Banana Heart Summer Merlinda Bobis

Merlinda Carullo Bobis Born on November 25, 1959 at Legaspi City, Albay A contemporary Filipino-Australian Writer Studied at Bicol University, Aquinas University, University of Santo Tomas, and University of Wollongong Works in different genres integrate elements of the traditional culture of the Philippines with modern immigrant experience Currently teaching courses on dancing, creative writing, and visual arts at Wollongong University Awards received includes: the Prix Italia for Rita’s Lullaby, the Steel Rudd Award for the Best Published Collection of Australian Short Stories, the Judges’ Choice Award (Bumbershoot Bookfair, Seattle Arts Festival) and the Philippine National Book Award for White Turtle, or The Kissing for the Philippine Balagtas Award, a lifetime achievement award for her fiction and poetry in English, Pilipino and Bicol, and Gintong Aklat for Banana Heart Summer

Setting Remedios Street, Legaspi, Albay, Philippines 1970’s

Character Analysis Nenita/Nining – the novel’s protagonist; a sweet and responsible young girl who longs for food, love, and life Nana Dora – the number 1 sweet vendor on Remedios Street with whom Nening asks and shares her thoughts Marina/Maring – Nenita’s mother who feels so cold towards her Father – Nenita’s father whose tongue was eaten by the devil

Claro.Valenzuela Family (Dr. Elvis. Junior. Miss VV. Marinella(+) – Nenita’s siblings Plot The novel started with Nenita narrating how her first venture started in that particular summer Nenita became a maid to the Valenzuela’s The volcano erupted Nenita’s mother gave birth to Marinella Nenita went to US to serve as maid to Miss VV and Ralph Theme Cooking is an outlet of emotions Love completes a man’s lif Asymmetrical would always mean conflict . Andy. Mrs. MariaCorazon Alano – Nenita’s neighbour Boy Hapon – another neighbour Lydia. Augusto and Mrs. Manolito) – a very wealthy family who owns the almost mansion Basilio Profundo – the admirable DJ in town Tiya Coring – Basilio’s mother Tiya Asun and Tiyo Anding – parents of the twins Bebet and Chi-Chi Aunt Rosario – Nenita’s wealthy aunt in the city Ralph McKenna – a doctor from US who eventually became Miss VV’s husband Tiya Miling – Juanito Guwapito’s mother Juanito Guwapito – a young man who eloped with Tiya Viring Mr. Soledad. Nilo. Nana Dora’s husband Ching Family – (Alexander. Valenzuela) – Nenita’s good employer Calcium Man – Anastacio “Tasyo” Guerrero in real life.

aquamarine. magenta. white Summer Banana Heart Water . ochre. gray.Love always wins in the end Literature reflects life Motifs Cooking Reading Search for love Symbols Coconut Church Volcano Almost Mansion Stones – red with black ridges.

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