Review Frog Packet and Circulatory System

Outline of Day Date: Monday, 2/27/2012  Review Frog Packet  Start learning about the heart. Objective(s)  Students will to able to identify the parts of the heart and what the purpose of those different parts are for. Preparation/Materials  Work done in packet  Know the heart diagram  Have the compare/contrast sheet ready Bell work (5 min)  Write in planners Go over the Frog Dissection Packet (20 min)  We will go over each diagram and their answers so that they students have the correct material to study for their test on Thursday. Drawing the human heart (15 min)  Students will follow the step by step of drawing a human heart. Using a black pen, pencil, and a red and blue pencil they will be able to correctly draw a replica of the human heart and the blood flow.  I will demonstrate on the document camera while the students mimic what I do.  Make sure to include: - Right side - Left side - Atria - Ventricle - Lungs - Body - Arteries - Veins - Capillaries - Label it!!  Students will hand this in for tomorrows notes. Closer (5 min)  Students will complete the Compare/Contrast Sheet for the Circulatory System before the leave class Homework No Homework