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Capitol University College of Maritime Education Cagayan de Oro City Shipboard Training Competence Checklists (Engine Cadet) Name:_______________________________________Date:______________ Name of Vessel:_________________ Main Engine Output::________Kw

1. Use of appropriate tools for fabrication and repair operations typically performed on ships. 2. Use of hand tools and measuring equipment for dismantling. Maintenance, repair and re-assembly of Shipboard plant & equipment. 3. Use of hand tools, electrical & electronic measuring and test equipment for fault finding, maintenance and repair operation. 4. Maintain a safe engineering watch. 5. Use English in written and oral form 6. Operate main & auxiliary machinery & associated control systems 7. Operate pumping systems & associated control systems 8. Operate alternators ,generators & control systems 9. Maintain marine engineering systems, including control system 10. Undertake maintain and repair to electrical equipment 11.Undertake maintenance & repair to emergency equipment 12.Ensure compliance with pollution prevention requirements 13.Maintain seaworthiness of the ship 14. Prevent, control and fire fight onboard 15.Operate life-saving apparatus 16. Apply medical first aid onboard the ship 17. monitor compliance with legislative requirements



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