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Capitol University College of Maritime Education Cagayan de Oro City Interview Debriefing Checklists (Engine Cadet) Name:_________________________ Type of Vessel:_________________ Name of Vessel:________________________ Date Disembarked:______________ Date Embarked: ________________ Yes 1. Does the cadet has disembarkation papers address from manning/shipping Company? 2. Does the cadet has a duly accomplish ISF Training Record Book duly signed by connected officers onboard? 3. Does the cadet has a company certificate of Sea Service signed by the Ship Officers concerned and a representative of the Shipping/Manning Company? 4. Does the cadet has the PRC Certificate of Sea Service duly signed by the Master and notarized by the lawyer? 5. Does the cadet passed the written and the comprehensive Exam? 6. Does the cadet has Seamans Identification Record Book(SIRB)?or SIRC if onboard foreign vessel? 7. Does the cadet has Birth Certificate duly authenticated by he National Statistics Office? 8. Does the cadet undergo debriefing and checking ISF TRB? Remarks:_______________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________ Evaluated by:_C/M John R. Jaromahum_ Date:_________________ Cadets Signature: __________________________
Issue: 05 April06 Revision: 03