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InternationalBusiness 1

InternationalBusiness 1

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Published by: Sham on Mar 04, 2012
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Cultural Training

Cultural training seeks to foster an appreciation for the
host country's culture. The belief is that understanding a
host country's culture will help the manager empathize
with the culture, which will enhance her effectiveness in
dealing with host-country nationals. It has been
suggested that expatriates should receive training in the
host country's culture, history, politics, economy,
religion, and social and business practices.

Language Training

English is the language of world business; it is quite
possible to conduct business all over the world using
only English.

Practical Training

Practical training is aimed at helping the expatriate
manager and family ease themselves into day-to-day life
in the host country. The sooner a routine is established,
the better are the prospects that the expatriate and her
family will adapt successfully.

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