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Smart NoteTaker
Presented by: Dipti Nirbhawane.

1. Introduction 2. Smart Pen Interior Structure 3. Technical Definition 4. Consumer Profile 5. Current produts  Mobile Note Taker  PC Note Taker  EW807

people will be able to write notes on the air. With the help of Smart NoteTaker.Introduction  The Smart NoteTaker is such a helpful product that satisfies the needs of the people in today’s technologic and fast life. while being busy with their work. The Smart NoteTaker provides taking fast and easy notes to people who are busy one’s self with something. 3 .

is where two people talks on the phone  There will be an additional feature of the product which will monitor the notes. where the product can play an important role. 4 .The Smart NoteTaker is good and helpful for blinds that think and write freely Another place. on the application program used in the computer This application program can be a word document or an image file. which were taken before.

Smart pen interior structure 5 .

and will be able to read in digital medium after the job has done.The written note will be stored on the memory chip of the pen. This will save time and facilitate life The product will be able to sense 3D shapes and motions that user tries to draw It’s also useful especially for instructors in presentations The drawn shape then can be broadcasted to the network or sent to a mobile device 6 .

The sensed figures that were drawn onto the air will be recognized  The desired character will be printed in the word document If the application program is a paint related program. 7 . then the most similar shape will be chosen by the program and then will be printed on the screen.

broadcasting Switch Rechargeable battery Displacement Sensor – 3D shapes 8 .Technical definition Analog to digital converter Software program to convert data into text or string format – java applets. database Operating System Parallel cable .

 In order to utilize the time and to take more attention of students smart notetaker is a great solution.  While lecturing the usage of the board for teachers and note-taking for students cause dilute of time and sometimes it is embarrassing. which transfers the notes of the teacher on the board to software directly  It optimizes efficiency of time that is used during the lecturing and it is desirable for the educational 9 .Consumer Profile  The customers are going to be generally teachers and indirectly students.

CURRENT PRODUCTS  Mobile Note Taker  PC Note Taker  EW807 10 .

Mobile Note Taker The Ultimate Handwriting Capture Device Mobile NoteTaker has a built-in LCD to confirm input. The on-board flash memory can store up to 50 pages (size A4). 11 .

lectures. store and share handwritten drawings. sketches. and memos at meetings.Attach plain paper of any kind and use the Pegasus electronic pen to capture. and conferences A built-in LCD confirms that what you write is saved 12 . notes.

and instant messaging application (in connected mode). email. 13 . The included NoteTaker software allows you to edit.Once you capture notes. Allows file transfer over LAN. and your notes are uploaded and synchronized. connect the Mobile NoteTaker to a USB port on your PC/notebook. share or file your notes.

lectures.Features Uses the LCD screen to view and manage notes. Digital pen ensures a comfortable writing experience Product consumables (pen batteries. paper) are readily available at most office supply or general merchandise stores Benefits Uses standard paper-no special paper is required  The mobile mode enables to capture and storage of notes digitally at meetings. pen refill.and conferences 14 . Mobile NoteTaker batteries.

 Specifications: • • • • • • Coverage area: up to A4 size paper Resolution: 100DPI Communication: USB (connected mode) Memory: 2MB flash memory Power: Pen .2 X AAA batteries  Package Contents • • • • • • • • Electronic Pen Memory Unit Refill SR41 batteries AAA batteries Quick Start Guide NoteTaker Software on CD-ROM USB cable 15 .3 X SR41 batteries Memory Unit .

16 .PC Note Taker PC Notes Taker is the world's first device that captures natural handwriting on any surface onto a PC in real time.

educational and financial sectors. PC Notes Taker displays the user's handwritten notes. and stores the image for future use. PC Notes Taker is compatible with PCs and notebooks 17 . Supplied with user-friendly software. such as health. memos or drawings on the computer.Based on a revolutionary electronic pen. PC Notes Taker is ideal for markets where handwritten input is essential.

edit and draw in your own handwriting onto MS office documents Create instant messaging using ICQ 18 . equations. signatures. add comments.Features & Benefits: Capture of handwriting from any plain paper or other writing surface Input of continuous writing up to A4 page size Insert sketches. and notes into Word documents E-mail sketches or handwritten notes in any language using MS OUTLOOK Convert handwriting to digital text using MS® word recognition engine Annotate.

then faxes documents just to add a signature? You can input your signature on any document  Mark and highlight a document for changes in any application. Applications                                              Write a letter or take note.compatible with all graphics software for both PC and Mac 19 . even a combination  Tired of Printing. Any handwriting is recognized 99. Add handwritten captions on photographs. It converts your handwriting into text. Write in cursive or print. Write a note right on a web page as if you were marking a newspaper.  Art / Graphics Pen Mouse . Then save and send  Make a point of importance on any Presentation. then signing.9% accurately.

sound recording available. mass storage: up to 2GB 20 .Technical features: • .USB2. • 2.0.EW 807 • EW807 pen has the following special features • 1.

Mac 9. 3.EW 807 2.built-in Li-battery. X and above 21 . Compatible with windows 98/2000/ME/XP. support over 12hours recording after fully charged. Included USB Cable Connector 4.

it can also be used like all other classical pens. lessons and projects you work on 22 .Conclusion  The system will try to improve a pen. this device will increase the capacity of noting the texts. which helps people get rid of typing problems on computer by the technology. which converts your handwriting to text format on your PC  This technology provides taking notes on air.  Beside this.  Therefore.    http://www.seminar.References   Wikipedia 23 .

THANK U 24 .

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