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In conversation with Mr. S. Padmanabhan on Employer Branding at TCS What is Google India doing to be different? Case Studies on Employer Branding Hewitt's Point of View on Employer Branding Employer Branding Survey and Roundtable 2006

www. Camera House. (For Private Circulation Only) . Majiwade ViI/age Road. The above figure is based on Saratoga Institute Department of Labor data that tracks what the Fortune 500 spend on all forms of pay. as the world economy becomes driven by people and information companies -.and more www. Supported by NASSCOM. thinking The number is even larger when you start and orientation. and training and development. companies have started to invest in Employer Branding as employees are the internal customers of the firm.1 expense. Thane (West). health care benefits. Where would you say this number rates among total expenses? In most companies it's absolutely a Top 5 expense -.Mohini Mehta "Contents are contemporary and practical" 8alkrishna Tyres . Howmuch isyourcompany's " One Fortune $3 billion Annual People5pending? spends spending 500 Company people in annual ia ia and U. Like actual product branding. retirement benefits.John Wesley 8 "The information provided herein is very useful" fPC Industries . This includes direct and indirect experiences of dealing with the firm. of people spending on creating to image. it makes sense to brand this money.people is the no.V P Mathur "It deserves much wider publicity" ONGC . work environment.S. And yet companies go through this amount and fail to realise the a powerful 50 what is Employer Branding? " Employer Branding is the sum total of what employees think of an organization as an Employer ia ia The Employer Brand covers all associations that employees or potential employees have with the firm. travel etc. Knowledge Partner: Hewitt Associates. www. about recruitment technology support. If we are going to spend this much money on "Interesting Reading" Apollo Hospitals . an interesting and insightful read on Employer Branding.nasscom. an interactive platform for the IT & ITES industry Readers Desk Thanks to our readers for their encouraging messages on the first issue of HR Connect. For a soft copy and/or feedback please email us at hrconnect@nasscom.V N Ghate Published by Accor Services.Chandan Oas "A great initiative!" Tata Housing . We hope that you find this second issue of HR Mumbai 400 601.accorindia. No marketer would waste such a brilliant opportunity brand this spending on people to improve the company's unused potential Employer Brand.11 INSIDE THIS ISSUE DIIII_- EDITOR'S NOTE Let's start by asking you a Warm Regards The Editorial Desk HR Connect.

which is increasingly being recognized as the preferred employer in keyworld markets. rewards and recognition (BestWhite Paper Awards. all rolled into one! Over and above Ultimatix also serves communication tool. which operates in an enriched and inclusive atmosphere of collaboration and excellence. This higher brand awareness is attracting talented people to the company. a growing world-wide presence where we compete with global IT companies in all markets for large engagements are some of the attractions for professionals. Over 6 per cent of our company's employees are non-Indian.97 Billion for the Financial Year 2005-2006. Branding is a fad or something that is very necessary? Employer Branding has been in to the IT existence for a long time. We caught up with Mr. and we were the first organisation to embark upon an IT quiz concept for schools across the nation for students of 8 to 12 standard. Global Opportunities World's Best Training Ground Employee Friendly geographies. workplace It carries all the important news and on the happenings in the organization We have a consistent branding message that gets communicated across the organization. it can be an important differentiator to project the uniqueness of the organization. S Padmanabhan.------------------------1111. encouraging streams. The TCS brand opportunities opportunity as an employer embodies the tremendous TCS offers to a young professional. A company. campus include presentation. HR. our reward and recognition program is a unique mix of monetary and non monetary benefits and we continuously engage with our employees beyond the work space with initiatives like MAITREE.11 VIEW FROM THE TOP DIIII_- Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Limited is currently Asia's largest IT services firm with revenues of US $2. The portal combines different platforms Management several different and is TCS' applications based on Portal. interactions. TCS was conferred with the best IT employer award by Hewitt Associates in 2004 and the best place to work award by Dataquest in 2004 and 2005. Executive Vice President (Head Global HR) in Mumbai to understand how TCS goes about building its Employer Brand. We are a global company with global customers. Best Auditor Award etc. Best Faculty Awards. What makes TCS differentfrom other IT/ITES Employer Brand? a diverse experience through rotations across At TCS the branding exercise is well connected approach with a two pronged based on our Employer The TCS brand is a much sought after brand among potential employees. Knowledge Information System.) We also offer our employees flexibility of choice on career streams. As of March 2006 it has the largest number of employees amongst the Indian IT companies (over 62. How does the TCS Employer vision? Brand connect to this What are some things that you do in your internal processes to drive this message? Our internal portal Ultimatix is the 'central nervous system' of TCS. client presentations. We chose Qu iz as medium to enhance the IT awareness and provide a window to the world of IT. updates globally. by an increasingly global workforce. Best Project Awards. delivering as an in-house daily news and With the vision of being among the global top 10 by 2010 as the backdrop. domains and to work across technology world class training. and much more. TCS is focused on creating a global organization that is multi-cultural and diverse. Our learning and development capabilities. These are messages that are conveyed through the brand. Some of the HR activities for Employer Branding include sustained employee engagement. . "The Employer Branding is handled by a cross functional team with communication. number and variety of internal opportunities especially in international Brand and leverages the same with our internal processes. to create professionals with a global mindset.000). The event has also helped us in brand building and besides extending "ITforSchools". Ultimatix is a very important vehicle for branding internally. CRM. All our energies are invested in this direction. branding and logistics specialists" information updates to TCSers on a real-time basis. Tell us about the branding TCS? exercise at harmony. ERP. What does the leS Employer What is the main area offocus ofthe TCS Employer Brand? Brand stand for? Our first milestone is to be among the Top 10 IT companies globally by 2010. Our HR policies focus on diversity. Externally we ensure that the TCS in Employer all them our Brand external Some of our is consistently communicated environments. across the geographies. Creative Workspace Awards. work life balance. We offer careers in more than 5 streams. competency building and flexibility. Do you think that Employer recruitment advertisements. It is not a phenomenon peculiar Industry and in today's context. Employee Self Service System. These include right from the initial years as well as an platforms. Also ongoing engagement in the work and life space enables employees to have long term careers with us which is evident by our lowest attrition rate which is below 10 percent. Star Of The Month.

------------------------1111.) to potential recru its through the career website is very good. " Employer Branding to become more important in the luture" (85% Agree) "My company has the right Employer Brand to attract and retain the talent it needs" (38% strongly agree) Still Room For Improvement Top 3 aspects of Employer Branding (What Employers feel) EMPLOYEE POLL 2006 Employees of over 80 different IT/ITES organ izations participated in the Online Employer Branding Poll 2006 hosted on the NASSCOM website. Therefore a strong Employer Brand acts as an exit barrier and helps retainan employee. The survey had a healthy mix of large. 92% of managers feel that their Employer Brand is aligned to their Organization Brand. Howdoyou attract25%to 75% of potential employees everyyear? Compensation your Employer Career Progression Nature of Work One of the most effective ways of communicating Brand is through the company website.ITES Employer Brands in the Country Main findings • You need an Employer Brand even when you already have a strong Organization/Customer feel that Employer Brand. Company's Success and Reputation in the Market Career Progression Compensation Top 3 IT . In a few companies this percentage was higher than 75%. from other Top 3 aspects of Employer Branding (What Employees feel) Although HR is primarily responsible. workplace culture etc. • Only 38% of managers strongly agree that their organization has the right Employer Brand to attract the talent they need. Branding 85% of surveyed more managers will become important in the future. This is the first time that a survey focused solely on Employer Branding has been conducted in the country.11 MEASURING HR DIIII_- EMPLOYER BRANDING SURVEY AND POLL 2006 EMPLOYER SURVEY 2006 The Employer Branding Survey by Hewitt Associates and Accor Services covered 105 IT/ITES organizations. • The key to successful Employer Branding is collaboration. However only 25% of organizations feel that their communication of employment information (employee benefits. contribution departments like Marketing and Corporate Communications is crucial to the success and making the magic of Employer Brandingwork. On an average 25% of employees apply to a company through the career website. small and medium organizations across the country with a majority of the companies having operations in India for more than 3years. II . • The Employer Brand needs to be aligned to the Customer Brand. Howto compensate a weak brand? A firm with a weak brand would most likely have to offer in excess of 25% extra salary to attract an employee working for a strong Employer Brand.

It answers Functional Benefits What will these goods or services do for me? What needs will it fulfill? Economic Value How much can I expect to pay? How good a "deal" is it? Psychological Benefit How will it make me feel? What image of myself will it help me convey to the world? Profit From Experience After completing over 1500 Engagement studies. and above all ALIGNED to the External Brand" II . Work/I ife balance. Career and personal Bra rid gives information gOOds Or servicesto questions-like: on the attributes of the An Employer Brand (or Internal Brand) gives current and potential employees information about the employment experience and what is expected of them. Whether the brand is explicit or implicit and even if it has not been deliberately developed every organization has an Internal Brand. suppliers. DIFFERENTIATED. Wealth and rewards. Popular Measures For Tracking The ROI Of Employer Branding Are: • The offer letter to conversion ratio • The percentageof positions filled/applied for through employee referrals • The ranking on best employer surveys ''An effective Employer Brand is AUTHENTIC. Ari E»terri.------------------------1111. econom ic value. Meaningful opportunity. Hewitt Associates has found that employees are looking for a unique combination of the following: The belief that one works for a great company! Exciting work. and psycho log ical benefits so it's easily understood and absorbed by the target audience. Itanswersquestions Functional Benefits What is this job like? What will I be doing in this job? Will I enjoy the experience? How will I develop professionally and personally? Economic Value How will I be rewarded? What can I expect in return for my efforts? Psychological Benefit What will I be a part of? What will I belong to? How will my efforts help drive a greater mission? like: curtent and poterrtial blWer's. investors. The Internal Brand is the image that employees and others have about what type of employer an organization is. The External Brand is the image that an organization projects to customers.11 POINT OF VIEW DIIII_- HEWITT'S POINT OF VIEW ON CREATING THE EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITION Brand ing is a way to package information about functional attributes. and the public. Every organization has an External Brand and an Internal Brand.

Sunil Goyal from and J Technologies.This o wasandis because theyhavean Employer rand". whether it is by creating a creche or having gymnasiums. There are more important factors like top leadersh ip. When we talk about the Tata Group. Vinayak Kamath from Genpact. when we talk about services. It could start with the organization's muscle and size translating into a feeling of wanting to work there. One could also start with a very specific and niche area of specialization translating into demand for employees of a particular caliber or skill set. What is Employer Branding? Employer Branding is not just about compensation. Compensation is just one part of it and may not be the attitude of management towards most important. Everyday. Employer Branding gets related to the leader's philosophy of what he wants the organization to do.Yourcustomers follow" . the culture of the organization. we think of Narayana Murthy. They have to see what you are doing as the segmentheyaregoing t authentic. It involves the brand manager or the research personnel who is associated with the customer. it tries to give users a good and valuable experience from using that soap.Flextronics today.' Even under the best circumstances. Momentum will I . It is about alignment to the organization afteranddecidetheir brand. corporate unexpected situations? preserve its Employer Brand in the scandals. Among those present were Aadesh Goyal from Flextronics Software Systems. What was a natural extension of the organizational brand is now focused on closely to create an Employer Brand that communicates both internally and externally to key constituents. Employer Branding has taken on a whole new meaning. Is EmployerBranding relevanttodayor is ita fad? "Thevaluethatanemployee feelsworkingfor youhasto bemorepowerful hanthe t valuein workingfor a client" Aadesh Goyal. Advices to startups and small organizations Decide the following very carefully: 1.-----------------------JIII. what is required to dothe branding iswhat ischanging! impact Employer Branding. You have organizations that are very small. In a bid to attract talent. Momentum Binoo Wadhwa from Sapient. new organ izations are setting up shop in the country. swimming pools. Let's say that your employees are creating value for 3M Kalyanaraman from HCL.Sunil Goyal. was witness to an involved. In the future that will come around the culture. When we talk about Infosys. This will and the persons directing there will be differentiations Tata companies are known to be nice to people. lawsuits and other The two indicators that could be good measures of the return on Employer Branding are: Are people staying on with me (level of attrition or retention)? Are my people referring their friends and acquaintances (number of employee referrals) into my organization? The panel felt that HR needs to make a case for the return on Employer Branding activity more forcefully and this should be directed by business log ic and sound measurement. we think of Azim Premji. the employees. image. DP Singh from Xansa When HLL sells soap. When we talk about Wipro. enpact G The impact of leadership on the Employer Brand Irrespective of the size of the organization. your employees might end up working for 3M and not for you. People have to feel Employer Branding has always been there. How should one measure the Return on Investment of Employer How has Employer Branding evolved? Branding? It could start with a product and then the product gets converted to the feeling of wanting to work there. You would want your employees to somehow create more value for you. What is changing Branding today? about the way organizations do Employer "Startups shouldunderstand your pitch.This has changed over time to a supply driven market. Otherwise. flextime etc. Your actions have to match your promises. Xansa "It is youremployees who reallyneedto believein your first brand. reputation and attractiveness it is impossible for Employer as a place to work. Today. just stick to what you stand for) An interesting analogy on the alignmentofthe Employer Brand The Delhi Roundtable organised by NASSCOM and Accor Services on Employer Branding. If you say your company is an employee friend Iycompany. But are employees only looking for nice firms today? Are they only looking for firms that will advance their career? Are they looking for a mix of many things? Today.II THRASHING IT OUT DIIII_- own people who form the audience. because of the kind of work and the environment that is given to them. we think of JRD Tata. Internal Brand managers to control all the variables that affect a company's Branding is a lot more important than External Branding as it is your "Weneedto treatour internalcustomers. What is the segment that you are targeting? (Don't target all of the 1. What is your positioning? (What do you want to stand for? Why should your potential employees join you? And no matter what the temptations are: to rank and stack against the majors. The discussion was moderated by Arvind Sagar and Kevin Freitas from HewittAssociates. The brand association philosophy lives beyond the lifetime of the founder..ust likewe wouldour j externalcustomers"-Binoo Wadhwa. But the core will not change. . it is each and every employee of the company who is associated with the creation of the right brand. So the value that you create for yourself has to be more powerful than the value you end up creating for a 3M or a Boeing or any other client. positioning accordingly" Vinayak Kamath.J Kalyanaraman. Employer Branding and the way you brand yourself becomes important. HCL B . the the philosophy. where the size of the organization is less than 50 people but there are people who prefer to work there for a lifetime. "Whatever youdofor youremployees asto beauthentic" h • DP Singh. How should an organization face of layoffs. Previously it was a demand driven market. In light of this. Sapient "Noonethoughttwiceaboutjoininga TATA's r a Birla's10 yearsago.2 billion people in the country) 2. However this will take time to change. then you have to act that way. free flowing exchange of ideas between the HR Heads of different companies across the IT-ITES Continuum.

Freedom to travel. and with concerted efforts. Mercure. and the company. Freedom to be yourself and have fun and Freedom to stay connected. Instead of opting for exclusive colleges like the IITs.This SOUTHWEST AlRUNES' criterion. training and development programmes. has been profitable every year since 1973. Accor is the European leader and one of the world's largest groups in travel.~ SouthWest Airlines Case Study Consistent Brand for Employees and Customers Institutions managed by What began as a small Texas airline has grown to become one of the largest airlines in America. who would probably be hired by a 'Tier l' or 'Tier 2' company. brands. Southwest Airlines packaged their $2 billion annual people investment into eight freedoms: to pursue good health. "At Accor. Create Internal Brand positioning statement from the External YOUR SMILE T YOUR FUTURE __J . Ibis. Here is how the emotional part of the brand defines freedom: In line with the previous HR catch lines ("The future smiles on you". Freedom to work and play hard. It has 31. Freedom to create financial Freedom security. the employees' loyalty lay with the small yet strong brand that was Deccannet Such is the power of a strong Employer Brand. set up schools. Motel 6) and Services to Corporate Clients and Public ACe OR . Create the right External Brand positioning campaign attends to Accor's needs in terms of recruitment allover the world (More than 22. 1. a critical Here is how Southwest personalizing the Southwest experience for employees. tourism and corporate services. one smile leads to another") this campaign features Accor employees smiling. the company philosophy helped employees generate value by learning and applying that learning to the company. When the company was acquired by FSS. The purpose of this was to encourage money bring about a change. a reality statement The Marketing Department that guides $ 100 million in marketing budget provided Southwest HR with the External Brand positioning statement around freedom. Systems.This was a feeling echoed by Freedom to continually learn and grow. FUTURE"." to capture the personal commitment they want each employee to make to themselves. It places the candidate as an actor of his own evolution and shows the realityof the professional ladder within Accor. with two major international activities: Hotels (Sofitel. training.HR CONNECT CASE STUDIES Deccannet Case Study Strong Brand.j. recruitment material. 3. Matched with clever and subtle branded employee communication through different employee policies. Accor Case Study Employer Branding Communication With 168. It is SWA's higher calling" . Freedom to contribute and be recognized. time and "whatever we are doing is going to change the world" . positions and cultures through portraits and professional success stories. just as it does for customers. • The Deccannet Foundation was also started by the CEO. The CEO of Deccannet is a small company of around 200 employees that was acquired by Flextronics Software Deccannet passionately spread the message everyone else in the team and company. customers. Novotel.J. The External Brand positioning statement has a rational part and an emotional part Here is how the rational part defines freedom: "Southwest Airlines makes it possible for more people to experience things firsthand: to see and do more things more often than ever before".000 people in 140countries. Accor's Employer Brand ing has always featured sm iling employees focusing on three prominentthemes: • Leading Group • Professional ladder with many career opportunities • Mobility and Trainings. Southwest has managed to convey a consistent brand promise to employees that matches its External Brand promise offreedom to customers. Here are 2 examples of initiatives to fulfill this goal: • Deccannet did not want to compete with Infosys or Wipro. and a 'family' kind of work environment. 2.000 recruitments in 2005). Reinforce the Internal Brand To reinforce the Internal Brand. "Freedom is Southwest Airlines' brand promise and must be viewed asasacred responsibility.000 fun-loving employees and describes itself as the Airlines went about only company in America that considers "sense of humor". the latter realized that instead of being overjoyed about joining a big brand. Southwest Airlines Accor Services. they identified several colleges in and around Bangalore. employees to adopt a village. Through good culture. This is because of their fundamental commitment to always provide low fares to the places people want and need to go. Accor has launched a new communication services YOUR campaign to attract talent in hotel and "YOUR SMILE. The campaign also highlights the diversity of Accor in terms of countries. hiring Inc. Small Company Brand positioning statement The next step was to create an Internal Brand positioning statement to guide the $2 billion annual people investment Southwest created an internal tagline for the emotional part: "Freedom begins with me. hiring students from rural backgrounds.

Attrition levels remain high. will also spotlight the strategies that will help forge industryacademia linkages and better tune India's learning environment with the needs of the IT-ITESindustries. Broadly speaking. to Chancellors of higher educational make them more globally competitive. to be held in Chennai. Executive Education at CorneliUniversity/ILR II and III educational institutions on how they can create a world- II . Human Resource development has become enterprise and the HR chief. the aim of the Summit will be to outline strategies thatwill help India create an HR eco-system. are struggling with a workforce crisis! People issues loom large on the agendas of companies. consultants alliances. Rapid growth. Heads of Training Knowledge and Industry-Academia executives. characterized by better quality IT professionals. The focus of the Summit will be on how HR can serve as a change agent." "employer of choice. an important function within the and other professional courses. both large and small. global-class HR leaders and lower churn. The chief is access to skilled manpower resources and India currently enjoys a key edge in this aspect. and Heads of Departments/Vice institutions offering technical In this uncertain and dynamic market scenario. causing concern for organizations. The Summ it will also get into detai led discussions on the challenges facing HR and issues such as the evolving role of recruitment companies. The Summit." There is a growing need for IT professionals that have specific expertise for different industry segments and domain knowledge. that are attempting to position themselves as the "best career destination. but it also has to ensure that it remains "industry-relevant" and "rightly skilled. The NASSCOM HR Summit2006. characterized by better quality IT professionals. up the value chain in terms of products Rampant growth. Snell. will focus on the following areas: • • • • • • • The transformation role of HRwithin the IT-ITESsectors Existing trends in compensation and benefits The profi Ieof the emerg ing IT-ITESworkforce Leadership development within the HR community Overcoming challenges related to manpower shortages Maintaining India's competitive edge in the "people's space" Successful performance management strategies for large organizations and SMEs Special Workshop on Leadership @ Development and Talent Architecture NASSCOM HR Summit 2006 by Prof. challenge however. Attention will be given at the conclave to leadership building within the HR community. School. through its myriad sessions and discussion forums. Indian IT-ITSplayers. Professor Human Resource Studies." and the "best placetowork!" Building an HR eco-system HR ECO-SYSTEM The aim of the Summit will be to outline strategies that will help India create an HR eco-system. models for building industry-academia class knowledge pool. not only does India have to sustain its vast pool of specialized IT-ITEStalent. Director. partnerships and mentoring for Tier The NASSCOM HR Summit 2006. to how HR professionals can better align themselves to the vision and business goals of the organ izations they are a part of. a key member in the team of decision makers. global-class HR leaders and lower churn. skill set development through Certifications. offering Management technical and linguistic training.HR CONNECT NASSCOM HR INITIATIVES WAR FOR TALENT NASSCOM HR Summit 2006 18-19 July 2006 Hotel Le Royal Meridien Chennai The Indian IT-ITES industries are on a high momentum path. NASSCOM's HR Summit will draw a community of CEOs. The IT-ITES industries are also grappling with the crucial issue of manpower acquisition and retention. Moving forward. will take a close transformational look at the evolving profile of HR and the role it can play within the IT-ITES industries. Scott A. innovator and strategic partner for the Indian IT-ITES sectors and help these industries combat their workforce challenges. has come with its own set of challenges. Senior HR professionals. consolidation and services define and moving the sector.

Examplesofsome of the brand building activities will be • India Code Jam that we conducted in 2005 and 2006. sponsor research in specific areas and support activities that encourage creativity. Continuing to attract the best talent. Other indications could be the fact that Google is consistently rated as one of the most preferred employer in premier campuses both engineering and non-engineering fields. learning and development. View points What initiatives would you recommend to startups and small companies in creating an Employer brand? Our employment brand is an extension of our corporate brand. It is important not only to build a great Employer Brand for attracting people. Identify the sources that provide the maximum ROI and concentrate on that rather than spreading oneself too thin. The sum of experiences that an employee has. Should one create an original Employer Brand or pick and choose the best characteristics Brands? from practice Employer Benchmarking helps but the key to having a strong. eng ineering excellence. Google's ultimate goal is to be the Gateway to the Internetfor people allover the world no matter where they are located. engineering/customer service excellence and freedom to our employees and potential hires. Hence we invest in creating compelling products that meet these needs. Building credibility with the experiences that you promise through the Employer Brand becomes important since a large number of companies are focusing on the few talent available. but for retaining the best talent as well. We are all about customer experience. performance management. How do you assess the effectiveness Brand? and ROI of your Employer Employer Branding encompasses Talent Branding and any dissonance will result in dilution of Employer Brand and higher employee attrition rates. Our employer brand hence. access to information. rewards and recognition to be consistent with the brand. All that we do is to connect people and information. where demand-supply gap for employable talent is growing everyday. innovation and freedom to work on projects that impact millions and millions of people. Director for Human Resources at Google India. Manoj Varghese. as for our Ad Words process in Hyderabad we look for superior English writing skills What is the role of HR in sustaining an Employer Brand in your organization? Be consistent in your message to the market and the internal experiences that you provide your employees with. innovation. Coincidentally. A brand created only to attract is not sustainable if you are not able to retain people and loose credibility as an employer. innovation and encourage engineering excellence. conduct technical talks. have world class retention rates. the unique work environment that we have.11 GOOGLE TALK DIIII_- Google is consistently rated as one of the most preferred employers on premier campuses in both engineering and non-engineering fields. The best candidate has a number of choices available to them and the employer needs to differentiate themselves with a great Employer II . sponsor and conduct coding contests. means customer experience. HR's role is to align and nurture HR systems like staffing. We work very closely with academic institutions.------------------------1111. HR Connect caught up with Mr. • Essay Writing Competitions. Organizations that build effective Employer Brands will be able to identify the key sources of talent and the key competencies requ ired in talent that they seek. has been put in place by Larry Page and Sergey Brin right from the day they started the company and is practiced and evangelized by our executives. How does your organization approach Employer Branding? What kind of brand building initiatives does your organization plan to sustain your Employer Brand? Brand. What does your Employer Brand mean to employees and potential hires? Google's mission is to deliver the best search experience by making the world's information accessible and useful. The culture. Do you foresee Employer Branding to be important in the future with the increase in attrition and the war for talent heating up? Or is itjustafad that will die quickly? In the crowded market place. Employer Branding is going to assume greater importance in the years to come in India. Leveraging employee referrals as a source by ensuring the employees experience the brand and recommend the best people. Employer Branding is not as important as Talent Branding. credible Employer Brand is to look internally and build your Employer Brand based on what experiences you are providing your employees. Manoj is also the first senior manager hired by Google in India. or a candidate has defines the Employer Brand rather than any slogan or advertisement. which is a techn ical cod ing contest. continued innovation and new products will be measures at a high level that we use to assess the effectiveness and ROI of our Employer Brand. what language they speak or how they access the Internet (beyond a personal computer and a browser to hand-held devices as well). Employer Brand cannot be different from what the employee experiences are inside Google. encourage interns. induction.

strjiflc~ ~ Ticket Compliments ..Pune: 93255 03115 .AccoR services Meal Vouchers e AccoR TIcket Restourant .Baroda: 93770 85866 .Delhi: 9312509455 Mumbai: 9321 0 26565 . HR solutions. -AccoR services Gift Vouchers . Meal Vouchers us and strike Cards a balance between employee's aspirations and organisational ACCOR --Your HR partner-- Services TIcket Restourant . objectives.Chennai: 9381 0 62571 .Hyderabad: 93953 16110 ..Accentiv' AccoR services Incentive & Loyalty Solutions Meal Smart Cards Bangalore: 93425 10043 . we have it all.INDIA'S MOST POPULAR BENEFIT FOR EMPLOYER AND EMPLOYEE MEAL VOUCHERS & SMART CARDS Restaurant: A-cCOR services Ticket Accor Services. Get in touch a worldwide From with company. is partnering and Smart over 2000 organisations to Loyalty your Programs in India with a wide range of innovative and Reward Solutions.

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