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Philosophy of Dreams

Philosophy of Dreams

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Published by ganesh59
By Swami Sivananda
By Swami Sivananda

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Published by: ganesh59 on Nov 24, 2008
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Guru Guru Japna

Aur Sab Svapna,

Guru Guru Japna

Jagat Deergha Svapna.

Jagat Deergha Svapna
The world is like a long dream.

Take shelter in Guru

Everything is unreal. (Guru Guru)


When you perceive the things in Dream
You take them all to be real,
When you wake up and perceive
They are all false and unreal. (Guru Guru)

The world of name and forms is like
The dream you have during the night,
You take them all as real things,
But they are only false and transient (Guru Guru)

The only one which really exists
Is that God with Brahmic Splendour
Wake up, wake up, wake up to Light,
Wake up, wake up, from Maya’s sleep,
And see the things in their proper light. (Guru Guru)

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