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Companion Based Mechanism to Establish Secure Routing in MANETs Systems

Shobana.M, Guide Name: Mr.S.Sivanesan,

ME-Computer Science and Engineering, Anna University of Technology, Thiruchirapalli.

Abstract Companion Based Mechanism provides secure routing in mobile ad hoc networks by using Challenges and Anonymous authentication. We propose this scheme that has been drawn from a network of friends in real life scenarios. The algorithm works by authenticating each node by a distributed anonymous authentication scheme from the bilinear maps, based on the technique of secret share and zero-knowledge proof. It solves the authentication and key management problems of MANET and sending challenges. It sharing friend Lists to provide a list of trusted nodes to the source node through which data transmission finally takes place. The nodes in the friend list are rated on the basis of the amount of data transmission they accomplish and their friendship with other nodes in the network. The account of friendship of a node with other nodes in the network is obtained through the Share Your Friends process which is a periodic event in the network. . During sequential process it also avoid the possibility of a malicious node would be caught in a process and eliminated from the list of trusted nodes. As a result of this scheme of operation, the network is able to effectively isolate the malicious nodes which are left with no role to play in the ad hoc network. One major benefit of this scheme is that the nodes do not need to promiscuously listen to the traffic passing through their neighbors. The information about the malicious nodes is gathered effectively by using Challenges. This reduces the overhead on the network significantly. Through extensive simulation analysis it was inferred that this scheme provides an efficient approach towards security and easier detection of malicious nodes in the mobile ad hoc network.