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ME-210 MANUFACTURING PROCESSES-II Internal Marks: 40 L T P External Marks: 60 3 0 0 Total Marks: 100 Detailed Contents 1.

Metal Forming Introduction : Classification of forming processes, Rolling : Classification of rolling processes, rolling mills, products of rolling and main variables, rolling defects, Drawing : Drawing of rods, wires and tubes, Draw benches, main variables in drawing operations. Forging : Open and closed die forging, forging operations, hammer forging, press forging and drop forging, forging defects, their causes and remedies. Extrusion : Classification of extrusion processes, extrusion equipment, variables in extrusion process. Introduction to high velocity forming. Sheet metal forming operations : Spinning, deep drawing, bending. Introduction to press working. Types of presses, press working operation, Press working tools. Introduction to powder metallurgy, methods of producing powders, briquetting and sintering, sizing and finishing operations, 2. Metal cutting and Machine tools Cutting tool materials, high carbon steels, alloy carbon steels, high speed steel, cast alloys, cemented carbides, ceremics and diamonds, CBN etc. Geometry of single point cutting tools, Twist Drill and milling cutter, cutting speeds and feeds Coolants: Classification, purpose, its effect on speed and feed Lubricants: Function and properties Lathe: Machine and its accessories, Lathe operations, Turning, Taper Turning and Thread cutting, kinematic scheme of lathe, shaping and planing Machine, Drive Mechanisms, slotting machine, cutting speeds and feeds Milling machine and its classification, upmilling and down milling Indexing: Simple compound and differential Sawing Machine and Drilling Operation Boring Operation and boring machines Grinding: Cylindrical, surface and centreless grinding Composition and nomenclature of grinding wheels Introduction to broaching machine