News values and credibility

"What you see is news, what you know is background, what you feel is opinion." - Lester Markel

News is new - to the user

...but what makes it newsworthy?
Relevant to the audience: 'people like me' Simple to tell - clear action/reaction; cause/effect; good/bad; fact/fake Unexpected: "man bites dog" Connected to other events - worth investing resources in 

...but what makes it newsworthy?
Different to the day's other stories; adds to the 'news mix‘ Negativity - bad news

Status: if a person or country with power

Adding credibility
Facts: who, what, where, when, how, why

Evidence: documents, photos, video, audio, links Media: images, video and audio
Witnesses: named or recorded

Adding credibility
Reaction: what do those responsible say? Why did this happen? Context: what's the background? According to who? Clarity: don't get distracted

How is online different?
Each new fact and reaction reported separately Newsworthiness can be the 'trending' of something, e.g. "emerging anger...“ Credibility comes from linking to evidence, not from job title

Key points
Link to evidence wherever you can - in as raw a format as possible Make your information relevant, and connect it to ongoing and future events Publish as you go but add round-up posts to sum up the balance of information


‫مشروع الصحافة الشعبية‬ Check Desk Project ArabCitizenMedia.Org
‫هذا العرض التقديمي جزء من موادا‬ ‫تدريبية لمساعد المواطنين الصحافيين‬ ‫على تحسين انتاجهم اإلعالمي‬

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