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Cxc Lit Sample Questions

Cxc Lit Sample Questions


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1. The women in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream are sometimes treated poorly by the men in Elizabethan society: a) Identify, and explain, the manner in which two (2) women suffered at the hands of men in this text. b) How did the women react to their treatment and, in your opinion, was this reaction appropriate.

2. Romantic love is represented in various forms in the text A Midsummer Night’s Dream. a) Identify, and discuss, the type of love relationship that three (3) couples represent. b) In your opinion, how does the power play between one of the couples impact both their relationship and their surroundings?

3. The tragic play Pyramus and Thisbe, put on by the craftsmen in A Midsummer Night’s Dream, is a valuable piece of comic relief. a) Recount the original tale of Pyramus and Thisbe. b) Identify, and discuss, three (3) aspects of the craftsmen production that transforms their portrayal from tragic to comedic. .Elizebethan women are presumed to be subservient to the men in A Midsummer Night’s Dream . 4 a) Identify, and discuss, the manner in which two (2) women do not conform to the presumed subservience of women in the Elizabethan era. b) What is the impact that these two women’s actions have on one character in the play?

OLD STORY TIME 1. Racism is an important theme in the play Old Story Time.

a) Identify, and discuss, the manner in which Mama and George display racist tendencies in the play. b) Examine the manner in which their racist comments, or actions, affect the life of one character in their lives.


Education and culture clash in the play Old Story Time.

a) Discuss the manner in which culture and education clash for Len. b) Discuss the distinct irony that exists in the conflict between the two realms.

‘Nathan’and ‘The Idiot’: a) Explain what the silence represents in your chosen chapter. and why. 3. in childhood. a) Using any two (2) characters from the list. and discuss. discuss how effective each technique is in highlighting important information. two fears that are highlighted by this dream. 4. Love and family relationship is an important theme in Old Story Time. in the text The Wine of Astonishment. in the text Songs of Silence is one that is explored in the chapter ‘Effita’ a) Describe two (2) incidences. Silence is used as a metaphor for many things in Songs of Silence. are silent in some fashion: Nathan. a) Recount the dream that Marlene experienced in the chapter titled ‘A Story With No Name’. Two dramatic techniques used in the play Old Story Time are: aside and singing (during set changes). discuss the impact of this silence on one person in this character’s life. identify and discuss the possible motivation behind their silence.3. SONGS OF SILENCE 1. No Name. Papacita. Marlene. can be considered to be representing opposing elements in the Trinidadian society. The following list of characters. 4. The concept of community. in this chapter. b) Discuss the manner in which Trevor Rhone uses Pearl to pass time in the play. either positively ornegatively. Ezekiel Watkiss (Hog). b) Discuss the ways in which this silence affects one character. b) Identify. b) Discuss how the community feels about Miss Effie and Melwyn. what type of mother can Mama be described as and why? b) Describe the relationship that Len has with his mother in adulthood and examine the extent to which her approach to her son. from Songs of Silence. Bolo and Ivan Morrison. ‘Miss Minnie’. as well as how effective this is. the manner in which Bolo represents a fading cultural element. and why. b) Using the same two (2) characters. and Mr. as well as making the story interesting to the audience. had an impact on their relationship. while Ivan represents a ‘progressive’ educated future. 2. a) Using the two (2) techniques listed above. . THE WINE OF ASTONISHMENT 1. Identify. In the text Songs of Silence dreams often reveal what we subconsciously repress. ‘Morris Hole’. a) Using examples from the text. and explain. in the chapter. that highlights the closeness of the community. Using any of the following chapters. Miss Minnie.

4. can be said to be the voice of reason in the village of Bonasse.’The Boy Who Loved Ice-Cream’ and ‘The Day the World Almost Came to An End’ are two short stories in which children learn life lessons. 2. a) Describe the life of the children in each of these short stories. but the flawed hero. b) Discuss the impact that the parental figure has on the characters. b) Examine the connection between these characters’ issues. a) Identify. b) Describe a traumatic moment in each child’s life and discuss the lesson that they have. in order to achieve his goal of saving his village and why. and discuss. in the manner that he did. Using any short story from the selection given: a) Describe a racist incident that one character. from each short story.2. a) Discuss the ways in which Bolo can be considered to be a ‘flawed hero’. in the text The Wine of Astonishment. or should have learnt. from the self titled short stories. 4. SHORT STORIES 1. Love and family relationship is an important theme in many of the short stories.’Shabine’ and ‘Emma’. a) Identify the difficulty that each character faces in her life. and the fact that they are female. 3. a) Choosing any two short stories. Heroism is a fairly simple concept. b) In your estimation. the manner in which two (2) individuals exerted power and authority over the Shouter Baptist congregation. the irony in one of these characters’ use of their power and authority against the Shouter Baptists. respectively. 3. has encountered. how well did each character handle their racist encounter and why. are two women that encounter difficulties based on their gender. and discuss. b) Discuss the extent to which Bolo had a choice in conducting himself. a) Using two examples. . discuss the loving relationship between any two characters and a parent or parental figure. b) Identify. Power and authority is an important theme in theme in the text The Wine of Astonishment. on the other hand. Bee. discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement and why. is a very complex one in the text The Wine of Astonishment. b) How did Bee’s decisions affect his congregation and his family.

from each poem. Using any two poems from the approved selection: a) Identify the dreams and aspirations of any two personas. b) Highlight one literary device. 4. Racism is an important theme in the poems ‘Dreaming Black Boy’ and ‘Epitaph’. b) Identify. a) Describe the events that occur in both poems. . and examine the effectiveness of each device. b) Discuss the effectiveness of each biblical allusion in highlighting the problems of the persona in each poem. for each poem. 2. Hypocrasy is a strong theme in ‘A Stone’s Throw’ and ‘Once Upon A Time’. that highlights the theme of hypocrisy.POETRY 1. 3. one device that highlights this theme from each poem. and examine the effectiveness of each device. that highlights the theme of racism. a) Quote one (1) biblical allusion that is found in each poem and explain the allusion. respectively. a) Describe the racist events that occur in both poems. and discuss. b) Identify one literary device. in two poems. Biblical allusions are used in the poems ‘A Stone’s Throw’ and ‘The Woman Who Speaks to the Man Who Has Employed Her Son’.

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