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Gorospe, Michelle Vina L.

HM2A 10 common family problems

Mr. J. Ting

1. Balance of work and family. When parents are busy with their job and their children in their school, it may turn out of not having enough time with each other (giving time and effort in the family and work are not equal). 2. Lack of communication. When issue no. 1 gets worse, lack of communication in the family will happen. For there is not enough time for parents and their children to bond together. 3. Lack of discipline. When parents, didnt have much time for their children, their children might do thing on their way. They might get influenced with their friends in good or bad way. 4. Financial pressures. Because of too much family demands, and if parents cant provide it, there will be difficulties on having these demands and expenses. 5. Negative influence of media. As the time gets modern, form of media also develops. And through these media, negative influences arise, especially to teenagers who are the users of these often. 6. Materialism. When parents, tends to get busy, they just buy things to their children so their children wouldnt forget them. And when this happen frequently, parents might overlook materialism as their love. 7. Divorce. When relationship among husband and wife didnt work out, some of them tend to get divorced without considering their children. As for the childrens side, they might grow with other peoples influence. 8. Absent father figure. For some cases of having a father who works overseas, children might grow with a heart far from their father. For he didnt see how his children grow up, and cant manage to cope up to the attitude of his children. 9. Busyness. Referring from issues no. 1 and 2, being busy, is really the reason. From being tired after the working hours, sometimes, they still bring their office works to their house which leads of not having time with the family. 10. Anti-Christian culture. From the issue no.5, teens might get influenced to the point that they applying it to their lives. Like engaging in pre-marital sex, turning to drugs, having bad vices, etc.