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Manning the 50 calibre M2 HMG to take out enemy infantry close to tank or on roof tops.

To provide the tank driver with information about and surveillance as they have a better sight of the battlefield

To provide the wounded soldiers with immediate attention To fight alongside the infantry.

Tank Gunner

To have contact with HQ encase a soldier needs an emergency evacuation

Combat Medic

To provide fire power to the infantry from distance

Using the cannon to destroy enemy armour such as tanks and trucks or enemy forts and strongholds


Artillery Officer

To destroy flimsy shelters or strongholds being used as cover by the enemy

To go ahead of other units to delay any enemy advances

To capture strongholds and hold them before the heavy infantry arrive as back up

Helicopter pilot Light Infantry

Reconnaissance scout
To provide air cover for the infantry soldiers To skirmish the enemy. To become the target and take fire off the heavy infantry. To make sure that the helicopter is fully functioning before sending into operation. To camouflage in the terrain near the enemy or get within the enemy as a spy without being spotted.

The Artillery officer has to make sure that the areas they are going to shoot at are clear of civilians

Setting up antennae s to connect to our satellites to provide the soldiers with communications to each other

To destroy enemy armour such as tanks and armoured trucks and strongholds or building.

To provide the infantry with information about the enemy for example if the enemy is sending out tanks, and how many etc.