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Dhamma Rediscovered

Dhamma Rediscovered

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Published by yokkee leong
A book on the Buddha's Teachings
A book on the Buddha's Teachings

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Published by: yokkee leong on Mar 04, 2012
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SCRIPTURAL TEXT: The Buddha had a lengthy body and long
arms with a span equal to body length, long fingers, long hands,
elongated face, protruding and well-formed nose. His hair was
fine, dark and with soft, long curls. His eyes were wide, and
strongly blue or bluish. His body was light-coloured and golden,
with a pinkish colour under the nails.

Overall there are 32 main characteristic signs and additional 80
secondary characteristics that define the wholesomeness of one
with such unique attainments.

There are two categories of Buddhas. The first, being the
Sammasambuddha or Sabbannu Buddha (Omniscient Buddha). A
Sabbannu Buddha develops His paramis (moral perfection) through
four, eight or sixteen asankheyyas and one hundred thousand
world cycles and, due to this, is endowed with special powers
(bala). He has the unique ability to proclaim and teach the
Dhamma. He is superior to all other beings; human or divine; due
to having this unique role of a discoverer, keeper and dispenser
of the Dhamma that had been lost for aeons of time.

The second category of the Buddha is that of the Pacceka-
Buddha, who are enlightened but is not able to teach or proclaim
the Dhamma. Pacceka-Buddhas develop their paramis through two
asankheyyas and one hundred thousand world cycles.


Common Facts
Common Facts
Common Facts

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