Cold War Soviet Union v United States Culminating Assignment (project

Your task is to research an aspect of the Cold War in depth and present your topic to the class in a way that demonstrates your understanding and the significance of your chosen topic as an example of the conflict of the cold war. The Cold War spanned several decades and thus choices for your topic are endless. A list of possible choices can be found on the timeline handed out in class. The choice on how you wish to present your topic is up to you. Possible examples include, but are not limited to: PowerPoint, essay, short play or skit, diagram, model, news broadcast. If there you would like to present your topic in some other way please discuss it with me and we can work something out. All projects must have a written description of the significance on how your topic represents, or is an example of, the conflict of the cold war. Topics will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. You may work individually or with one partner of your choice. I will give you three days in the library to research your topic of choice. The time should be spent on researching your topic as well as collaborating with your partner and/or beginning work on your project. If you do not need the computer when we are down there, I will direct you to one of the tables. Also do not overlook the number of books and other resources available to you in the library. By the end of the first day, if not sooner, I will expect your topic to be chosen. Note: plagiarism as well as copying other student’s work is unacceptable and will result in an automatic zero. Chosen topic:____________________________________________________________________

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