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CU-QMS-STO-016 Capitol University College of Maritime Education Cagayan de Oro City Shipboard Practicum Orientation (Engine Cadet) CHECKLIST

Name:___________________________________ Name of Vessel:_________________________ GRT:_________ Date:_________________ Type:____________

Check (/) the blank when task is perform and mark x if not. I. Main and Auxiliary Machinery

1. Main Engine.List its major parts, make /model power _______ output and the procedures in starting and securing. 2. Generator Engine-List its major parts, make/model, _______ horsepower and power output. 3. Locate the following Engine Room back-up machinery and equipment: - Boiler _______ - Fuel Oil Heater _______ - Fuel Oil & Lube. Oil Purifiers _______ - Fresh water & Lube. Coolers _______ - Air Compressor _______ - Fuel Oil & Lube. Oil Filters _______ - Water Oil Separator _______ - Fire & Bilge PUMP _______ - Transfer & Circulating pumps _______ - Air Tanks _______ 4. Locate and understudy the Main switchboard and Electrical Installation _______ 5. Identify the Color Codes for Piping _______ 6. Locate the Sea Chest _______ 7. Locate the Shaft and Emergency Steering Rooms _______ 8. Control Room. Check its facilities and features. _______ Draw its arrangement in boxes. 9. Locate fire fighting equipment and CO2 room. _______ 10. Engine room workshop _______ Assist in maintenance works 11. Locate and study Safety equipment and emergency procedures _______ Engine Department organization-identify responsibilities of the engine officers _______ and ratings forming part of the watch. II. Watch Keeping Procedures Watchkeeping Study engine room watch procedures _______ and engineers routine in port and at sea. 1. Familiarize with Bridge orders and procedures during stand-by preparation for departure and arrival. _______ 2. Study recording and maintenance of engine bell book, _______ Engineers logbook and oil records book. 3. Study Tank sounding and Bunkering Procedures. _______ 4. Study synchronizing Procedures while working in the Engine Room. _______ 5. Study safety procedures while working in the engine room _______ Student Signature: __________________ Issue: 05 April06 Assessor: _________________ Revision: 05