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Chapter2 Guidelines

Chapter2 Guidelines

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Chapter 2.

Review of Related Literature and Studies Provide a brief introduction about the contents of the whole chapter. Literatures and Studies must be as recent as possible. Literatures and Studies must be as objective and unbiased as possible. Literatures and Studies must be relevant to the study – only materials that have some similarity to or bearing on the problem researched on, should be cited. Literature and Studies must be sufficient enough to give the researcher insight into his problem or to indicate the nature of the present investigation. Review of related literature should contain the following: o 5 Local Literature o 5 Foreign Literature o 5 Local Studies o 5 Foreign Studies Observe the following ways of citing related literature and studies: o By Author or Writer  In this method, the ideas, facts, or principles although they have the same meaning, are explained or discussed separately and cited with their respective authors or writers. o By Topic  In this case, if different authors or writers have the same opinion about the same topic, the topic is discussed and cited under the names of the authors or writers. o Chronological  Related literature and studies must me cited chronologically, according to the year they were written. Include justification/s or points of similarities and points of differences of your study with the literature and studies reviewed.

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