Chapter 10

a. Where are the two people? b. What are the people talking about? c. What does the woman want to know?

excuse me I’m lost somebody else near here go along (go straight) go straight

In your language.

In your language.
continue straight turn left go along this road I’m looking for the city hall I’m not sure exactly How do I get there?

Chapter 10

Please circle the correct answer

1) What does the man want to do? A: Get to the market B: Take a Taxi C: Meet a friend D: Find the city hall 2) Why can’t the man take a Taxi? A: Because he gets car sick B: Because the Taxi is too old C: Because he doesn’t have money D: Because the market is closed 3) What direc on should the man go? A: Straight le straight right B: Straight right straight le C: Straight right straight right D: Straight le straight le

4) Why is the posh woman strange? A: Because she forgets herself B: Because she doesn’t know where to go C: Because she fights with the man D: Because her dog a acks the man’s leg 5) Where is the market? A: Near the city hall B: Behind the city hall C: In front of the city hall D: Next to the city hall

True or False T/F T/F T/F T/F T/F The first Indian man can’t help the other man The second person knows where the city hall is The woman thinks the man should take a Taxi The woman thinks it is too difficult to walk to the city hall The woman give direc ons to the wrong place in the end


On the street

Characters Task

Student 1— helpful Stranger Student 2— lost person
• • • •

Write your own role play. Look at the expression and vocabulary from the first page The lost person is trying to get to the city hall The helpful stranger tell the lost person how to get to the city hall

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