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Ghid de conversatie englez-roman La interviu

Im here for the vacancy you advertised. Am venit pentru postul pe care l-ati anuntat What studies do you have? Ce studii aveti? I got my. Mi-am luat. Bachelor's degree licenta Masters degree masteratul in I graduated.... Am studii.. Secondary school liceale From University superioare

I did a three-month internship with X. am facut un stagiu de 3 luni la compania X. How long have you been working as a? Ce vechime aveti in aceasta activitate? Are you available for project-based work? Suneti disponibil/a pentru activitati sporadice in diverse proiecte? This position requires excellent qualifications. Acest post presupune un inalt nivel de calificare. What are your qualifications ? Ce nivel de calificare aveti? I was trained in. Sunt calificat in domeniul What skills do you have? Ce competente aveti? I have ten years experience in working with... Am o experienta de 10 ani in lucrul cu I have good business experience. Am o buna experienta in afaceri. Im computer literate and I have good clerical skills. Stapanesc bine calculatorul si activitatile de secretariat. Im good at Ma pricep bine la Im unemployed now. Acum sunt in somaj/somer.

Do you have any references from your previous employer? Aveti niste recomandari din partea ultimului d-vs angajator? What are your expectations regarding payment? Cu cat v-ati astepta sa fiti platit? What are your working hours? Ce program aveti? Do I have to work in shifts? Va trebui sa lucrez in schimburi? This job is a real challenge. Acest post este o adevarata provocare. The atmosphere at work is very good in our company. Atmosfera de lucru este foarte buna in intreprinderea noastra. Are there good chances for promotion? Sansele de promovare sunt bune? You are hired. Esti angajat. I wish you all the best in finding something wich suits you better. Va doresc mult success sa va gasiti ceva care sa vi se potriveasca mai bine.