(choice of two)

(choice of two)

carne asada

(choice of one) Cancun style mexican rice


fresh salsa or Pico de gallo
Served with tortilla chips

, Tender strips of beef marinated in lime cerveza grilleed with onions

sauteed with salt, cumin and onion, then simmered with tomato sauce and chicken broth

bean & cheese dip
Served with tortilla chips

Tender chicken, onions with tomatoes, sweet red & green bell peppers

chicken fajitas

seasoned with garlic, jalapeno, and cumin

mexican refried beans

Fresh guacamole
served with tortilla chips meltingly-soft chunks of caramelized pork

pork carnitas

Chicken or fish tacos

Mini tacos

roasted red potatoes garnished with cilantro & sour cream

papas rojas

Mini taquitos
Chicken, bacon & chees

bay shrimp or fish tostadas choice of vegeterian, chicken or beef& cheese wrapped in a warm maize tortilla smothered with tomato sauce & topped with melted cheese

Ceviche tostada bites

tender pork chops in a traditional red posole wiyh hormy corn

pork posole


(choice of one) Fresh Roasted Vegetables spanish style vegetables

Slow cooked fresh vegetables sauted in tequilla-lime sauce

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