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Neonatal assessment is done immediately after the babywas born.

Checking of the temperature via rectum is one of it, for this method, it is done to identify if there is the possibility of renal atresia or imperforated anus. Infant's who has this problem suffers from a congenitally closed rectum or it may also be possib le that the rectal opening may not be found in the right place yet for some case s, this problems are ocassionally overlooked. The said abnormalities are divided into two types- first is high renal atresia, an opening is made in the large intestines temporerily to relieve a stoma. For t his procedure, action is done right after the problem was discovered. in such ca se, surgery is inevitable. For some clients, the procedure includes forwardnig o f intestines beofre the anal sphincter muscles, and gently making s hole inside the sin. While low atresia, there is no stoma which is normally made. If possibl e occurence of fistula of the intestines may occur, this intestines are transfe rred out to its proper position. For the operation, some cases happen mostly 1 y ear after life. Stimulation of the anorectal muscle sphincter is very much neces sary to remove possible muscle damage. It is also helpful in positioning properl y the rectal opening. Luckily, the anorectectal stimulators that is being used i s already in its compact size, it is also light in weight and also cheap, and it s components are reasdily available everywhere.