Tally 9 ERP Syncronization How To Step by Step

This Part of Tally Server Side

First Locally Server Data’s Restored Select the Company & Login Prest F12 Configure -> Advanced Configuration Check the Following Tally – Server Enable ODBC – Yes Port No. Press Esc F11 -> Tally.Net Features Fill up the Following Must Company Name Person Name Contact No. – Allow To Connect Company - > Yes Connect Onload - > No Quit Yes Admin Login Change Security Leve for Allow to Connet Tally.net Server for All Users Press F4 to Connect Connect To Tally.net Confirmation

.> Advanced Configuration Check the Following Tally Clinet as Client Enable ODBC – Yes Port No.Admin Password .> Yes User Name .admin Quit Yes Press F12 .This Part of Client Side Create the New Company Use Security Control .8999 Next All – give the No Quit Yes .

Yes Connect To Load .which Company Creathe Synchronize that’s mail id (Ex.Yes Server Account ID .net .com ID) Type of Rule Synchronize Company Name – Altred Tranction – Yes Sync OverSlow Connection – Yes Client Synchronize Sync Start Sync End . Create the test company use the test@test.> Tally.> Client Rules .Press F11 .No Import of Data .> Create Name Of Rule – Use Tally.> Synchronization . Net Features Must Fill up the following Connect Company Name Person Name Contact No Allow to Connect Company .

> Syncronization .xml Go To Sever Activate Rules Import of Data .> Server Rules .This words come ur Configuration Correct for Handshake After Data Export From Server Master.xml Daybook.> Yes Alterd Transactions .xml Client Import of Data Master.> Yes Go To Client Syncronize Confirmed Handshake Syncronization Sync Start Sync End Go To Server Backup the Company Transfer To Branch .xml Daybook.> Active Activate Slow Internet Connection Synronized .

Go To Tally in Branch Find the Tally.ini File Client Server = Server Repeat Proceger of Server Creation for Check .ini File Modify Tally.

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