Clinical Action Plan

Case Management
General Objective: To provide and ensure quality health care services to every member of the community

vital signs taking and documentation Evaluation The Student nurses were able to provide quality health care services to every member of the community Money Man power:  Student nurses of GCIC Materials:  Paraphernalia for vital signs taking:  BP apparatus  Stethoscope  Thermometer  Tape Measure  Short brown envelope  Evaluation tool  Small notebook and tri-colored pen Money:  Short brown envelope -P175  Photocopy of evaluation tool 15 pcs -P65 . 2012 8am-4pm Morbid cases: Every Tuesday and Thursday Prenatal check-up: Every Tuesday EPI: Every Wednesday BHW: Every MondayFriday Target Population  Patients with morbid cases  All pregnant women  Children less than 1 year old  Barangay Health workers Man pow er Resources Materials Expected Outcome The Student nurses will be able to:  Conduct clinical visit/consultati -on correctly  Supervise BHW on proper way of conducting a clinic visit. observation Time Frame January 1620.Specific Objective  To conduct consultation of the following:  Morbid cases  Prenatal check-up  EPI  To supervise BHW on the following:  Clinic visit  Home visit  Vital signs taking  Record keeping  To provide accurate documentation of client’s health record Activities/ Strategies Clinic Visit (consultation):  Registration/ Admission  Waiting time  Triaging  Clinical Evaluation  Laboratory and other diagnostic examinations  Referral system  Prescription/ Dispensing  Health Education Home Visit:  Greet the patient and introduce yourself  State the purpose of visit  Observe the patient and determine the health needs  Perform nursing care needed and give health teachings  Record all important data. home visit. home visit and vital signs taking  Provide accurate documentation of client’s health record and filing of envelopes in the shelf Monitoring The student nurses will monitor the performance of the BHW on clinical visit.

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