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Instant Welsh Lesson

Welsh, also known as 'the language of heaven' is one of the oldest spoken languages in Europe, and is the most popular of the Celtic languages spoken today. Welsh speaking communities can be found in Australia, England, the United States, Sweden and Patagonia in Argentina.

Cardiff History

Cardiff’s rich culture has a diverse range of influences, from the Romans and Normans of antiquity to the industrial revolution and the coal industry - which transformed Cardiff from a small town into a thriving, international city.

Famous sons and daughters

. Cardiff Bay The old Cardiff docklands have been redeveloped in the last decade to create Cardiff Bay. . In the sports world Ryan Giggs. St Fagans National History Museum Museum of Welsh Life Sain Ffagan Amgueddfa Werin Cymru The museum includes over forty buildings which represent the architecture and culture of the Welsh people. home to a large freshwater lake for sailing and water sports. Children’s author Roald Dahl was born in Cardiff in 1916. and Shirley Bassey and Charlotte Church are the city’s home grown musical divas.Cardiff has produced many famous names in the last century.. – a restaurant hotspot with everything from Italian to Turkish cuisine.

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