Bashundhara Group medical college hospital Bashundhara Ad-din Medical College Hospital for providing innovative medical ser

vices to the people in need. Bashundhara Group, one of the biggest conglomerates of the country, donated requ isite land and money for construction of the infrastructures of the 250-bed hosp ital, run on non-profit basis. Twenty-five out of the 250 beds will be reserved free of cost with all facilitie s of food, medicine, medical checkup and physician consultation for ultra-poor p atients. though Bashundhara Group is a commercial organization, but chairman of the renow ned business house Ahmed Akbar Sobhan always thinks how to do good to the countr yâ s people. â The Bashundhara Group chairman has turned the housing sector into an indust ry. People of the country who work with real-estate projects in developed areas come to see the projects of Bashundhara Group for gathering experience. He is th e pioneer of paper and cement industry in the country. All the products of Bashu ndhara Group are international-standard,â he said. But all his (BG chairman) thoughts are centered on welfare of the people, especi ally the poor. He initiated interest-free loan among poor people, which is a tot ally new idea in the country. And he did it from the thinking about doing peopleâ s w elfare, Mahaboob added.