Capitol University College of Maritime Education Cagayan de Oro City Shipboard Practicum Orientation (Deck/Engine Cadet)

Name: ____________________________________Date: ____________________ Name of vessel: __________________Type:____________ GRT:____________
Tick the blank when task is perform and mark x if not. I. Safety Familiarization 1. Understand safety information symbols, signs and alarm signals. 2. Know what to do if: 2.1 A person falls overboard. 2.2 Fire or smoke is detected. 2.3 The fire or abandon ship alarm is sounded. 3. Be able to: 3.1 Identify muster and embarkation stations. 3.2 Identify emergency escape routes. _________

_________ _________ _________ _________ _________

3.3 Close and open the fire, weather tight and Watertight doors fitted in the particular ship. _________ Shipboard Familiarization Visit bridge, forecastle, poopdeck, accommodation deck _________ other work areas, and identify each nomenclatures on each area. 2. Get acquainted with steering controls, telephones, _________ telegraphs and other bridge equipment and displays. 3. Read and demonstrate an understanding of the company’s fire and safety regulations. _________ 4. Demonstrate recognition of the alarm signals for: 4.1 Fire _________ 4.2 Emergency _________ 4.3 Abandon ship _________ 5. Locate: 5.1 Medical and first aid equipment. _________ 5.2 Fire fighting equipment _________ 5.3 Alarm activating points _________ 5.4 Alarm bells _________ 5.5 Extinguishers _________ 5.6 Hydrants _________ 5.7 Fire axes and hoses. _________ 5.8 Rocket line-throwing apparatus. _________ 5.9 Distress rockets, flares and other pyrotechnics. _________ 5.10 Locate breathing apparatus and firefighter’s outfits. _________ 6. Locate and understand operation of emergency deck stop _________ mechanism for main engines including other emergency stop valve. 7. Locate CO2 or halon bottle room, and control valves _________ for smothering apparatus in pump rooms, cargo tanks and holds. 8. Locate and understand the operation of the Emergency pump.________ 9 9. Get acquainted with the procedure for handling garbage, 10 and other wastes. Student Signature: __________________________________________

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