Tomato rasam Ingredients


2 teaspoon ghee ½ spoon mustard ½ spoon jeera Pinch of hing

2 spoon rasam powder Salt as per taste Sugar ½ spoon Pepper powder ¼ spoon 4-5 curry leaves 2 spoon cut coriander/cilantro leaves

2 medium sized tomatoes or 3 small tomatoes finely diced 2.5 cups water ½ spoon tamarind paste


Take a pan, add ghee, add mustard jeera, when splutters add hing half of the curry leaves, and tomatoes Sauté for a minute add rasam powder, water, salt, tamarind. mix and bring to boil Add sugar, pepper powder, remaining curry leaves and cilantro, simmer for few minutes serve

it enriches rasam .Note: if u want different lemony taste use lemon juice instead of tamarind but when using lemon juice add just before serving not while cooking Instead of fresh tomatoes use canned whole tomatoes they make rasam even more tasty as they are canned when they are extremely ripe U can even add ½-3/4 spoon of tomato paste to give it a body.

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