Is the location suitable?

Look around the location

Additional comments The wooden post positioned in the way of one of our shots is slightly obstructive to the view, but is essentially not a filming issue N/A Camera, props, continuity markers (to ensure actors return to the correct spots/positions)

Speak to people there and organise filming permission Identify the equipment required Identify any potential health and safety issues both people and equipment related issues such as presence of people not involved in filming, video equipment being set up in a suitable and safe location, which doesn’t block access points, damages the environment or frightens livestock. Consider the positioning of sun and lighting conditions Look for interesting camera angle shots

All covered in our location risk assessment

Check the electricity supply

Do a test on sound or video recording, check for potential noise problems

There is no immediate supply available so we will have to ensure camera battery is fully charged before heading to the location for filming Wind/background noise could be distracting, however we will be inserting non-diegetic music over the top so the natural sound can be turned down Filming will happen in the afternoon on Wednesday 21st of February

Confirm dates and times with technical crew, actors and anybody else this applies to

Arrange car parking, access, loading and security Make sure everybody concerned with your video knows what is happening and what is expected of them


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