Virtualization Assessment

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Strategy for web hosting 

Reduce costs by consolidating services onto the fewest number of physical machines


Consolidate shared environments (WebSphere, PHP, HTML, ASP) onto fewer boxes configured with one OS each.
Still a large number of physical servers to support  

Investigate options for virtualization to consolidate Windows and Linux hosting offerings onto one or two machines. Investigate options for virtualization to lower costs for ³co-location´ services for customers.

One physical machine to support multiple virtual machines that run in parallel.Virtualization Defined   Virtualization is a broad term that refers to the abstraction of resources across many aspects of computing For our purposes . .

Problem Assessment ² Why Virtualization?  Too many servers for too little work Aging hardware reaching end of usable life High infrastructure requirements Limited flexibility in shared environments    .

Problem Assessment Low utilization metrics in servers across the organization« .

Problem Assessment  High costs and infrastructure needs Maintenance Leases Networking Floor space Cooling Power Disaster Recovery .

Problem Assessment Heterogeneous Environments .

Research into Virtualization at ITE      Reduce the number of physical machines Isolate environments but share hardware Make better use of existing capacity Virtualize Network and SAN interfaces to reduce infrastructure needs Ultimately save on maintenance and leases More options available today than ever before« .

SuSE. .e.More Software Options   Wide array of virtualization products now available in the marketplace Partnerships with Operating System vendors (i. RedHat. Sun) yield tighter integration and better performance.

More Hardware Options    Larger Intel/AMD machines with more CPU and memory 16. 32. 64-way Intel machines now available with up to 1 TB RAM X86 Hardware Virtualization Intel VT AMD Pacifica .

Virtualization Scenarios   Hardware Virtualization Software Virtualization Full Virtualization Para-Virtualization .

Core Technology  The Hypervisor A computing layer which allows multiple operating systems to run on a host computer at the same time. Originally developed in the 1970s as part of the IBM S/360 Many modern day variants from different developers .

The Hypervisor Conceptual diagram of typical server configuration without virtualization .

The Hypervisor  The role of the Hypervisor in supporting Guest Operating Systems on a single machine. .

gif Virtualization (example)  IBM pSeries Servers http://publib.

Software Virtualization (example)  VMware Server (GSX) .

Marketplace Offerings Freely Available    Commercial      OpenVZ (Open Source) VMWare Server (GSX) Xen 3.0 (Open Source) Virtuozzo VMWare ESX Xen Enterprise Microsoft Virtual Server Virtual Iron .

com/) Branch from their commercial Virtuozzo product    Supports 64-Bit Guest Operating Systems Linux only.swsoft. Inc (http://www.OpenVZ  Maintained by  . Open Source Product $ .Free http://openvz.

VMWare Server (formerly GSX)  Maintained by VMWare (http://www.html Est.More mature than many competitors     Supports 64-Bit Guest Operating Systems Some limitations for clustering and HA imposed by vendor Windows and Linux Host/Guest OS Support $ .Free http://www. 1999 http://www.

ac.0   Available from Xen Source (      Support for 64-Bit and 32-way machines Supports IntelVT Linux support only.Free In association with University of Cambridge (http://www. Windows expected later this year Open Source Product ± One of the most actively maintained projects in the open source community $ .cl.Xen Supports 64-Bit Guest Operating Systems Advanced clustering and high availability features Windows and Linux Guest OS Support Advance management tools Low-overhead Hypervisor base installation Packages ranging from $10-$25k and beyond        .vmware.VMWare ESX Server  Maintained by VMWare (http://www.

Virtual Server Enterprise Edition     By Microsoft Support for 64-bit and 32-way machines Linux and Windows support for Guest OS¶s $ .Licensing varies.069. not including extra Windows licenses for Guest OS¶s .$1.58.29 . One listing found for $594.

Next Steps at ITE    Complete testing and functionality assessments Finalize architecture plans Proceed with recommendations for implementation .

ITE Web Services Test Plan  Installation and configuration OpenVZ VMWare Xen  To date. we have installations running OpenVZ and Xen for testing purposes .

Performance testing ± hdparm. PHP.ITE Web Services Test Plan     Ability to start/stop partitions Ability to copy and replicate partitions Assess functionality of required software installations (Apache. etc). etc . JBoss. Apache JMeter.

Current Architecture .

Virtualized Architecture .

Issues and concerns   Supportability of Microsoft Server products running as Guest Operating Systems on a non-certified virtualization engine. . Managing load on virtualized systems can be more art than science.

Virtualization Assessment Matt Behrens Information Technology Enterprise Department of Administrative Services State of Iowa (515)281-5481 .Behrens@iowa.

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