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Psych Lecture 28Feb

Psych Lecture 28Feb

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Published by Jessica Kate Muscat

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Published by: Jessica Kate Muscat on Mar 04, 2012
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Gustavern fechner. Elements of psycho physics Fechner's law Herman helmholtz Conservation of energy.

Studying muscle metabolism Herman ebbinghaus Memory: a contribution to experimental Serial position effect Wundt  language, society and culture                   created lab and trained others -William James William James - pioneering American psych talks about self and belief difference between I and me Stanley hall- psych and education influenced by evolution child development. Nature or nuture Problem - can't watch humans evolve. Takes long time to test. structuralism vs functionalism functionalism is predominant Edward tichener - identifying structures. must next understand how = function dewey - progress function and understand how education occurred sigmund Freud- no free will - illusion instincts drive us unconscious- defence mechanisms bring together function and structure Jewish couldn't find work

Behaviourism Humanistic

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