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Adelaide PhD

Adelaide PhD

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From the Vice-Chancellor and President
As one of Australia’s leading Group of Eight research intensive universities, the University of Adelaide contributes significantly to the wealth and well-being of the nation. We have a long tradition of exemplary scholarship, influential graduates, innovation and groundbreaking research. The strong focus on research creates an exciting and stimulating environment for our postgraduate students. You will be working with staff who are among the world’s best in their fields, mixing with other postgraduates from all areas of the globe, and benefiting from high-quality facilities. Your decision to undertake postgraduate research at the University of Adelaide is a decision to further your career in an environment which pursues excellence, values creativity, and gives its graduates the opportunity to make an impact on the world.

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The University of Adelaide Research Strengths Research Institutes and Centres Research Programs and Entry Requirements Living in Adelaide Scholarships for Local Students Scholarships for International Students Examples of Available Research Areas

Professor James A. McWha Vice-Chancellor and President

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this publication is correct at the time of printing but may be subject to change without notice. The University of Adelaide assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of information provided by third parties. Please note that due to continual improvement, staff availability and student demand, the precise number of courses (and their unit value) to be offered in any one year may vary. Courses are subject to such quotas as may need to be imposed. © The University of Adelaide. June 2010 CRICOS Provider Number 00123M EDUCATION SERVICES FOR OVERSEAS STUDENTS ACT: The Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 provides consumer protection to international students studying in Australia. The Commonwealth Government is committed to ensuring that students receive quality tuition, are treated fairly regarding payment of tuition fees and receiving refunds, and be offered support services to assist them to settle into Australia and complete their studies. This law also requires that the University assist the government to check that international students comply with their visa conditions, and advise the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) if its students breach their visa conditions. More information is available on the University’s ESOS website at www.adelaide.edu.au/esos

The University accounts for some 27 per cent of international enrolments in all South Australian higher education providers (DEEWR Higher Education Statistics 2008). The chapters and networks offer graduates and friends of the University the opportunity to continue their connection through a variety of events and activities. The University is associated with five Nobel Prize winners and has produced 102 Rhodes Scholars and 104 Fulbright Scholars. the United Kingdom. research intensiveness and student demand in the 2010 Australian The Good Universities Guide. and the United States of America. Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Sarawak). with expansive sporting grounds. academia and the arts.adelaide.au/student/new/itservices www. Since its establishment in 1874. knowledge and skills. learning and research. and that research and high quality teaching have a symbiotic relationship that underpins and characterises the finest universities in the world. information technology and telecommunications. health sciences. the University has developed a reputation for excellence in teaching. It admitted its first international students more than 60 years ago. environmental sciences and social sciences. a variety of retail outlets and many acres of open space. biological sciences. Ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide Ranked among the world’s top 100 universities in the THES-QS World University Rankings 2009. Abdul Taib Mahmud. wireless internet access. and an Australian leader in research.edu. several theatres. and has produced 102 Rhodes Scholars and 104 Fulbright Scholars. joint winner of the 2005 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine J Robin Warren. The University has 20 alumni chapters and networks. 2 THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE . from reunions and social events to professional development and mentoring programs. as well as their culture and tolerance. Right: Plant Research Centre. non-government organisations and industry groups. cultural and welfare activities in Singapore.adelaide. Sir Lawrence Bragg (see page 7). The University’s strong reputation for providing quality face-to-face instruction is backed up by excellent electronic resources. Thailand. Five stars for staff-student ratio.800 staff. physical sciences.000 students and over 2.edu. This is a partnership between the University of Adelaide and the NgeeAnn Kongsi.500 international students from more than 90 countries make up approximately 28 per cent of the student population. research grants. with a wide range of facilities. with major strengths in agriculture. government bodies. In 2009. A REPUTATION FOR EXCELLENCE Associated with five Nobel prize winners. wine and food. a highly respected and long established foundation actively involved in educational. and an outstanding library with over two million items. For more information. visit: www. Dr Cheong Choong Kong. and is a member of the Group of Eight . the University had formal linkages with more than 170 universities in 32 countries. including student and staff exchange agreements and memoranda of understanding for academic cooperation and research. Cultural and recreational pursuits are also well catered for. Some of the University’s notable earlier graduates include penicillin pioneer Howard Florey and the youngest ever recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics.au/student/current An International Outlook The University of Adelaide is strongly committed to international education. Ranked in the top 25 universities in the Asia Pacific region by Shanghai Jiao Tong University Rankings 2009. Singapore. the University is small enough to provide personal interaction with teaching and research staff. including universal student email. chief minister of Sarawak. A Global Alumni Network Graduates of the University of Adelaide become part of a distinguished alumni community that extends around the world. and the University works to ensure that the many informal linkages that exist between its academic staff and their colleagues worldwide are complemented by a series of formal relationships with other universities.Australia’s leading research-intensive universities. worldwide database access and extensive online teaching tools. With more than 20. around 5. and the chairman of the OCBC Bank in Singapore. Waite Campus including modern lecture theatres. University of Adelaide alumni occupy positions of influence in business. Quality Facilities and Resources The University of Adelaide is one of the best-resourced higher education institutions in Australia. including students enrolled in the Ngee-Ann Adelaide Education Centre in Singapore. yet large enough to offer a broad range of programs and student support services. Present day achievers include NASA astronaut Dr Andy Thomas. Today. At the heart of the University’s vision is a belief that the experience of the student is fundamental. government. A truly international outlook requires two-way exchange. including groups based in Hong Kong. state-of-the art laboratories and computer suites. The University of Adelaide is committed to producing graduates recognised worldwide for their creativity.THE UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE The University of Adelaide is an innovative and forward-looking university. Internationally.

Mechanical engineering graduate Dr Andy Thomas was Payload Commander aboard the space shuttle Endeavour in 1996. . He was chosen by NASA for the Shuttle-Mir research project. Dr Ines Atmosukarto completed a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2001. and is now Deputy Chief of the Astronaut Office. Sir Douglas Mawson was associated with the University for 50 years. and Governor of an Australian State. including 31 years as Professor of Geology and Mineralogy. She was awarded an Australian Alumni Award for Research and Innovation for her dedication to finding new treatments for cancer and infectious diseases.ALUMNI © George Fetting / Abacapress / L’Oréal Foundation DAME ROMA MITCHELL DR DOUGLAS MAWSON DR INES ATMOSUKARTO DR ANDY THOMAS Dame Roma Mitchell was the first Australian woman to be an Australian Supreme Court Judge. Chancellor of an Australian university. An early Antarctic explorer. She is also the founding Chair of the Australian Commission for Human Rights. he was a member of the first team to reach the South Magnetic Pole in 1912.

The University of Adelaide is a member of the Group of Eight (Go8) universities. eager to learn and work at one of Australia’s most respected institutions. Insight into the exact nature of the research topics and areas of interest in specific faculties. These Fellows are researchers of global renown and the University currently hosts four of these prestigious positions. and climate change. meaning that individual schools are located within larger faculty structures. The University also has a number of innovative research institutes and centres. it is also about experience. However.au/ research/about/fellows/ Each of these researchers enhances not only the reputation of the University of Adelaide as a world leader in research. that these Fellows are not the University of Adelaide’s only research stars. The University of Adelaide’s Federation Fellows are Professor Mark Tester. but their experience also adds significantly to the nature of our research culture and the experience of our students. Professor Alan Cooper and Professor Tanya Monro. such as defence. research funding and quality of postgraduate research experience. and our Australia Fellow is Professor James Paton. Federation and Australia Fellows The University of Adelaide is home to a number of ARC Federation Fellows and an NHMRC Australia Fellow. visit: www. however. Our research programs offer outstanding opportunities to researchers and students from across the world.edu. The Go8 are Australia’s most prestigious universities and are the destination of choice for Australia’s most talented students and academics. including application information and support services. water. reproductive health and early childhood development. research is not just about numbers. and as such the University of Adelaide provides a challenging and supportive environment in which to achieve a research qualification. it is useful to have a broad outline of the University’s research and its national and international profile and standing.adelaide. We have a large number of high-performing and internationally renowned scholars spread across our faculties and schools. We have major research strengths in many areas including. The academic structure is based on a faculty system. More information about these scholars is available at: www. and advanced engineering sensing and control. It is important to note.adelaide. The University of Adelaide is one of the top universities in Australia in terms of research output. schools and disciplines can be found on our website. However. this University is one of the highest earners of research funding per researcher in Australia. sustainable resource management.au/research-degrees 4 RESEARCH STRENGTHS . Indeed. healthy development.RESEARCH STRENGTHS Research has always been a cornerstone of the University of Adelaide.edu. For more information about research at the University of Adelaide. animal and plant functional genomics. but not confined to. as a means of introducing the reality of research at the University of Adelaide. and research students are an integral part of the research life of the University. This has significant benefits for researchers because it enables them to engage in researching multi-disciplinary subject areas. and contains many high-profile researchers working in a vast array of fields. Well-trained and engaged research students are vital to maintaining a healthy research culture.

edu. Finance.OUR RESEARCH EXPERTISE AND STRENGTHS www. The University has a distinguished track record spanning basic research to commercial outcomes.au/research/our/ The University of Adelaide is one of Australia’s most highly researchintensive institutions. Restoration and Recovery Natural Resource Management Water Quality and Engineering Emerging Strengths: Antarctic Sciences Marine Sciences HEALTH AND BIOMEDICAL SCIENCES Strengths: Gender.adelaide. Marketing Smart Materials SOCIAL INNOVATION Strengths: Climate Change and Adaptation Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity Monitoring. As a member of the Group of Eight we are a destination of choice for highly talented researchers and academics. and has major strengths in: AGRICULTURE FUNDAMENTAL DISCIPLINES Strengths: Animal Sciences Food Security Oenology and Viticulture Plant Science and Genomics Soil and Land Systems Emerging Strengths: Veterinary Sciences ENVIRONMENT Strengths: Chemistry Physics Economics Law Mathematics Emerging Strengths: Bioinformatics International Trade.adelaide.edu.au/research/ our/success . Politics and Social Inclusion Philosophy and Ethics Population and Migration Studies Emerging Strengths: Creative and Performing Arts Workforce Development MINERAL AND ENERGY RESOURCES Strengths: Cancer Childhood Development Infectious Diseases Molecular Genetics Neuroscience and Cognition Nutrition Oral Health Population Health and Primary Care Reproductive Health Emerging Strengths: Cardiovascular Health Men’s Health Strengths: Energy Technologies Fluids and Combustion Mining and Petroleum Engineering Tectonics and Resource Exploration SENSING AND COMPUTATION Strengths: Acoustics and Vibration Computer Vision and Signal Processing Modelling and Optimisation Photonics and Applied Optics Emerging Strengths: Networks and Communications Further information about our successes can be found at: www.

the Robinson Institute involves more than 350 research staff and students with expertise ranging from epidemiology through to molecular biology and genetics. development. plant and sedimentary remains. engineering and economics. the Women’s and Children’s Hospital. The Institutes. comprising a research community of approximately 1. In collaboration with the Lyell McEwin Hospital. to tackle State and National research priorities. and female and male reproductive tract biology and contraception. supported by modern infrastructure and an innovative culture.adelaide. neurological and reproductive health in postnatal life. cardiovascular. childbirth intervention studies. cystic fibrosis. The Research Institutes provide an excellent training group for research Masters students.edu. The Robinson Institute 6 RESEARCH INSTITUTES AND CENTRES . and transplantation medicine. animal.RESEARCH INSTITUTES AND CENTRES Research Institutes www. leukaemia. It aims to deliver knowhow and understanding to improve the management of natural resources such as water. fertilisation and embryo development. soil. cardiac and tissue repair. and promoting and supporting evidenced based health care. indigenous and international maternal/ perinatal health. implantation and placental Right: Associate Professor Simon Koblar. Centre for Stem Cell Research. • Centre for Stem Cell Research (CSCR) – The Centre for Stem Cell Research uses research and knowledge in stem cells with an ultimate goal of generating applications in such areas as: stroke. It is composed of four centres and two programs: • Australian Centre for Ancient DNA (ACAD) – The ACAD is a world leader in the study of evolution and environmental change across time through the use of preserved genetic records from human. The Environment Institute www.edu. PhD students and postdoctoral workers. the Royal Adelaide Hospital. the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and SA Pathology. Director: Professor Rob Norman The Environment Institute brings together leading research groups at the University of Adelaide in the field of science.au/environment/ Focus: Management of natural resources under changing climate and economic conditions. with the following key agendas: human and animal reproduction. Director: Professor Mike Young The Robinson Institute www.au/research/ institutes_centres/institutes/ The University has established a number of world-class Research Institutes in partnership with government and industry. pregnancy and fetal development.adelaide. Clinical Advisor. It comprises four well-established research centres within the University of Adelaide: • Research Centre for Reproductive Health (RCRH) – The Research Centre for Reproductive Health was established in April 2004.adelaide. • Australian Research Centre for Health of Women and Babies (ARCH) – The ARCH is a centre for maternal and perinatal research.edu.au/robinson-institute/ Focus: Reproductive health. inherited disorders.200 staff and students. • Research Centre for Early origins of Health and Disease (EOHaD) – The EOHaD is a leader in the investigation of the intergenerational and perinatal origins of metabolic. during and after pregnancy. land and native flora and fauna against a backdrop of climatic change. The result is highly-valuable multidisciplinary research that opens up potential for significant medical advances. gonadal function and gametogenesis. bring together world leading researchers. helping women and babies in the following areas: care and lifestyle before. stem cell research and health across generations.

IMER will address the complex research challenges faced by the mineral and energy sectors by providing integrated research. professional development and consulting services across all aspects of the mineral and energy resources industries. • Australian Centre for Evolutionary Biology and Biodiversity (ACEBB) .The WRC investigates the use of water across three broad themes namely.to continue to grow the economically critical mineral and energy resources industries in a technically. Director: Professor Stephen Grano Physiology or Medicine: 2005 (joint) J." Physiology or Medicine: 1945 Sir Howard Walter Florey "For the discovery of penicillin and its curative effect in various infectious diseases. economically. The University of Adelaide is unique within Australia in having strong research and teaching groups in geology and geophysics. petroleum and minerals geoscience. • Water Research Centre (WRC) .The CET develops technologies to reduce greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions from existing energy systems while refining alternative energy sources to reduce the effects of climate change. Robin Warren "For their discovery of the bacterium Helicobacter pylori and its role in gastritis and peptic ulcer disease.The MBP investigates the role of aquatic flora and fauna in the connectivity and ecology of rivers. socially and environmentally sustainable manner. medicine.edu. mining engineering. • Marine Biology Program (MBP) . process management and human health. gulfs and open coasts. Physics: 1915 Sir William Henry Bragg and William Lawrence Bragg "For their services in the analysis of crystal structure by means of X-rays." The Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources (IMER) is one of Australia’s first interdisciplinary research institutes specifically designed to address one of the biggest challenges facing Australia .The LFP investigates how we can sustainably create vibrant and viable landscapes into the future through sound environmental management and monitoring. chemistry. The University is associated with five Nobel Laureates." Literature: 2003 John M. • Centre for Energy Technology (CET) . climate change.au/imer/ Focus: Petroleum engineering. • Landscape Futures Program (LFP) . and geothermal energy. and has a long history of ground breaking research and scholarship of international significance.The ACEBB investigates the systematics of Australia’s flora and fauna using the latest genetic techniques. education. Coetzee "Who in innumerable guises portrays the surprising involvement of the outsider" The Institute for Mineral and Energy Resources www. literature and peace. from exploration through processing to international trade.adelaide. petroleum engineering and mining engineering.UNIVERSITY OF ADELAIDE NOBEL LAUREATES The Nobel Prize is an international award given yearly since 1901 for achievements in physics. . estuaries.

chemistry. novel microbial for the beverage and food industry. food and wine industries from the field to the consumer. technologies that will change the way science is done within traditional discipline areas. We are developing novel photonic. the South Australian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research (SACGER) and the Centre for Tectonics. environmental science. Research Fellow. The Waite Research Institute www. mathematics and project management enable IMER to address the complex inter-disciplinary research challenges faced by the sector. including the Centre for Energy Technology (CET). The centre aims to support Australia’s transition from a high to low CO2 emission society. delivery of geothermal energy focussing on geothermal reservoir characterisation and geothermal reservoir simulation. Resources and Exploration (TRaX) – The Centre for Tectonics. The Centre has a staff cohort of 30 people. leading researchers in economics.au/ipas/ Focus: Optical fibres. proteomics and virology.adelaide. Director: Professor Tanya Monro IPAS brings together physicists. and temperature. Resources and Exploration (TRaX) aims to become the foremost provider of University research and teaching in tectonics. • South Australian Centre for Geothermal Energy Research (SACGER) – This worldclass Centre is conducting research into enhanced geothermal systems and power systems that provide an economically. global food chain innovation.au/wri/ Director: Professor Roger Leigh Focus: Sciences underpinning the future needs of the agriculture.au/research/ institutes_centres/national/ The University is home to or a significant participant in the following National Research Centres funded by the Commonwealth Government and research organisations: The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing www. • The FOODplus Research Centre – A venture between the University and the Women’s and Children’s Health Research Institute investigating the relationships between agriculture. • The Centre for Energy Technology (CET) – The CET promotes and fosters research that will result in cleaner energy generation.edu. chemists and biologists to pursue a new transdisciplinary approach to science. The WRI is also developing other initiatives in crop nutrient-use efficiency.au) – The Centre is using modern genetic platforms and other technologies to enhance the tolerance of wheat and barley to environmental stresses such as drought. Part of this recognition has been the award of $29M from EIF for the construction of a new facility to house IPAS. • The Australian Wine 2030 Research Network – A University-wide initiative to undertake research of benefit to the wine industry. commerce. a joint centre of the University of Adelaide and DSTO and the recognition of the importance that new forms of Advanced Sensing will play in the world. social science.com. sensing and measurement The WRI brings together a range of disciplines from plant sciences to agricultural economics to investigate complex problems important to its target sectors. This has been further supplemented by $5M from Government of South Australia and other monies from DSTO and NCRIS schemes. storage. Resources and Exploration (TRaX).adelaide. a collaboration between four partners on the Waite Campus to address problems from the vineyard to the glass. • The Centre for Tectonics. Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics. Chemical Engineering. and environmentally viable. National Research Centres www. distribution and utilisation of energy.edu. and inspiring a new generation of scientists to be engaged in solving real-world problems. • Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics (www. food and human health. Science and Research (DIISR). A strong team has been created from the four disciplines of Mechanical Engineering.acpfg. and value-adding chemicals from plants. lasers. Industry. resources and exploration in the nation. Current activities include: Australian Research Council (ARC) The ARC is a statutory authority within the Australian Government’s Department of Innovation. This is closely allied to the Wine Innovation Cluster. with access to world-class analytical and geophysical facilities to understand the evolving Earth and its resource potential.adelaide. luminescence. salinity. Its mission is to deliver 8 RESEARCH INSTITUTES AND CENTRES . stimulating the creation of new industries. It engages with partners nationally and internationally to undertake research that is trans-disciplinary and collaborative.Left: Dr Shahraam Afshar.edu. law. Institute for Photonics & Advanced Sensing IMER encompasses several research centres. Across the University. IPAS research targets applications in four key market areas: • Defence and national security • Environmental monitoring • Preventative health • Food and wine The Institute for Photonics and Advanced Sensing has been founded on the success of the Centre of Expertise in Photonics.

supporting participant or associate in 11 Cooperative Research Centres (a Commonwealth Government program linking industry with government and higher education research organisations). policy and programs that advance Australian research and innovation globally and benefit the community. Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) Cooperative Research Centres bring together researchers from universities.adelaide.edu. visit www. for developing health advice for the Australian community. staff and the community as a whole.BUILDING LIFE IMPACT Over the next few years. and private industry or public sector agencies.edu. A full list of centres may be found at: www. the CSIRO and other government laboratories. health professionals and governments. These long-term collaborative arrangements support research and development and education activities that achieve real outcomes of national economic and social significance.html For more information on new University facilities.au/space/ . the University will undertake several major infrastructure projects that build for the future and will bring long-term benefits for students. • CRC for Molecular Plant Breeding (core) • CRC for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (core) • eWater CRC (core) • CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies (core) • CRC for Future Farm Industries (core) • Pork CRC (core) • Deep Exploration Technologies CRC (core) • Energy Pipelines CRC (core) • CRC for Seafood (supporting) • CRC for National Plant Biosecurity (supporting) • Poultry CRC (supporting) New Engineering Precinct University Centres The university research community has developed a wide range of research centres which also accommodate masters and PhD training. and for providing advice on ethical behaviour in health care and in the conduct of health and medical research.au/rb/centres/unicent. National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) The NHMRC is Australia’s peak body for supporting health and medical research. The University is also a core partner. • Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Antimatter-Matter Studies • Environmental Futures Network • Network in Genes and Environment in Development • Australian Centre for Plant Functional Genomics • Australian Stem Cell Centre (partner) Hughes Plaza Learning Hub School of Veterinary Science Faculty of Professions 10 Pulteney St This exciting building program will enhance the University’s unique learning environment and research capacity.adelaide.

project activity and advanced coursework in a single program of study and are specifically aimed at practitioners in the field.au/apply/ Right: Professor Alan Cooper. edu.au/calendar/pg/ How To Apply Information for domestic applicants about how to apply for candidature and/or a scholarship can be found on the Adelaide Graduate Centre website: www. edu. Clinical Dentistry. au/graduatecentre/admission/ Information for international applicants about how to apply for candidature and/or a scholarship can be found on the International Office website: www. Programs are conducted over 2 years full-time or the equivalent half-time and students are supervised in research methodology and techniques as well as being engaged in the critical evaluation of literature and results in the substantive area of the thesis at an advanced level. Masters by Research (for international students only) The University is currently transitioning towards a new structure for masters degrees available to international students. Employers recognise that the research ability and broad range of transferable skills which Adelaide graduates possess equip them well for challenging and diverse roles in industry. Professional Doctorate The University offers four professional doctorates in the disciplines of Business Administration.adelaide.adelaide.au/graduatecentre/admission/degree/ Doctor of Philosophy The degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is the basic qualification for a research career or academic position and is available in every Faculty. It is presented in two formats. The Environment Institute 10 RESEARCH PROGRAMS AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTS .au/graduatecentre/program_rules/. The PhD involves two to four years of research for a full-time candidate or the equivalent in half-time candidature. as well as in research and academic organisations. although not every Faculty offers the two formats to domestic students. This will take effect in 2012 and as a consequence 2011 will be the last year that masters degrees by research (excluding the Master of Philosophy) will be offered under the old rules. Professional doctorates combine research.adelaide.adelaide. as published in the University of Adelaide’s Postgraduate Calendar on the web at: www. We recommend that you discuss the options with the relevant School.adelaide. More detailed information is available on the website: www.RESEARCH PROGRAMS AND ENTRY REQUIREMENTS The completion of a higher degree by research (HDR) at the University of Adelaide will provide you with the skills and experience to undertake a range of rewarding career opportunities.edu. Master of Philosophy (for domestic students only) The Master of Philosophy is offered in every Faculty. Education and Nursing. edu. For more information please refer to the 2009 Academic Program Rules: www. government and business. Choosing the right degree for you is an important decision and one that will be influenced by your career plans. one with Entry Requirements The admission requirements for Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) are set out in the relevant set of academic program rules.international.edu. A brief outline of the available research degrees is below. personal circumstances and prior qualifications. a 33% coursework component and one which is 100% research. Australian Centre for Ancient DNA.

edu.au/research-degrees . including application information. visit: www. scholarships and support services.For more information about research at the University of Adelaide.adelaide.

from world-renowned wineries and rugged coastlines to the Australian outback. including agriculture. wine. Adelaide has all of the advantages of a major city but few of the inconveniences. 12 LIVING IN ADELAIDE . Known as the 20-minute city. Adelaide is easy to navigate thanks to its broad boulevards and public transport network. automotive production. Adelaide offers a relaxed lifestyle with the conveniences of city living. and systems of belief. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2009 Liveability Survey ranked Adelaide in the top 10% of more than 140 cities. Adelaide has since welcomed migrants from all over the world and is characterised by a great diversity of cultural traditions. thriving economy. tourism and the arts. South Australia offers an enviable lifestyle in an environment that is ideal for study. biosciences. With a welcoming atmosphere and a mild climate. getting around is quick and easy. Adelaide is a busy and vibrant city. dynamic cultural scene and affordable cost of living. but unlike some larger cities. information and communications technology. and Mercer Consulting’s 2009 Cost of Living Survey found Adelaide to be the most affordable city in Australia. health. and 8% less than Perth and Brisbane.2 million people. relaxed and affordable place to live. Adelaide is situated on a fertile plain flanked by the natural beauty of the Adelaide Hills and 22 kilometres of white sandy beaches within easy reach of the city. defence. Home to many indigenous groups for thousands of years before European settlement began in 1836. The cost of living in Adelaide is up to 24% less than Sydney. The state of South Australia boasts a stable economy and low unemployment rate. Its central location makes it an ideal gateway to explore South Australia’s many tourist attractions. with a broad base of thriving industries. traffic jams are rare.LIVING IN ADELAIDE With a pleasant climate. a population comparable to that of cities such as Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Adelaide is a very safe. Australia’s fifth largest city. Adelaide has over 1. languages spoken. 21% less than Melbourne.

Austral Hotel Victoria Square. Norwood for specialty shops and continental culture. City Loop Free Bus River Torrens King William Street and Rundle Mall junction Alfresco dining. while Rundle Street is known for its trendy boutiques. pubs and cafés.Its centre surrounded by parklands. visit: www. the Adelaide Convention Centre has twice been ranked in the top ten convention centres in the world and was the national winner in its category in the Australian Tourism Awards in 2009. Semaphore Road for antiques and seaside charm. Rundle Mall has the biggest concentration of department and chain stores.com Main photo: Rundle Mall 1 2 3 4 5 6 City shopping Rundle Street. restaurants and shops reflecting the diversity of its ethnic communities. Glenelg 1 2 3 5 4 6 LIVING IN ADELAIDE 13 . In the suburbs. Adelaide is reputed to have more cafés and restaurants per head of population than any other city in Australia. Adelaide is host to many international conferences. Adelaide is one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities. visit King William Road in Hyde Park for designer fashion. Adelaide has few of the crowds of larger cities but boasts a range of shopping experiences comparable to anywhere in Australia. Magill Road for collectables and retro-chic. with an array of cafés.southaustralia. For more information on South Australia. and Harbour Town for discount factory outlets.

1 2 1+2 Adelaide Fringe Festival 3 Barossa Vintage Festival 4 WOMADelaide music festival 5 Tour Down Under Below: Adelaide Festival of Arts performance 3 4 . including previous winners of the Man Booker Prize. Adelaide Writers’ Week attracts a large number of established and emerging national and international authors.THE FESTIVAL STATE! Adelaide and South Australia host many national and international cultural and sporting festivals throughout the year. held every two years. has an international reputation for producing world-class performances. The Adelaide Fringe Festival is second in size only to the Edinburgh Festival while the Adelaide Festival of Arts.

For information on festivals and events held in South Australia and Adelaide. in the East End. wildlife and pristine beaches. described as ‘one of the earth’s last unspoilt refuges’. In the suburbs. pubs and cafes.GETTING OUT AND ABOUT HIT THE BEACH With hundreds of unspoilt beaches dotting the South Australian coastline. VISIT KANGAROO ISLAND South of Adelaide by ferry is Kangaroo Island. Magill Road. Tandanya. Held in October each year. For insight into Aboriginal culture. Visit Cleland Wildlife Park for a chance to get close to koalas and other fauna. Other international events that regularly feature on South Australia’s calendar of festivals include WOMADelaide. plants and produce. EXPLORE THE OUTBACK The Flinders Ranges possess some of the world’s oldest fossils and ancient Aboriginal stone carvings. the Torrens Island North Arm Market for fresh fish. Seven times the size of Singapore. Waterfall Gully and Morialta are recommended. MARVEL AT NATURE Adelaide has several conservation and national parks only minutes from the city. and underground residences in the opal-mining town of Coober Pedy. North Terrace. and Adelaide Hills wine districts all within an hour’s drive of Adelaide. GO TO MARKET Visit the Central Market for fresh food. perfect for bushwalking. the OzAsia Festival celebrates the artistic and cultural ties between Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. the Willunga and Wayville Farmers Market for organic produce. and the Stirling Market in the Adelaide Hills for local craft. the Cabaret Festival. Tasting Australia.southaustralia. taking in the State Library. For wonderful walks. and the Festival of Ideas. Semaphore Road. SOAK UP SOME CULTURE Take a stroll along Adelaide’s cultural boulevard. while Rundle Street is known for its trendy boutiques. Rundle Mall has the biggest concentration of department and chain stores. 5 4 The Tour Down Under is an international worldclass road cycling event. and spotting native animals. and is the first event held outside Europe to be included in the prestigious UCI ProTour (which includes the Tour de France). or just watching the sun set over the water. it is known for its native bushland. with the Barossa Valley. visit King William Road in Hyde Park. . picnics. visit the indigenous multi-arts centre.com/Events. the East End Rundle Street Markets for art and entertainment. Museum and Art Gallery. The week-long program of cycling and associated events includes stages in Adelaide and in 2010. surfing and diving.aspx SHOP TILL YOU DROP In the city centre. to boating and fishing. there is a beach to suit every activity from swimming. Norwood and HarbourTown. Clare Valley. McLaren Vale. please visit: www. ADELAID EVENTS ADELAIDE JAN Tour Down Und Under Challenge World Tennis C FEB Adelaide Festiv of Arts Festival Adelaide Fringe Festival Adelaide International Film Festival MAR Clipsal 500 V8 Supercar Championship WOMADelaide International Rugby Sevens APR Dragon Boat National Championships Oakbank Racing Carnival JUN Adelaide Cabaret Festival SEP Royal Adelaide Show OCT OzAsia Festival NOV Adelaide International 3 Day Equestrian Event WANDER IN WINE COUNTRY South Australia is truly a wine-lover’s paradise. the Adelaide International Three Day Event. the Tour Down Under passed through more than 60 towns in South Australia. See the huge cliffs and whale breeding grounds of the Great Australian Bight. the International Rugby Sevens.

ADELAIDE AND SURROUN CITY CENTRE Barton Terrac e Barto n Terr ace re Lefev O'Con Childe rs Stre et et tt Stre Jeffco nell S n Ma e Terrac r Pa e ac err nT Buxto errace Mills T n St Moles worth Street 1 Adelaide Botanic Gardens Strang Plac e 18 W ar M em ia Sir E or dwin Pen ning 19 ton Tc lD e Smit h Av e Montefiore Road King William Road 2 Adelaide Central Market Po rt R oa d 3 5 13 Kintore Ave Hindley Street e Rundle Mall King William St Rundle Street East Tce Hill Str eet treet Gover Street rr Te ac e S Tynte treet eet Kin gs ton S le tan yS tre et Str ee t r Str Arche rd Str Barna eet Ward Street Me Je u lbo rne 17 Broug ham e rad Pa Bund rni m ha ng 20 22 Fin n S iss tre et Ma eys R o c Pla e St ways Terrac e 21 ck inn on r Palme Kerm ode Stre et riv e 4 8 6 From e Ro ad Vic tori a Drive 9 15 14 7 NorthTerrace 1 Run Glo ve r Av Currie Street Light Square Waymouth Street Gawler Place Grenfell Street Hindmarsh Square Frome Street Pirie Street 11 10 Franklin Street Town Hall Flinders Street Morphett St Franklin St Bus Terminal 16 ona Sir D ld Bradman Drive West Terrace Grote Street Victoria Wakefield Street Pulteney St Square Angas Street 3 Adelaide Festival Centre 2 Gouger Street Wright Street Whitmore Square Carrington Street Hurtle Square Sturt Street Halifax Street Gilbert Street Gilles Street South Terrace Goodwood Road Sir Lewis Cohen Ave Unley Road Peacock Road ay O hw sm Hi g on d An za Ro ad 7 Art Gallery of South Australia University of Adelaide Trainline Tramline Adelaide Connector Free Bus City Loop Free Bus 16 LIVING IN ADELAIDE Hutt Road Gl en c Hutt Street .

For more information on Adelaide and South Australia.com DS ADELAIDE SUBURBS Salisbury Gulf Point Marina Parafield ROSEWORTHY CAMPUS oad Woodville East Terrace rk B ndle Road ce rra Te North Haven 0 m 250 Golden Grove Semaphore Port Adelaide Tea Tree Plaza Exchange 16 The Village Grange Henley Beach West Beach Prospect NORTH TCE CAMPUS St Peters Rostrevor THEBARTON CAMPUS Adelaide Airport cH wy Magill CITY ADELA ADELA D ADELAIDE ADELAID DELAID ELA Glenelg A a nz Hyde Park Mitcham WAITE CAMPUS Balhannah 12 n ota ic Ro ad Hackney Road St Marys Brighton Marion Hahndorf Belair 15 State Library of South Australia Blackwood Seacliff Marino Coromandel Valley Eden Hills Hawthorndene D eq ue Hallett Cove Happy Valley tte vi lle Te r ra ce Bartels Road Wakefield Road 14 South Australian Museum 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Adelaide Botanic Garden Adelaide Central Market Adelaide Festival Centre Adelaide Oval Adelaide Railway Station Adelaide Zoo Art Gallery of South Australia Bradman Collection Government House 12 National Wine Centre of Australia 13 Parliament House 14 South Australian Museum 15 State Library of SA 16 The University of Adelaide Village 17 Lincoln College 18 Aquinas College 19 St Mark’s College 20 Mattanya Residences 21 Kathleen Lumley College 22 St Ann’s College 10 General Post Office 13 Parliament House 11 National Aboriginal Cultural Institute – Tandanya LIVING IN ADELAIDE 17 . visit www.southaustralia.

These scholarships are open to students in any School within the University of Adelaide. The University of Adelaide has an excellent scholarships program for local higher degree by research students providing funding support to over 1.edu. Scholarships The University of Adelaide offers approximately 300 new living allowance scholarships annually. Applying for a Scholarship Each year the University of Adelaide conducts two rounds of scholarship applications. with 50% of the funds coming from the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research) and 50% coming from another source. The University usually offers approximately 130 of these awards each year. per annum (2010 full-time rate) up to around $35. Grants are available for intrastate. bequests and other nationally competitive scholarship schemes. per annum (2010 full-time rate) and many scholarships provide additional funds to support research. It attracts a high level of research funding from a wide variety of external sources that provides both new scholarship opportunities and essential research infrastructure. research and development organisations.SCHOLARSHIPS FOR LOCAL STUDENTS Any student who is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or a citizen of New Zealand enrols at the University of Adelaide as a local student. interstate and overseas travel for research. These may be funded by Cooperative Research Centres. Some scholarships will also be available at various other times throughout the year and you should visit the University of Adelaide’s website at www. Scholarship values range from a minimum of $20.500 per annum (2010 full-time rate). The Major Round closes on 31 October and the MidYear Round closes early June. the Australian Research Council (ARC). however students maximise their chances of being offered a scholarship from any source by applying in the Major Round. Further information on available scholarships and the application process is available at www. They offer the same value and benefits as an APA. Australian Postgraduate Awards (APAs) APAs are provided by the Department of Education. Over 200 scholarships are usually offered as part of the Major Round each year. The University offers up to 160 of these awards each year.edu. The University usually offers approximately 10 of these awards each year. au/graduatecentre/scholarships/postgrad/ to see what is available at the time you are considering applying for admission.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad/pgtravel/ 18 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR LOCAL STUDENTS . While there is no prescribed closing date for these scholarships.0 and above.000 per annum (2010 full-time rate) and are open to applicants who have completed a Bachelor Degree attaining a GPA of 6. the Major Round and Mid-Year Round.000 tax free. For those undertaking a PhD there may be the possibility of a sixmonth extension upon application. benefactors. These scholarships offer a living allowance valued at $20.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad Divisional Scholarships Divisional Scholarships are provided on a shared funding basis. The application process can be specific to the scholarship. and who do not hold an Honours Degree.000 tax free. Applying during the Major Round is the most effective way to maximise the chances of obtaining a scholarship as students will be considered for every available scholarship for which they are eligible.adelaide. Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR) and offer a tax-free living allowance valued at $22. and offering approximately 300 new scholarships each year. Master of Philosophy (No Honours) Scholarships Master of Philosophy (No Honours) Scholarships are provided in the Major Round only. fieldwork and various other purposes. grants. Further information on travel grants is available from www.adelaide.edu.adelaide. The only way to apply for an APA is through either the Major Round or Mid-Year Round (see information provided above). the majority are offered as part of the Major and Mid-Year Rounds and applicants are strongly encouraged to apply in this way. Travel Grants The University of Adelaide encourages postgraduate students to travel as part of their research candidature and has several schemes available for this purpose. Scholarships Funded from Other Sources The University offers more than 150 scholarships from various sources each year. research foundations and trusts.000 continuing students. Scholarship tenure is normally for up to 3 years for a PhD or 2 years for a Masters degree by research. There are no extensions to Masters scholarships under any circumstances. with a limited number offered during the Mid-Year Round. industry.

deewr.adelaide. Cardiovascular Research Centre Research Training Scheme Currently all local commencing higher degree by research students enrolled at the University of Adelaide are awarded a Research Training Scheme (RTS) place. selection criteria and the application process for the CTS is available at www. Further information on eligibility.html for exact closing date for Mid-Year Round). Applicants must be accepted into the program in order to be eligible for the scholarship. This means there is no HECS debt at the end of the program.au Commercialisation Training Scheme Under a scheme to support research commercialisation training.au/ graduatecentre/scholarships/postgrad/ pgresearch/index.000.edu.edu. Over 200 scholarships are usually offered as part of the Major and Mid-Year Rounds each year. students wishing to be considered for the Major Round of scholarships must lodge their application by 31 October and for the Mid-Year Round by early June (please visit the University of Adelaide’s website at www. This can be received in addition to any stipend received to undertake the higher degree (ie APAs or Divisional Scholarships).edu.adelaide. au/graduatecentre/scholarships/postgrad/ to see what is available at the time you are considering applying for admission.edu.html Further information on the courses and timetabling information is available on the ECIC website at www. Employment and Workplace Relations website at www. The funding comprises payment of tuition fees for the Graduate Certificate and a scholarship valued at approximately $12.gov.adelaide. Further information about the Research Training Scheme is available from the Department of Education. the Commonwealth Government provides funds for a number of full-time local higher degree by research students to undertake a Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialisation. excluding Master of Philosophy (No Honours) and is paid in instalments upon completion of each course in the program.au/ programs/commercialisation/ available scholarship for which they are eligible. Important Application Deadlines for Local Students While there is no deadline for applications for admission from local students.edu. A separate application for entry to the Graduate Certificate in Science and Technology Commercialisation program must be made through SATAC.adelaide. au/graduatecentre/scholarships/postgrad/ pgresearch/index.please visit: www. The RTS place entitles the student to a maximum period of four years of tuition fee exempt candidature to undertake a PhD program or two years of tuition fee exempt candidature to undertake a Masters program.adelaide. Some scholarships will also be available at various other times throughout the year and you should visit the University of Adelaide’s website at www.ecic.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad SCHOLARSHIPS FOR LOCAL STUDENTS 19 . This is the most effective way to maximise the changes of obtaining a scholarship as students will be considered for every For more information on local University of Adelaide postgraduate scholarships.Right: Professor Prash Sanders and Professor Stephen Worthley.

20 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS . and relevant work and research experience. In addition to the major round of scholarships a mid-year round of Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) and Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarships (AGRS) may be available for students commencing in semester 2. For more information on scholarships. an annual living allowance of $22. Selection for scholarships is extremely competitive. There is no separate application process for the International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS). ASI and AFSI). publications in internationally refereed journals.edu. visit www. outstanding academic performance at an internationally recognised university. Recent successful applicants for research scholarships have usually completed a research Masters. Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) or Adelaide Fee Scholarships International (AFSI). and overseas student health cover for up to two years for a Masters degree by Research and up to three years for a Doctoral research degree.edu. If the student ticks the relevant box in Section 8 of the International Student Application for Postgraduate Research Studies for admission to the University in 2011 this will constitute an application for a scholarship in this instance.edu. or a coursework Masters with a substantial research component.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad/international/ Applying for a Scholarship Each year the University of Adelaide has a Major International Scholarship Round of applications. students must submit the International Student Application for Postgraduate Research Studies with complete supporting documentation (including referee reports and evidence of meeting the appropriate English Language Requirements) by 31 August 2010.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad/international/ International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) Approximately 15 IPRS scholarships are available for international students from any country undertaking postgraduate research in areas of University research strengths (www. Up to 44 scholarships are usually offered as part of this Round each year.500 per annum tax-free (in 2010). 2011.au/research/our/index.adelaide.adelaide.adelaide. This is the most effective way to maximise the chances of obtaining an international research scholarship as international students will be considered for every available scholarship for which they are eligible (IPRS. Benefits are payment of full tuition fees. Successful postgraduate scholarship recipients will be informed in mid-November. For updates refer to the website at www.html). 2011.SCHOLARSHIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS The University of Adelaide offers several scholarship schemes for international students commencing postgraduate research study in 2011. To be eligible for scholarship consideration for academic programs commencing in Semester 1 or Semester 2.

2011 For consideration for a University Scholarship commencing in Semester 2. 2011 For consideration for a University scholarship commencing in Semester 1. Detailed conditions for IPRS. 2012 www. including application information. scholarships and support services. Detailed conditions are available at www. and overseas student health cover for up to two years for a Masters degree by Research and up to three years for a Doctoral research degree. 31 Aug 2011 1 Dec 2011 Adelaide Fee Scholarships International (AFSI) Up to 15 scholarships are available to outstanding international students from any country undertaking postgraduate research in any academic discipline.IMPORTANT APPLICATION DEADLINES FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS Completed applications must be received by the International Office.adelaide. to undertake a higher degree by research at the University of Adelaide.edu. University of Adelaide.adelaide.au/research-degrees 1 May 2011 Adelaide Scholarships International (ASI) Up to 15 prestigious scholarships are available to outstanding international students from any country undertaking postgraduate research in any academic discipline.500 per annum tax-free (in 2010).au/graduatecentre/scholarships/ postgrad/international/ Adelaide Graduate Research Scholarships (AGRS) A limited number of scholarships are available to outstanding international students from any country.edu.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad/international/ . ASI and AFSI are available at www. Benefits are payment of full tuition fees and an annual living allowance of $22. 2012 For entry into academic programs commencing Semester 1.500 per annum tax-free (in 2010 for up to two years for a Masters degree by Research and up to three years for a Doctoral research degree. 2011 31 Aug 2010 1 Dec 2010 1 May 2011 For more information about research at the University of Adelaide. by the following dates: For consideration for a University scholarship commencing in 2011 For entry into academic programs commencing Semester 1.edu. an annual living allowance of $22. who have recently graduated from the University of Adelaide. Benefits are payment of full tuition fees for up to two years for a Masters degree by Research and up to three years for a Doctoral research degree.adelaide. Benefits are payment of full tuition fees. visit: For entry into academic programs commencing Semester 2.

organisations and countries. For further information. a return airfare to Australia by the most economical route.au/international_applicants/default. An extension beyond three and a half years requires the approval of both CSC and the University. The number of scholarships awarded will depend on the quality of the candidates. living allowance. The purpose of AusAID scholarships is to provide educational.edu.China Scholarship Council University of Adelaide Joint Postgraduate Scholarships Program The China Scholarship Council (CSC) and The University of Adelaide are jointly offering postgraduate research scholarships to students from the People’s Republic of China to undertake a postgraduate research degree at the University of Adelaide. research and professional development in Australia.edu. Scholarships under this program will be for up to four years. airfares and other expenses. AusAID scholarships cover tuition fees. research and professional linkages between individuals. support growth in the Asia-Pacific region and to build enduring links at the individual. Endeavour Scholarships (for international applicants) The Endeavour Awards are the Australian Government’s internationally competitive. Europe and Americas to undertake study.adelaide. You are encouraged to investigate whether there are such scholarship schemes in your country. research and professional development opportunities to Scholarships from Home Governments or Universities A number of overseas governments or universities sponsor their citizens to undertake research degrees at Australian universities. • Provide opportunities for high achieving individuals to increase their skills and enhance their global awareness. and a leader in research and innovation.deewr.htm AusAID Scholarships The University of Adelaide has contracted with the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) to provide education to AusAID scholars. merit-based scholarship program providing opportunities for citizens of the Asia-Pacific.adelaide. The University of Adelaide will waive full tuition fees for selected students and the CSC will consider the applications of these students for a living allowance as prescribed from time to time by the Chinese Government. Malaysia and Vietnam. please visit: www. Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) aim to develop leadership. Examples are Indonesia. and Applications for Endeavour Awards must be made directly to DEEWR. subject to satisfactory academic progress. gov. Middle East.ausaid. build partnerships and links and address priority issues. There are several scholarship programs available.endeavour. For more information on international University of Adelaide postgraduate scholarships.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad/international 22 SCHOLARSHIPS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS . please see: www. with the sponsor paying the tuition fees and a student living allowance. For further information and advice regarding how to apply. institutional and country levels. Sometimes this is under an agreement with the University of Adelaide.au/scholar/ The Endeavour Awards aim to: • Develop on-going educational.au/graduatecentre/ scholarships/postgrad/chinascholarship/ Note: This information is correct at the time of publishing but the University reserves the right to make changes as necessary at any time.gov. often without a formal agreement with the University. Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) aim to strengthen human resource capacity in Australia’s partner countries to contribute to long-term development needs and promote greater stability in the region. and visa application fees. Applications for ADS and ALA scholarships must be made directly to AusAID. please see: www. There are many other sponsored students at the University of Adelaide. usually through the Australian diplomatic mission in the home country. and • Contribute to Australia’s position as a high quality education and training provider. Further information can be found at www.

reading and writing in English is essential. All domestic applicants for a Higher Degree by research must provide evidence of their English proficiency before an offer of a place is made.5 in Listening.5 AND Band score of 6. Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must provide evidence of minimum English language proficiency before the scholarship closing dates. Reading and Speaking Specific requirements: • Faculty of Health Sciences • Faculty of Humanities and Social Science • Faculty of the Professions (except for Economics) Paper-based: total score of 600 with minimum of 5.au/research-degrees/ requirements/english_language/ ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS As English is the language of Instruction at the University of Adelaide.5 in Test of Written English (TWE) OR Internet-based: total score of 90 with minimum of 22 in Writing and 20 in Listening.0 AND Band score of 7.0 in Listening. Students who intend to sit an IELTS or TOEFL must ensure that their results are provided prior to the closing date for scholarship applications.0 in Listening and Reading Overall score of 7.0 AND Band score of 7.5 in Listening and Reading Paper-based: total score of 575 with minimum of 4. listening to. Evidence of at least one year in the last two years. or two years in the last five years study in English at a tertiary education at an Australian university is generally sufficient for the purpose. proficiency in speaking.0 in Test of Written English (TWE) OR Internet-based: total score of 100 with minimum of 25 in Writing and 22 in Listening.0 in Test of Written English (TWE) OR Internet-based: total score of 100 with minimum of 25 in Writing and Speaking and 22 in Listening and Reading Specific requirements: • Faculty of Health Sciences • Faculty of Humanities and Social Science • Faculty of the Professions (except for Economics) .5 in Writing AND Band score of 6.0 in Writing and Speaking AND Band score of 6. is available from: www. International students without the required level of English will need to satisfactorily complete an intensive program of English language before being admitted to the University of Adelaide Students wishing to apply for a scholarship must already meet the University’s English language requirements at the time of the scholarship closing dates.adelaide. They are not permitted to undertake a Pre-Enrolment English Program. ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY REQUIREMENTS Program IELTS Academic test minimum score TOEFL Academic test minimum score 2011 COMMENCEMENT General requirements: Applicable to ALL research programs except those Faculties/Schools listed below Overall score of 6. including PreEnrolment English Programs. For details regarding the minimum test scores required please refer to the table below. Reading and Speaking Overall score of 7. undertaken within the last two years.More information about English Language Proficiency requirements.5 in Writing and Speaking AND Band score of 6.0 in Writing AND Band score of 6. Reading and Speaking Paper-based: total score of 575 with minimum of 4.5 in Test of Written English (TWE) OR Internet-based: total score of 90 with minimum of 22 in Writing and Speaking and 20 in Listening and Reading Paper-based: total score of 600 with minimum of 5. Reading and Speaking 2012 COMMENCEMENT General requirements: Applicable to ALL research programs except those Faculties/Schools listed below Overall score of 6. Alternatively.5 AND Band score of 6.edu. applicants may be required to submit the results of an IELTS (International English Language Testing System) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

wine science and G Gas technologies. reproductive Health. networks and Comparative politics Computation. workforce Diseases. plant science and Geographical and environmental studies Geology and geophysics Geomechanics. orthopaedics and D Dentistry Development. anatomical Sciences.adelaide. paediatrics and Resource exploration. distributed high-performance Computing and communications. computer vision and Processing. electrical and electronic Engineering. signals and information processing Signal processing. population health and Cognition. sensor. acoustics and Vision. distributed History History and politics History of political thought Horticulture plant physiology. monitoring Rural health F Farming systems Feminist political theory Finance Finance and marketing. philosophy and European studies Evolutionary biology and biodiversity Evolutionary computation Exploration. software architectures and Distributed high-performance computing Digital design media (in architecture and design) I/J/K Immunology. mechanical Engineering. viticulture and Humanities and social sciences Humanities P/Q Paediatrics Paediatrics and reproductive health Pathology Performance. infectious Distributed algorithms. feminist political Theory. social Sciences. fluids and Communications. evolutionary biology and Bioinformatics Biology. paediatrics and reproductive Health. biodiversity and evolutionary Biomedical science. accounting and Innovation. health and biomedical Sciences. general Primary care. landscape architecture and Veterinary sciences Vibration. greenhouse gas Technologies. dynamic Molecular and biomedical science Molecular genetics Monitoring. mineral and energy Restoration and recovery. history of political Trade and development Trade. agriculture Food security Formal methods. climate change and Advanced computing and communications Agriculture Algorithms. power L Landscape architecture and urban design. social Intensive care. anaesthesia and International business International politics International trade. civil and Environmental sciences. applied Mathematics. comparative Politics. earth and Environmental studies. population health and Processing. men’s Health. population Health. viticulture and horticulture Plant protection Plant science and genomics Political theory Political thought. pure Mechanical engineering Media Media. advanced computing and Communications. veterinary Sensing and computation Sensor. creative and Petroleum science and engineering Petroleum engineering. Fluids and combustion Food and nutrition Food and wine. sensing and Computer science Computer vision and signal processing Computing. petroleum Geophysics. mineral and Energy technologies Engineering Engineering. modelling and Oral Health Orthopaedics and trauma C Cancer Cardiovascular health Chemical engineering Chemistry Chemistry and physics Childhood development Civil. gender. gender. basin Modelling and optimisation Modelling and simulation. oral Health. soil and land B Biochemistry Biodiversity. restoration and Reproductive health Reproductive health. software English Environment Environmental and mining engineering. geographical and Ethics. software Asian studies Australian politics Engineering. public Health. ophthalmology and Visual technologies Viticulture. mining and Pharmacology Philosophy Philosophy and ethics Photonics and applied optics Physical sciences Physics Physiology Plant breeding and genetics Plant physiology. geology and Greenhouse gas technologies Gynaecology. politics and Social sciences Social innovation Software architectures and distributed algorithms Software engineering and formal methods Soil and land systems Spanish Statistics Surgery Sustainability and building performance Systems. food and Obstetrics and gynaecology Oenology and Viticulture Ophthalmology and visual sciences Optics. natural Resources. computer vision and Smart materials Social inclusion. international Population and migration studies Population health and clinical practice Population health and primary care Power engineering Practice. sensor. microbiology and Infectious diseases Information processing. oenology and Viticulture and horticulture. feminist Politics and social inclusion. soil and Law Life Sciences Linguistics M Management Marine sciences Marketing Marketing. ophthalmology and visual Sciences. international. radical and cultural Thought. cardiovascular Health. history of Political theory. energy Technologies.EXAMPLES OF AVAILABLE RESEARCH AREAS A Accounting and information systems Acoustics and vibration Adaptation. marine Sciences. political Theory. architecture. rural Health sciences High-performance computing. microelectronics and Recovery. greenhouse Gender. molecular and Biomedical sciences. sustainability and building Performing arts. smart Mathematical sciences Mathematics. mining and petroleum Engineering. software architectures and distributed Anaesthesia and intensive care Anatomical sciences Animal sciences Antarctic sciences Anthropology Applied mathematics Applied optics.edu. architecture Land systems.au/research-degrees 24 EXAMPLES OF AVAILABLE RESEARCH AREAS . Antarctic Sciences. Australian Politics. civil. restoration and recovery Music Psychiatry Psychology Public health Pure mathematics R Radio frequency engineering. Medicine. landscape architecture and urban design Architectures and distributed algorithms. finance and marketing U/V/W Urban design. water quality and Engineering and formal methods. molecular and biomedical Sciences. politics and social inclusion General practice Genetics Genetics. childhood Development. finance and marketing Trauma. environmental and mining Engineering. microelectronics and radio frequency Engineering. computer and signal processing Visual sciences. environmental and mining engineering Classics Climate change and adaptation Clinical practice. photonics and applied Optimisation. tectonics and Resource management. plant breeding and Genomics. chemical Engineering. life Sciences. health and Breeding and genetics. obstetrics and N/O Natural resource management Networks and communications Neuroscience and cognition Nursing Nutrition Nutrition. software engineering and French studies S Science. monitoring. medical Sciences. history and Politics. evolutionary Computation. population and Mineral and Energy Resources Mining and petroleum engineering Mining engineering. area studies Politics. international trade. advanced Creative and performing arts Creative writing Cultural studies H Health and biomedical sciences Health and clinical practice. visual Tectonics and resource exploration Telecommunications Theory. molecular Genetics. Learning and Technologies. tectonics and resource Materials. international trade. environmental and Modelling. software engineering and formal Microelectronics and radio frequency engineering Microbiology and immunology Microelectronics and radio frequency engineering Migration studies. digital design (in architecture and design) Medical sciences Medicine Men’s health Methods. civil. accounting and information Systems. finance and For more information please visit: www. sustainability and (in architecture and design) Business Business. Politics. creative E Earth and environmental sciences Ecology and evolutionary biology Economics Education Electrical and electronic engineering Energy resources. signals and Information systems. neuroscience and Combustion. international Business. photonics and Architecture. plant Building performance. signals and information T Teaching Unit. mathematical Sciences. plant physiology Water quality and engineering Wine marketing Wine science and business Workforce development Writing. population and primary care Health.

These representatives are appointed to: 1 NORTHERN TERRITORY QUEENSLAND WESTERN AUSTRALIA SOUTH AUSTRALIA NEW SOUTH WALES Sydney Brisbane Provide accurate information about the University of Adelaide and its programs to prospective international students. Nepal. Austria. Thailand. Bangladesh. 2 3 4 Perth ADELAIDE VICTORIA 5 Melbourne The University of Adelaide currently has international representatives in the following countries: Australia. Germany. China. India. New Caledonia. Hong Kong. Vietnam A full listing of the University of Adelaide’s international representatives with their contact details can be found at www.international. Taiwan. Iran. Brazil. Venezuela. Indonesia. Syria. Mauritius. travel. South Africa. Oman. United Arab Emirates. Libyan Arab Jamahiriya. Saudi Arabia. Tanzania.INTERNATIONAL REPRESENTATIVES Darwin The University appoints agents to act as its official international representatives. to the University. Korea (South). Peru. Bahrain. Canada. Pakistan.edu.adelaide. Sri Lanka. Botswana.au/apply/ AUSTRALIA . Mexico. United States of America. accommodation and pre-departure arrangements. Ecuador. and the acceptance and payment. Kenya. France. Kuwait. Philippines. Cambodia. Singapore. Chile. Jordan. Assist with visa application. Assist with verification of supporting documentation. Assist with the processing and forwarding of the application. United Kingdom. Colombia. Advise on admission requirements and choice of programs. Agents are located within Australia and in more than forty countries around the world. Japan. Macau. Malaysia.

edu.edu. The Group of Eight Universities are committed to building the intellectual.au www.edu. Group of Eight Universities have nurtured all of Australia’s Nobel Prize winners educated in Australia.go8.adelaide. social.au . cultural and economic excellence of Australia’s future. See www.adelaide.au/enquiries/ Web: www.au For further information please contact: The Student Centre.international. They receive over 70% of national competitive research grants and conduct over 60% of all Australian university research as well as producing over 60% of Australian university research publications and twothirds of patents.edu. South Australia 5005 Australia Telephone: +61 8 8313 5208 Facsimile: + 61 8 8313 4401 Online enquiry form: www.The University of Adelaide is a member of the Group of Eight. adelaide. The University of Adelaide.international. a coalition of Australia’s leading research-intensive universities.

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