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TITLE! SUMMARYfWRITER Weather Forecast *3 killed as feuding village chief break peace In Cotabato City, at least 3 people were killed when clashes between followers of two feuding village chairs of Rajah Buayan,m Maguyindanao, erupted anew authorities said. Col Prudencio Asto, 61Dspokesperson, said authorities were determining what triggered Thursday bloody configuration between the groups of Ugayan and Macalay. (Jeoffrey Maitem) *Rebel killed in Albay clash In Legaspi City, A rebel was killed when Army personnel and over 20 members of the new People's Army engaged in a 15 minute firefight in the mountainous portion of Stio Maigang in Brgy tablon, Oas, Albay over the weekend, a military official said. (Cet Dematera) *AFP Wants Basilan Road Complete In Zamboanga City, high ranking military officers in nearby Bastian have underscored the importance of the completion of the rehabilitation and construction of the P6DOMillion Basilan Circumferential Road (BCR) in the province.

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*Preparedness Government security forces in Central Luzon prepared for the rainy days as they attended a seminar-workshop on disaster management. (Elena Aben) *3 bulagta sa clan war 3 ang iniulat na nasawi habang aabot naman ssa 2,000 residente ang nagsilikas matapos na sumiklab ang giyera ng magkalabang angkan sa bayan ng Rajah Buayan, maguindanao kamakalawa. (Joy Cantos) 'Another reason to find Palparan' In City of San Fernando, the wife of missing environmental activist and radio host Joey Estriber has urged the government to find Jovito Palparan and make the fugitive retired major general re veal what he knows about the abduction of her husband. (Tonette Orejas) AFP Celebrate Centennial of ORTC The AFP is celebrating the centennial of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) program with a year-long schedule of activities that kick off today. (Elena L Aben) Among HS classmates, AFP chief 'heartthrob' At the 25th founding anniversary of the Southern Luzon Command here, LTGEN JESSIE OELLOSA now armed forces chief, gamely bantered with members of class 1974 of the Quezon Provincial High School (QPHS) here. Recalled Dellosa being a "heartthrob" during those days. (Delfin T Mallari Jr) *Sources say Joma has lost control of NPA Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) Founding chair Jose Ma. Sison has lost control and leadership of his organization, military intelligence sources said yesterday. (Jaime Laude)


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*'Good governance, law enforcement to help anti-insurgency campaign'
The country's anti-insurgency and terrorist campaign will be successful if there is good governance with an active law enforcement support. (Jaime Laude) Magtalakayan tayo sa debate-PNoy Dahil sa pagkalagas ng marami9ng buhay sa hanay ng mga sundalo, pulls, rebelde at mga inosenteng sibilyan, nanawagan ang Commander-in-Chief ng AFP at PNP na Sl pangulong Benigno Aquino the III kaugnay sa hinihinging negosasyon ng pamahalaan sa mga komunistang rebelde sa bansa. (Fer TAboy) *3 wounded in N. cotabato explosions In Cotabato City, at least 3 persons were wounded in separate bombing incidents in Pigcawayan town in North Cotabato Friday night and near the 32-hectare compound of the autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao yesterday morning. (John Unson) *Navy launches 'Kariton Revolution' today The Philippine Navy in partnership with CNN's 2009 Hero of the Year Efren Periaflorida, will launch the "Kariton revolution" in cavity City today. (Jaime Laude) *Blast rock Cotabato; 2 hurt In Kidapawan City, A loud blast rocked Cotabato City, just few meters away from the regional headquarters of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), around 6:30 am, yesterday, report from the th marine BATTALION Landing Team (MBLT) said. (Malu Cadeliuna Manar) 10 *MNLF leaders get ARMM posts Bandung, West, Java, Indonesia- two more senior Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leaders were Appointed to the Autonomous Region in muslim Mindanao (ARMM), apparently in compliance with the so-called "partnership governance" between the government and the Muslim groups. (Edd K Usman) OJ.C. Urged: See Mindanao Reforms Bandung, West, Java, Indonesia, the Government of the Philippines invited Thursday the organization of Islamic Cooperation and its peace committee for Southern Philippines to visit Mindanao to see what GPH has implementing to transform the area. (EDD K Usman) *More Women In PAF Eyed The Philippine Air Force joins the worldwide commemoration of "Woman's Month" this March with the hope to see more women joining the AFP air service. (Elena L Aben) *2 MNLF Leaders To ARMM Bandung, West, Java, Indonesia, - two more senior Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leaders were Appomted to the Autonomous Region in muslim Mindanao (ARMM), apparently in compliance with the so-called "partnership governance" between the government and the Muslim groups. (Edd K Usman) AFP 'nilalason' para talikuran si PNoy Nagtatanim na ng 'lason' sa isip ng mga sundalo ang ambisyosong grupo ng politikong nanggigigil na mabaklas na sa Malacarianq si Pagulong Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III, gamit ang malawak nitong makinarya na pumopondo sa malakihan nitonq orooaqanda. (Bernard Tacuinod)


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March 2012



eastern Visavas and Mindanao,.vhilethetidge.oia .: northern Luzon,

EasterIies pre vall over . .



high pressure area affects .. .........•...............•....• Eastern Vlsayasand Min~ •danao will be mostlycloudy •.. with scattered ralru;hovjers ·and··isolaied··thunderstolIDs,· .:

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sectionof the country wm be moderateto • tottgKElsewhere, seas will be s1ightt6 moderate, ....•... Temperature forecasts: . .. etro Manila, 23-34 de- ........•. M •greesCelsius;· Bagulo City, .• 13"26; Jagaytay City, 22-31; 'Subic'and Clark zc)ne,·24-34; ... MetroCebu, 25-31; Metro.


Coastal1'V'aters in the .

.•••... /.

Da.vao,25-31;andCagayan deOto,23-3L


Tidal predictions. inManilaBay: low tide at 3:04 arn.: at 0,07 metetSuhrlseis·at 6:11 am; SUbset at 6;05 p.m.

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March 2012

Rebel killed in'Albay clash

3 killed as feuding village .chiefs break peace
P~Ghb ~-iO
COTABATO CITY-At least three people were killed when dashes ·between followers of two feuding village chairs of Rajah Buayan, Maguindanao, erupted anew, authorities said. The new clashes took place barely two weeks after Duma Ugayan and Jerry Macalay met inside a military camp in Maguindanao and agreed to bury the hatchet. CoL Prudencio Asto, spokesperson of the Army's 6th Infantry Division, said authorities were determining what triggered . Thursday's bloody confrontation berween the groups ofUgayan and Macalay. Asto said some 2,000 families fled villages near the clash site. Ugayan, chair of Barangay Malipodok, and Macalay, chair of Barangay Tabungao, have been fighting over land. When their groups dashed in December, three people were also killed and about 10,000 others displaced from at least seven other villages. On Feb. 16, upon the intercession oflocal religious leaders and the military, Ugayan and Macalay swore before the Ko-

LEGAZPI CITY - A rebel was killed when Army per· sonnel and over 20 members of the New People's Army engaged in a IS-minute firefight in the mountainous portion of Sitio Maigang in Barangay Tablon, Oas, Albay over the weekend, a military official said. Maj. Narsan Obuyes, 2nd Infantry Battalion spokesman, said the slain rebel was turned over to the Oas police for identification by his relatives. Obuyes said the soldiers recovered an M·16 rifle, a garand rifle, a carbine, a laptop computer and other personal .belongings. "We also saw big cooking tools. and kitchen utensils and a sack and a half of rice in their camp, which suggests that they stayed in the camp for a number of days already," he said. The official said the rebels could have been forced to leave the nearby Guinobatan town when the Army put up a detachment. - Cet Dematera



ran to end their bloody can" frontation. "They shook hands and ernbraced each other," said CoL Mayoralgo dela Cruz of the Army's First Mechanized Brigade. Asto said the military thought the violence had ended with the peace pact until. the two groups clashed again. Maguindanao .Gov. Esmael Mangudadatu said unless addressed with finality, the feud between Ugayan and Macalay could affect peace talks between the government and the

Mora Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). Ugayan is an erstwhile Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) commander while Macalay has relatives and supporters from the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The MO village chairs said their feud has nothing to do with the MNLF and' the MILF because it started from killings involving conflicting land claims in the villages of Mileb, Baital, Gaunan, Panadtaban and Sapakan. Jeoifrey Maitem, Inquirer Mindanao

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AFPWants Basilan Road Completed
ZAMBOANGA CITY (PNA) _ High ranking military officers in nearby Basilan province have underscored the importance of thecompletion of the rehabilitation and construction of the ?600-million Basilan Circumferential Road (BCR) in the province. Work on the project started about 12 years ago but there are still portions of the road that have not been opened or constructed due to security problems in these localities. These problematic areas are hinterland barangays in the towns of Tuburan, Tipo Tipo and Sumisip that are infested with extremists. 104th Brigade Commander Col. Ricardo Visaya said "in order for economic development to takeoff in this province, it is' important to secure first the most important road in the province - the circumferential road." This circumferential road links all the six other mainland municipalities to the more progressive town of Mauls and the capital of Isabela City and the city of Lomita. These three well-established towns used to be the main municipalities of the island province when it was still a part of Zamboanga City in the early 1950s.

.·••· •••··.iGOVethll1entisecurltv.·.for2es· ··· ••••• • •. ·· .• In<:entraILuzonptepat~forthe· ...rainydays asthev attended a ....'. · .·.··seminar~vllorkshOpondjsaster··· ·.management.Maj.EnricO . ..G1IIleto,.spokesmal1ofthe
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sald:"Rains ..the Army's7th ..•. lnfantrY.Dlvrsion do notseelTi.to .•••....

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d?es~'tmearlthat 7th Infantry .. Dlvtslon(7ID) .here wHljustbe waiting for.the worst inctdents .. to happen." (ElehaAbeti} .

•... .

3 bulagta ~a clan war'


Tatlo-katao ang iniulat na nasawi habang aabot naman sa 2,000 residente ang nagsilikas matapos na sumiklab ang giyera ng magkalabang angkan sa bayan ng RajahBuayan, -Maquindanao kamakalawa. . Ayon kay Col, Prudencio Asto ng Army's 6th -Infantry Division ang tatlong nasawi ay mula sa 8I1gkan niGhairman Jerry Macalay ng Bar8I1gay Baita at ang nasugatan naman ay mula sa anqkan ni Chairman Duma Ugayan ng Barangay Malipodok. Nabatid na muJing nagpanagupa ang magkalabang angkan kahlt na nagsilagda sa "Quran' na hindi na muling magsasagupa at pallrajn ang ceasefire upang walang madamay na sibllyan. Nabatid na mahabang panahon na ang alitan sa pagitan ng dalawang angkan ~_~_~ ~~ dulot ng agaw.an sa lupain. .._ _... Nakaalerto naman ang 2~1693iLocal:5287jS295> ..': tropa ng rnilltar upang ma- . . . . .. .... . . pigllan ang posible pang pagsasagupa ng magkalabang angkan. Joy Cantos



(~ £.,1 March




to ,
can't answer them and that makes it all the more painful," shesaid. Estriber was secretary general of the Multi-Sectoral Alliance of Aurora, and he led campaigns against logging, mining and cornmercial shrimp- growing in the province, which hosts one of the last' forest frontiers of Central Luzon. On dwJO-FM, he hosted the weekly' program "Pag-usapan Natin." Witnesses reported seeing men ' throw Estriber into a heavily tinted maroon Kia Besta van which had no license plate.

By Tonette Orejas Inquirer Central Luzon

CITY OF SAN FERNANDO-The wife of missing environmental activist and radio host Joey Estriber has urged the government to find Jovita Palparan and make the fugitive retired major general reveal what he knows about the abduction of her husband.

Like Estriber, Burgos has remained Lourdes Estriber, who marked the sixth anniversary of her hus- missing. The former Army commanding band's disappearance yesterday, said the Armed Forces of the general, who became a party-list Philippines (AFP) should compel representative in Congress, has dePalparan to divulge information be- nied any hand in these and other "Charter change forum Troops from the Army's 48th Incause he was commander of the disappearances. Palparan, a security adviser of fantry Battalion (IB) were suspectArmy's 7th Infantry Division based in Fort Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija, former President Gloria Macapagal- ed to have taken Estriber after the when four armed men seized her Arroyo, told a court in Bulacan that victim stopped four soldiers from attending a campaign planning fohusband just as he stepped out of an ,he was evading an arrest warrant Internet shop in Baler, Aurora, on because the allegations against him rum on Charter change on Feb. 28. had not undergone a preliminary In a text message to the INQUIRER March 3, 2006. that day, Estriber identified two of 'We want to know who seized investigation. the soldiers who barged into the fohim and where they brought, rum as 2nd Lt. Donato Molina and a dumped or buried his body. I hope Courage, commitment Estriber's friends and former Sergeant Sanchez. the top brass of the AFP would help Col. Joselito Kakilala, cornmanus by releasing information and coworkers in Bataris, a nongovernhelp us get justice for Joey, and clo- ment organization, gathered out- der of the 48th IB commander then, side 'the site of the abduction for a denied his men had a role in the absure for us his family and friends," liturgy and short program to recall duction. Estriber told the INQUIRER phone by his courage and commitment in Estriber is one of more than 30 from Baler on Saturday. people who went missing during fighting illegal logging and mining. Singapore bound "He was a good man who loved the one-year stint of Palparan in Palparan, formally accused in the his province and its people too Central Luzon until Sept. 11, 2006. Efforts by the Prelature of kidnapping of two University of the much. He fought for the interest of Philippines students, went into hid- farmers and indigenous peoples. Infanta, Commission on Human ing on Dec. 20, 2011, a day after He took his advocacy to the radio so Rights, Reporters without Frontiers ~ airport .immigration personnel and United Nations HUman Rights that people could have information stopped him from boarding a plane on how to help protect Mother Commission to locate Estriber have Nature," said Alfonso van Zijl, exec- . proved futile, his spouse said. ...,...~ ,._ bound for Singapore. .. ~ Aside from disappearances, hun- _'.-.:-utive director of Bataris, Palparan has also been impllcatHis wife also appealed to dreds of activists and journalists Were I:=:: . :. .. ed in the disappearance of agriculturist and peasant organizer Jonas. Estriber's abductors. "I want to give summarily killed during the tenn of ~ Burgos, who was abducted from a answers to our children [when they Arroyo, who is now in. jail awaiting ask if their father is still alive]. I trail on election cheating charges. Quezon City man on April 28, 2007.




()1)March 2012

A ele rates entennial f
iJlIdIir ........... By ELENA L. ABEN




The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is celebrating the centennial of the Reserve Officer Train, ing Corps (ROTC) program with a year-long schedule of activities that kick off today. , College students used to be required to undergo ROTC training every Sunday. High school students, meanwhile, were required to go through preparatory military training (PMT). The two programs have since . been replaced by civic and academic activities, although there are moves to revive the ROTC and PMT. The commemoration of the centennial of the ROTC, with the theme "100 years of Molding Leaders from among our Youth in Nation-Building and in the Defense of the Motherland," starts today at the AFP grandstand in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. AFP Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Jessie D. Dellosa, said the AFP's participation in the celebration under-

scores its "sincere appreciation and recognition of the Reserve Forces and ROTC cadets who have been significantly contributing to the accomplishment of the AFP mission." Dellosa said the ROTC, established March 1912, at the University of the Philippines, was essential in molding the country's future military leaders. According to Col. Arnulfo Marcelo Burgos Jr., AFP spokesman, the activity at Camp Aguinaldo is divided into two parts: the AFP ROTC centennial challenge and the ROTC "Gabi ng Parangal" that will cover the "Search for the 1st Miss AFP ROTC" and the awarding of 100 Outstanding ROTC alumni. Burgos said the Armed Forces, through the Reserve Command and the major service RESCOMs in coordination with respective ROTC units, cadets, and alumni, and other stakeholders will hold nationwide blood-letting, tree planting, river and coastal clean-up, medical and dental civic action programs, concert

. :.". -,.-.'._,._,

at the park, and other civil-military operations (CMO)·related activities throughout the year. Burgos said this is in line with the issuance of a presidential executive order declaring the year 2012 as the "ROTC centennial year" and the first week of March of every year as "ROTC Week." Last February 19, the AFP participated in the UP ROTC centennial run and field day with a display of AFP capabilities and equipment on the UP Dillman campus. CrewServed Weapons from the AFP, as
...-,- .. :,'._.'_-_

well as Special Operations Forces personnel from the three major services - Army, Air Force, and Navy; two Simba AFV armored vehicles, one 105 mm Howitzer, four squad tents, and a medical team with ambulance participated in the capability demonstration. "Our involvement marks the AFP's unswerving commitment to the IPSP Bayanihan which promotes national defense and nation-building to which the ROTC and the Reserve Force are vital components," said the AFP chief. _....". ........__

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.. -.



March 2012

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Among HS classmates, AFP chief 'heartthrob'
By Oelfi,n 1. Mallari Jr. Inquirer Southern Luzon
LUCENA CITY-The picture says it all. Lt. Gen. Jessie Del.Iosa, now armed forces chief, is neither high nor mighty among his classmates at the Quezon Provincial High School CQPHS)here. At the 25th founding anniversary of the Southern Luzon Command here, Dellosa gamely bantered with members of class 1974 of QPHS, among them women who recalled Dellosa being a "heartthrob" during those days. He still is, according to many of the women members of the class who were invited to the Solcorn anniversary. To Pacita AnteriorFlores, a member of the class, Dellosa was still "simple Jessie." . Elmer Arias, another member of the class, said he knew Dellosa would be big someday and recalled the AFP chief being good at math. "We were not surprised when he was named AFP chief of staff," said Arias.

DELLOSA gamely poses for a picture with his high school classmates in Lucena City. DELFIN MALIJI.RI/INQUIRERSOUTHEfIN LUZON The Dellosas migrated to this dier, was assigned to Camp Nakar. "He chooses his circle of friends but he is not a snob," said
city when their father, also a sol-

Dellosa's younger sister, Marilyn. Marilyn said their late father, who retired as master sergeant, was a model for the now AFP chief.



!'ap." " ood governance, law entorcement Sources say .to help anti-insurgency campaign'
March 2012

, r

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Communist Party of the Philippines CPP) founding chair Jose Ma. Sison has lost control and leadership of his organization, military intelligence sources said yesterday. They said his influence over the CPP's political ann, National Democratic Frontl') (NDF), and fighting arm New People's Army (NPA),had already diminished. This is because of the prevailing party leadership rift between him and the Tiamzan couple, Benito and Wilma, they said. "I think there's an urgent need now for our national leadership to examine and review their appreciation of Sison," a military intelligence officersaid. He said Sisonnow finds himself isolated, with his followersbeing outnumbered by pro-Tiamzon allies in the communist underground movement The Tiamzonsare considered hardcore who want to overthrow the democratic government through armed struggle, while Sison favors a strategy that allows the participation of party members in the country's political exercise "to be able to use vast government resourcesin toppling the democratic regime." President Aquino's political adviser . Ronald Llamas had reportedly met with Sisontwiceat his home in the Netherlands to convincehim-to retumhome and support the government'sreconciliationprogram. But the President said Sisoncould only return after a peace pact between the government and the CPP-NDF~NPA has been forged. There were reports that he had already slipped back in the country, although Malacafiang and the military belied these. Others claimed"Sison is ill and dying." "Why should we focus our efforts on him (Sison) when he is no longer in full control, Saan pupunta ang peace negotia- . tions natin (where will peace negotiations go)?" another military official said. The Tiamzons, now believed to be in Mindanao, have the full support of their ------------comrades from the former Samahan ng i-Emailadd:oacpaJlpa@yahoo.con Demokratikong Kabataan (SDKt a rival of Sison's activistorganization Kabataang Makabayan. The SDKs who now have the numbers in the CPP-NDF·NPA leadership, were reportedly evenmoving for Sison's ouster from the party leadership. - Jaime Laude

Joma has· lost control A of N P:K ,. \


(,J_ (\,

The country's anti-insurgency and 1Jterrorism campaign will be successful if ,,,there is good governance with an active law enforcement support. {;.. Director Leocadio Santiago, operations chief of the Philippine National n Police (PNP) and outgoing commander of the newly formed police and milij, tary Joint Public Safety Coordinating Center (JPSCC), said the use of force in l.dealing with insurgents, terrorists and 'lather threat groups would only result in deaths and will not solve the decadesold insurgency problem. ,,: Santiago, who will retire on March 15, said that after stepping out of the . I. Philippine Military Academy (PMA) :>more than 30 years ago, his mindset was to defeat the insurgents and ter"rorists. "Mortal combat was my driving ; force not realizing that it is the least :,effective weapon in the arsenal to .figh t the insurgents and the terrorists," "Santiago said. ; Santiago said he learned that the root ()cause of insurgency is not poverty but ~.injustice. . "People are recruited into the New .' People's Army (NPA) not because they are hungry or have nothing materially. 1:They are recruited and join the NPA .... because they were abused, taken advan., tage of and the NPAs took advantage .'L of this by fueling their feelings of being "disenfranchised," he said . .. He noted that past governments have b tried but failed to fight insurgency and "terrorism. ;, The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the PNP created the JPSCC, 9 in coordination with local government 1'; units, to fight insurgents -and terrorists. ,f The JPSCC is based at the military headquarters in Camp Ag uin al do .f and at the PNP headquarters in Camp , Crame. ~. "Immediately after its creation, there ;.;was synergy between the police and the military in the operational aspects, , especially at the tactical level which the .> insurgency and terrorism- affected areas ;; felt," Santiago said. ::; Santiago called for the expansion, funding and institutionalization of .the . joint military and police task forces under the JPSCC to finallv rid the countrv of l'tsininirgency ancltertorisD:lsecuri problems. . Santiagosaid he believesthat the insurgencyand terrorismproblemscanbe solved under the Aquino administration - Jaime Laude







March 2012



Magtalakayan tayo sa debate -PNoy
Dahll sa pagkalagas ng maraming pangunguna ni Atty. Alex padilla buhay sa hanay ngmga sundalo, pulis, at National Democratic Front of the rebelde at mga inosenteng sibilyan, Philippines (NDF) na kumakatawan nanawagan ang Commander-in-Chief sa mga makakaliwang grupo. ng AFP at PNP na si Pangulong Benigno Nagkaroon ng agam-agam Aquino 1II kaugnay sa hinihinging sa isinusulong na negosasyon negosasyon ng pamahalaan sa mga sa komunistang rebelde dahil sa komunisrang rebelde sa bansa, hinihinging pagpapalaya sa mga Tahasanginihayagngpamahalaan itinuturmg na political prisoners na hindi makababalik sa bansa ang na karamihan ay mga tagapayo Founder Chairman ng Communist Party nila at hiniling din nila ang tiyak ofthe Philippines (CPP) na si Jose Maria na kaligtasan ng kanilang mga Sison hanggang walang nagaganap na miyembro. negosasyon. Sa ilalim ng kasunduan, Sinabi sa mga panayam kay nakasaad sa mga kahilingan ng PanguIongAquino, makauuwi lamang pamahalaan sa CCP na huwag nang si Sison kung magkakaroon ng malinaw magbakbakan sa pamamagitan ng na negosayon, barilan at magtalakayan na lamang Infuayag namanng isang mataas na . sa pamamagitan ng debate. opisyal ng AFP na posibleng umanong Nais din ni Pangulong Aquino arestuhin ng militar at pulisya si na makibahagi atrespetuhin ngmga Sison kung sakaling umuwi ito sa kasapi ng CPP at NDF ang halalan Pilipinas dahll wala pang nagaganap sabansa. na negosayon para sa pagbabalik nito Sf Sison ay hinuli at nakulong dahil sa may mga nakabimbingwarrant noong 1977 sa ilalim ng rehimen of arrest sa sa lider ng makakaliwang ni dating Pangulong Ferdinand gropo. Marcos. Nakalaya si Sison noong "May negotiation doon sa lalagdaan 1986 nang mapatalsik sa puwesto si (peace agreement). Wala pa 'yung Pangulong Marcos at maluklok sa negotiation sa pagballk niya.[SisonJ Malacanang ang dating Pangulong sa bansa," pahayag ni Pangulong Corazon Aquino. Aquino, Sa pag-upo ni Cory, itinulak Si Sison aynakapiit sa The nito ang usapang pangkapayapaan Netherlands mula pa noong 1987 noong 1987 subalit nabigong sa panahon ng panunungkulan ng magtagumpay ito na nagtulak kay ni datingPangulong Corazon Aquino. Sison na mag-exile sa Netherlands Sa kasalukuyan ay may isinusulong kung saan ay nag-apply ito ng nanegosasyon ang gobyerno sa political asylur_n... Fer Taboy




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March 2012


3 wounded in N. Cotabato explosions
COTABATO CITY - At least three persons were wounded in separate bombing incidents in Pigcawayan town in North Cotabato Priday night and near the 32-hectare compound of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao yesterday morning. James Barte and Dave Potenciano sustained shrapnel wounds when an improvised explosive device (lED) rocked the-equipment warehouse of a construction company in Barangay Balogo in Pigcawayan town. Pigcawayan's municipal police chief, Senior Inspector Donald Cabigas, said two men were seen near the makeshift encampment of the workers of China Water and Electric Corp. in Barangay Baloga before a loud explosion was heard. The blast damaged a concrete shaver, dump trucks and backhoe of the construction finn, which is rehabilitating portions of the Cotabato-Davao Hizhwav

Cabigas said extortionists could be behind the bombing. The management of the construction firm received a letter from an anonymous sender demanding P5 million "protection money" prior to the attack Meanwhile, Ibrahim Esmael was wounded in .grenade blast near the office of the ARMM Regional Ports Management Authority (RPMA) .... , A police report stated that two men approached the premises of the RPMA office, hurled a fragmentation grenade toward its entrance and left. The bombing near the RPMA building came only 30 minutes after another IED explosion rocked the premises of the ARMM compound. No one was hurt or killed in the explosion, but the incident triggered panic among more than 200 joggers in the ARMM compound. Army bomb experts also found another IED planted nearby. - John Unson



Navy launches 'Kariton Revolution' today



_; The Philippine Navy, in partnership .l with CNN's 2009 Hero of the Year Efren v Pefiaflorid a, will launch the "Kariton " Revolution" in Cavite City today. o, A ship of the Navy will be filled with a kariton (pushcart) containing -i various educational materials, said Lt. hJg. Augustus Caesar Barcades, spokesj; man for the Philippine Fleet, the main fighting arm of the Navy based at s' Sangley Point in Cavite City. o Barcades said the undertaking is ,', aimed at bringing education to the " street children in the province. ;, "Kari.ton revolution is also being G launched in coordination with the City J Tourism Council, the government of co Cavite City and the Cavite City De;' partment of Education," Barcades said. riPeftaflorida earned the coveted "CNN Hero of the Year award for his t, untiring desire to bring education . to street 'children using his pushcart I filled with books and other forms of - educational materials in Cavite. Barcades said that aside from providing the youth an alternative to gang ;~membership through education, the ;i project also intends to revolutionize ?- the spirit of volunteerism. . Today's activities will first start inside the school compound of the n city's Ladislao Elementary School, ii Barcades said. -f:. He said 20 Philippine Fleet person-,-nel have already constructed a wooden .l cart and have packed this with books, miniatures and other educational '1: materials. . Like Peftaflorida, Navy men wrll be ~;teaching street children, especially on




add: oacpaJ1pafiyahoo,COIi

L;topics about t~e Ph.i1ippi~e ~a,:,y .. Barcades said this project IS 111 line ~,with the Philippine Fleet's thrust to ". promote the Armed Forces of the Phil"ippines' concept on the Internal Peace <, and Security Plan (IPSP),


March 2012


_ 5'


BANDUNG, estJava, Indonesia W - Two more senior Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leaders were appointed to the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM), apparently in compliance with the so-cased "partnership governance" between the government and the Muslim group. Jikiri and Sahrin did not accept right away their appointments as ARMM deputy vice governor for Sulu, BasiJan,and Tawi-Tawi, and assistant secretary, respectively, of the Department of Interior and to. .cal Government (ARMM-DILG).

Jikiri, chief of staff of the MNL~ also wants to be assured also by the administration of ARMM officer-In-charge (OlC) Gov. Mujiv Hataman that he will not be a mere show like past regional deputy governors, who had no power, responsibility, and funds. Hataman earlier appointed BasiIan MNlF leader Jann Jakilan as secretary of the Department of labor and Employment (ARMMDoLE). "Brother Yusoph Jiklrl does not want to be a flower vase of ARMM. He was a former congressman of

Sulu and a senior MNLF leader. He does need a position just for show," an unnamed MNLf source said. On the other hand, Abu Amri Taddik, another senior MNLFleader, said the group recommended at least 12 names to the Office of the Regional Governor (ORG) in (otabato City for appoinbnent. "So far, only brothers Jikiri and Sahrin were appointed. There should be more to give meaning and weight to the GPH and MNLF partnership governance and reform of ARMM:' said Taddik. (Edd K.


00'1 March



· IIH.

(f[l Page: ---'--



rged: See anao efor s
les also relayed GPH's invitation to Indonesian Ambassador (to France) Rezlan 1. Jenie and Indonesian Ambassador (to the Philippines) Yohanes Kristiarto S. Legowo. Jenie chairs the OlC-PCSp, Indonesia being the chairman of the committee for the peace process. Deles, head of the Office of the Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process (OPAPP), updated the OIC-PCSP on this ongoing transfonnation process in the poverty-stricken region. She said it includes delay-to 2013 of regional election, appointment of caretakers to implement "daang matuwid" (straig)lt path) governance, re-engineering of the autonomous government, and infusion of massive funds. These should not remain just stories to tell, she said. "But soon enough - hopefully, be-fore we cross into the second half of . this year - we hope to go beyond just telling stories to invite representatives of the PCSP and the OIC Secretariat to visit the area and see for yourselves the transformation that we -- national, regional, and local government together - are working to make happen in Muslim Mindanao," said Deles. The Second Formal Meeting of the Ad Hoc Hig)l"Level Group CAHHLG) brought together to this "Paris of Javail

N.AI'ICJfrt ~.


BANDUNG, West Java, Indonesia. - The Government of the Philippines (GPH) invited 'I'hursday the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OlC) and its Peace Committee for Southern Philippines (PCSP) to visit Mindanao to see what GPH has been implementing to transform the area. Secretary Teresita Q. Deles extended the invitation to the OlC and PCSP when she delivered her speech at the opening ofa top-level meeting here on March 1. Before the opening program, De-

the tripartite partners, such as OIC, GPH, and MNLE Ambassador Sayed Kaseem EIMasry, special envoy for peace of OIC Secretary General Prof. EIoneleddin Ihsanuglo, Jenie, and Legowo welcomed GPH's invitation. Sources said there was no formal acceptance yet pending receipt of an official invitation. On the other hand, the Bandung meeting ended with a whimper Friday; with only accords on strategic minerals made by GPH and MNLF. Before the meeting here, it was half-expected the tripartite implementation review could end already. Instead, the need

for a fifth and final (hopefully)· main 'llipartite Meeting this year became an option to finish all remaining solved issues. The main three-party meeting started in 2007,then in 2008,2009,arid 2011 to review the 1996 Final Peace Agreement (FPA). GPH and MNLF signed the landmark peace pact, en4in:gthe MNLFs rebellion. . However, its implementation wa;> questioned by the MNLF, prompting the OlC to convene the 'Jiipartite Meeting. Brokered by the OlC, the FPA took from 1993 to 1996 in Indonesia to achieve. The FPA's review started ill 2007and now is on its fifth year. .



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Ill'." .

_15_' _

The Philippine Air Force (PAF). joins the worldwide commemoration of "Women's Month" this March with the hope to see more women joining the Armed Forces of the philippines (AFP) Air service. PAF spokesman Lt. Col. Miguel Emesto G. Okol said the Air Force "understands fully the capabilities of women and their involvement to the pursuance of the command's' mission," Okol added that the PAF believes "that the commitment to serve and protect the country has' no gender preferences, By EDD K. USMAN it's a commitment, from the heart." Hataman earlier BANDUNG, West Java, Indonesia According to, the appointed Basilah - 'l\vo more senior Moro National Libspokesman, women MNLF leader Jann eration .Front (MNLF) leaders were pilots' though not as Jakilan as secretary appointed to the Autonomous Region many as their male of the Department counterparts, still of Labor and Emform a significant ployment CARMMin M~slim Mindanao <ARMM), appar~ part to the whole piDOLE). ently ill compliance with the so-called lot corps of the PAE "Brother Yusoph "partnership governance" between the "More and more Jikiri does not want government and the Muslim group. women are being , to be a flower vase Yusoph Jikiri and Abdul Sahrin did not recognized in all of ARMM. He was accept right away their appointments as roles as there is rea former congress~ deputy vice governor for SuIu, man of Sulu and a any no difference Basilan, and Tawi-Thwi, and assistant sec. senior MNLF leader. between male and retary, respectively, He does need a posifemale pilots," said of the Department tion just for show:" Okol as he named a of the Interior and an unruuned MNLF few proud Air womLocal Government source said en - Lt. Col. Sharon CARMM-DILG). On the other Gernale and Lt. Jikiri,cbiefofstaff hand, Abu Amri TadCol. Maxima Ignaof the MNLF, also dik, another senior cio - the first female wants to be assured MNLF leader, said pilots of the PAF; also by the administhe group recomand Maj. Joycelyn tration of ARMM ofmended at least 12 A Patrimonio and ficer-ill-charge (OIC) names to the Office Maj. Shela Grace E. GoY.Mujiv Hataman of the Regional GovVicente - the PAF '8 that he will not be a ernor (ORG) in Cotamere show like past first female to fly bato City for appointregional deputy govthe Huey helicopter ment. ernors, who had no and the MG 520 and power, responsibility, one of only a dozen and funds. ~-••.• ,.,~ ,~~ -•. .,.- :,~.- -•.,r:- -.-.-.•- - ..• ~, •.- .. ••• ... . . -..female combat piIMY CHIEF PUBLtCAFfAIRS ~Ell1aitactd:()acpai~pa@yahoo.com--i'elno.(02)892~1693~'.Local:5287,.5295· •• ····.·,·, [ lots.

t ftt1

2 MNLF Leaders To ARMM

~-"<-'.'.-'-""""".'' ' ,.-,.-..,-.'' - -.-.:,-,-.,-.. .v.'-, , -......•.....


March 2012



Nagtatanim nang 'Jason' sa isip ng mga sundalo ang ambisyosong grupo ng pulitikong nanggigigil na rnabaklas sa Malacafiang si Pangulong Benigno 'NoyIJOy' Aquino ill, gamlt ang malawak nitong makinaryana pumopondo sa maIaldhan nitong propaganda. Ito angibinunyag kahapon ni Bayan Muna partylist Rep. Teddy Casifio kung saan tahasan nitong sinabi na grupong dikit kay dating Pangulo at incumbent Pampanga Congw. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: ang dumidiskarte nang pambubuyo sa Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) para kumalas ng suporta kay Aquino. Isa sa tinukoy na propaganda ng grupo ay aug pagpapalutang ng umano'y pag-uwi ni Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) fOlmding chairman Jose Ma, Sison dahilbibigyan ito illumano ng posisyon ni Aquino sa kanyang gabinete. "All these rumors about Joma Sison coming home and being offered a Cabinet post, .and of the Communist Party entering into an alliance with the Aquino government and eventually taking over power all come from the same source - the Arroyo camp," ani Casifio, Nagbabala ang mam.:~ I'·

babatas na layon ng pambubuyo umano ng mga kaalyado ni Arroyo sa APP para bawiin ng militar ang kanilang suporta kay Aquino at makalimutan ng taumbayan ang kasalanan ng dating pangulo. "TIrey are sowing these rumors so that the military would withdraw support from Aquino, attack activists and sabotage the peace talks," pahayag pa ng mambabatas na kabilang sa inintriga na nakikipag-alyansa umano kay Aquino para sa kanyang senatorial ambition. "And now, they are even saying that I have been included il} the Libe-

ral Party's senatorial slate as a concession to the NDF. Pati ako sinali sa intriga," anang kongresista, Halata urnanong takot na takot na si Arroyo at Jahat ng kasabwat nita sa pagsasamantala sa gobyerno at sa taumbayan kaya't ginagawa nito ang lahar para bunutin sa puwesto si Aquino. Ang nakalimutan umano ng dating pangulo ay mismong ang taumbayan ang gustong rnagparusa sa kanya at sa kanyang mga galamay at ginagawa lamang ni Aquino ang kagustuhan ng kanyang "mga boss". (Bernard Taguinod)

.....•.... ·.·.·.OFFICr:OfTHE ARM\'CIiIEFPtJBLlcAFFAIRs~r:it1ailadd:()acpalhpa@ytif,oO.coit1"%fno.(62)3~2.1693Jlocal:528715295····.·····




March 2012

Page: _(p_J_

he military denying rumors of a coup d'etat is usual fare and is expected ofthe establishment even if indeed unrest is brewing within its ranks. But tofend off such rumblings when it is the Commander in Chief himself who says a takeover plot does exist is one for the books. Another for the books is the fact that even as the Commander in Chief announces that there is a plot to oust him by forces that want a return to power and their old corrupt ways which he claims to have eliminated, Noynoythen makes a 180 degree turn and denies there is such a plot saying that the threats against him have subsided. That is what is called paranoia and he appears to be infected with it. Noynoyduring the anniversary celebration ofthe Presidential Security Group (psG) last Friday startled the nation in revealing a plot to oust him, citing groups with links to the previous administration "who want to bring back the corrupt ways of the past." Coming from a president,the rumor of a putsch should have sent the military forces scrambling and in a few hours present to the nation the leaders of the devious plot to back up the credibility of an attempt to grab power. None of that happened. The military was placed in a difficult position of denying the existence of the plot, saying the military was itself wondering where Noynoy got his uprising yarn and hoped to put across the disclaimer without making Noynoy look like a fool. No matter how they put it, however, the Armed Forces officials did make Noynoy sound like somebody seeking to attract attention or what in the local lingo is termed as KSP or

Noynoylately has been suffering several downswings. The Edsa I celebration that was initially intended to be a show oi force for Noynoy in his obsession to retake the Supreme Court and have its justices pulled by a string, flopped despite an order from Malacaiiang for government officials and employees to attend the event. The activity ended abruptly in the morning as a result of the sparse crowd present. Noynoyhad a lot of free time on Feb, 25 and even attended several other minor activities away from Edsa which 26 years agowas OOe(: with people who volunteered to act as human shields for then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and then Lt. Gen. Fidel V. Ramos. Noynoywould have wanted that past event recreated against ChiefJustice Renato Corona to put pressure on his resignation. After his Edsa plan bombed out, Noynoy sweated out an explanation over his snub from the influential Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) religious group after his name was not found among the list of invited to the group's Grand Evangelical Mission while his nemesis Corona and the other associate justices, except for those perceived to be close to Noynoy,were given invitations. The event was played up as a religious gathering, but many , saw behind it the flexing of the INC's political muscle amid the impeachment trial of Corona, who is seen to have the backing of the religious group, /' Many saw the event ignoring Noynoy as a clear signof the group's withdrawal of support that will give Noynoy's Liberal Party a lot of headaches come election period. Noynoy's woes did not stop there as his allies, the House prosecution panel in the Senate impeachment court trial on the same day ofthe INCrally,withdrew five ofthe eight charges against Corona and wrapped up its presentation of evidence which was obviously an influenced move. Noynoy's string of setbacks clearly inspired him to concoct the coup yarn to elicit a response of support from the military and the public. It would not be a far-fetched notion that Noynoyeven ordered a rundown of the religious affillations of the military generals to complement his paranoia. The coup yarn may also reflect Noynoy's growing sense of Insecurity as a result of the recent events. He should seek medical help for his paranoia.


sa pansin.



March 2012

Altrcadel'/ruk III:t7da,ii business

. a...

if they [China}

get angry, we cannot control their emotions. But then, .we will still stick to thefact that these [areas} are within our territory. It is ours. Like the President said, (What is ours, is ours,"


.Defenee Secretary Voltaire Gazmin, dismissing this week China's protest over a government lnvitatiim toforeign companies to explore oil and gas fields in the South China Sea (now called West Philippine Sea by government officials). Thirty-six firms have pre-qualified for the biddingfor the exploration of 15 areas) estimated to generate total investments of $75 billion.