=4 M=-1). Demolitions=-1 (R=0. GatherInformation=1 (R=1. Grap=0. Melee=0.5 M=-2). touch=15.5 M=0). Grap=-2. KnowledgeCivics=0 (R=0 M=-1 O=1). (1d3+-2 nonlethal unarmed strike). touch=16. Feats: Level1Feat. Reach=5ft. Will=1. Ranged=4. Abilities: str=7(-2).5 M=3). HP=25 (rolls=6. KnowledgeCurrentEvents=3 (R=4 M=-1). 3. Spot=5 (R=2 M=3). SPD=30ft. Level3Feat Special: AbilityIncreaseWisdom Alexander Jackson: ordinary male human Celebrity (PerformWinds) Fast 1.5 M=-2). KnowledgeTactics=-2 (R=0. MAS=14. FlatFooted=13). Attack=-2. . Defence=15 (10 + cls=3 + dex=2. CraftMechanical=-1 (R=1 M=-2). Ranged=2. KnowledgeCivics=-2 (R=0. Abilities: str=7(-2). Refl=3. KnowledgeHistory=0 (R=0 M=-1 O=1). con=14(2). Survival=4 (R=1. KnowledgeEarthAndLifeSciences) Dedicated 4. Spot=3 (R=4 M=-1).5 M=2). Reach=5ft. KnowledgeArcaneLore=0 (R=1 M=-1). FlatFooted=13). 4. Saves: Fort=0. (1d3+-2 nonlethal unarmed strike). Defence=16 (10 + cls=3 + dex=3. Disguise=0 (R=0. 3). wis=9(1). ReadWriteLanguage=0 (R=1 M=-1). INIT=2. Feats: OccupationBonusFeat. INIT=2. Saves: Fort=4. Feats: Level1Feat. CR=1/2. dex=15(2). Jason Turner: ordinary male human Student (KnowledgeCivics.

dex=16(3). Refl=4.5 M=3). Ranged=3. Grap=1. Level1Feat. dex=13(1). CR=2. Grap=1. FlatFooted=15). int=9(-1). SpeakLanguage=8 (R=6 M=1 O=1). wis=7(2). DecipherScript=-1 (R=0. HP=17 (rolls=3. TreatInjury=1 (R=3 M=-2). BAB=2. Level3Feat . Level3Feat Special: AbilityIncreaseDexterity Samuel Buckley: ordinary male human Dilettante (SpeakLanguage) Fast 2/Strong 1. KnowledgeBusiness=3 (R=3 M=-1 O=1). Attack=1. Feats: Level1Feat. Attack=1.5 M=-1). CR=2. touch=16. Saves: Fort=3. INIT=1. KnowledgePhysicalSciences=1 (R=2 M=-1). BAB=2. Spot=-1 (R=1 M=-2). wis=8(-1). Feats: Level1Feat. OccupationBonusFeat) Tough 3. Abilities: str=11(0). Melee=1. Attack=2. Reach=5ft. cha=13(1) Skills: Climb=0 (R=1 M=-1). KnowledgeStreetwise=3 (R=1. Abilities: str=9(-1). ComputerUse=4 (R=2. CraftStructural=3 (R=4 M=-1). CraftWriting=1 (R=2 M=-1). Will=0. Face=5ftx5ft. Feats: OccupationBonusFeat. 5). KnowledgeTechnology=1 (R=1 M=-1 O=1). con=16(3). Grap=2. Defence=13 (10 + cls=2 + dex=1. FlatFooted=12). Melee=2. con=7(-2). Ranged=3. Saves: Fort=5. PerformDance=2 (R=1 M=1). Will=0.5 M=1). Listen=0 (R=1 M=-1). KnowledgePopularCulture=3 (R=1 M=2). Saves: Fort=-1. KnowledgePopularCulture=0 (R=1 M=-1). Defence=16 (10 + cls=5 + dex=1. con=13(1). Will=-1. SleightOfHand=4 (R=1. Demolitions=0 (R=0 M=-1 O=1). Reach=5ft. Level1Feat. SPD=30ft. Refl=3. MAS=7. Melee=1. cha=9(-1) Skills: CraftMechanical=0 (R=1 M=-1). int=9(-1). CraftMechanical=6 (R=4 M=2). Drive=4 (R=3 M=1). INIT=1. 4. KnowledgeCurrentEvents=4 (R=2 M=2). KnowledgeBehavioralScience=2 (R=3 M=-1).5 M=2). KnowledgeTactics=1 (R=2 M=-1). HP=6 (rolls=2.5 M=1). int=14(2). Listen=-1 (R=1 M=-2). KnowledgeCivics=2 (R=3 M=-1). Demolitions. MAS=13. Face=5ftx5ft. (1d3+-1 nonlethal unarmed strike). Level3Feat Alexander Howards: ordinary male human Adventurer (TreatInjury. Level1Feat. PerformKeyboards=2 (R=1. 8. Level1Feat. cha=9(-1) Skills: CraftPharmaceutical=0 (R=1 M=-1). Face=5ftx5ft. (1d3+0 nonlethal unarmed strike). touch=13. (1d3+-1 nonlethal unarmed strike). Abilities: str=8(-1). Refl=2. wis=8(1). Ranged=5. KnowledgeEarthAndLifeSciences=4 (R=2. dex=13(1).BAB=2. KnowledgeCurrentEvents=0 (R=1 M=-1). KnowledgePopularCulture=0 (R=1 M=-1). KnowledgeTheologyAndPhilosophy=0 (R=1 M=-1). SPD=30ft.5 M=2). SpeakLanguage=4 (R=1 M=3). MoveSilently=2 (R=1.5 M=2). 3). KnowledgeHistory=4 (R=2 M=2). Reach=5ft.

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