On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 11:48 PM, richard sayre <ricsayrerun26@gmail.

com> wrote: Hey Joseph, It's probably best if you sent any communications directly to the board. Please forward to me before you do and I will give you an assessment. Let me tell you the board is going to do NOTHING! But I think it would be for your own good to send them your account. I have been communicating with xxxxxxxx. I ran some strategies by xxxx that I will share with you. 1.Get as many tickets possible to the annual meeting/picnic then don't go.2. Get tickets, go, but stand outside as a group. 3.Go but have a poster that we can unfurl prior to the speeches that says, "NOT joyfully working together- AFC employees". 4. Ask the board for a meeting with employees. xxxxxxxx thought the meeting would be best. I don't think any of these strategies are going to get the board to do anything. They are going to stonewall unless the members do something. I spoke with Kate Hartzell and shared what we are going through. She has been trying to get Richard to relent on actions taken on Montana. She is writing a letter to the board also. She thinks Richard has to go. I spoke with Peter from the deli and got his account of what happened with him and Moses. There is something wrong with these people. I think in the end we are going to unionize. With out a contract we have zero power and zero rights. Please talk to a lawyer if you have not already. I am going to sign off on this communications then send something else in the next. Ric

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