Group A10aj

Ronnie: Very confused; no motivation; no real environmental analysis proposed. Proposal needs to be completely redone: 1.5 marks.

Joy: Not a well thought proposal. Statistical analysis portion is too generic. Marks: 1.5

Objective and motivation of analysis: The prime objective is to analyze the demand factors for the railway industry. This would include assessing economic factors, both micro and macro, along with other factors which affect the demand for rail travel viz. other modes of transport, seasonal factors and untimely events like mishaps and budgetary policies. The first sentence is vague, the next sentence neither fits into "objective" nor "motivation". In fact there is no motivation given Sector/Industry to be analyzed: Indian Railways. Aspect of economic environment/policy measure to be examined: environment/policy has nothing to do with performance The key performance indicator is the revenue generated by the Indian Railways. Data source(s) and variables to be used: The web portal of the Indian Railways, World Bank and CMIE databases. Variables are fare level of airlines, climatic indicators like temperature and rainfall, per capita income and seasonal/natural events. This is a weird list! Nature of statistical and other analysis planned: The statistical model would essentially be a multiple regression analysis model. Also, effect of dummy variables would be explored. Need to be more specific: period: dependent: independent; what dummies; etc Any other relevant issues: The outcome of the analysis would signify the effect of various factors on the revenue and thus the bottom-line of the Indian Railways. How is this another relevant issue? Its implied in what you have written

Group: A10

5 marks. Joy: Not a well thought proposal.5 2011022 Gauresh Naik 2011028 2011037 2011042 2011055 2011058 Jaswinder Kaur Nishadh Amonkar Pranita Pati Sujeet Jog Trevor Vaz . no motivation. Marks: 1. Statistical analysis portion is too generic. Proposal needs to be completely redone: 1. no real environmental analysis proposed.Ronnie: Very confused.

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