Rebecca Williams Hollie Pinchback Lydia Allen Maura Urquiza Ijeoma Arachie Assistive Technology Device The assistive

technology device we selected to help our student, Cindy, is called “Back Atcha” Basketball Return. This device is a plastic piece that easily attaches underneath a basketball hoop. It is a simple device that allows for the guided return of a basketball after shooting. Once the ball goes through the hoop, it falls through normally, but its return path is guided in whichever direction the “Back Atcha” is facing. This device would greatly help cut down on time spent chasing after the basketball for any student. It would be especially helpful for a student in a wheelchair, so they would not have to waste time and energy chasing their basketball all over the court. This device would save time in class so the student could focus more on practicing the skill, like shooting, rather than retrieving their basketball. Though we did not create this device, we believe it would be useful for a student with a physical disability to have. It would help meet Cindy’s needs by returning the ball straight to her, significantly cutting down in her time spent chasing after her basketball. This device is very cost effective at approximately $10 found at Walmart. This would be a very simple and effective purchase a school could make to better serve any student just learning to play or practice basketball. Our group also discussed that if we had the resources, we could have created our own basketball return device, possibly made from PVC pipe or another type of solid, plastic structure. Such a simple assistive technology device would greatly benefit a student with a disability. We chose this device over others also because it could be used to help any student practicing shooting a basketball, not just a student with a disability.

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