Gobar gas (Bio – Gas) What is the structure of Bio – gas and how does it work?

STRUCTURE: 1. Biogas plant consists of a well like structure called as ‘Digester’ which contains slurry of animal waster and water. 2. The digester is usually constructed well below the ground level. 3. There are two pipes joined to the bottom. One is for feeding animal waste, slurry and other for taking out the used slurry called as sludge which comes out after fermentation. 4. A dome shaped structure called ‘Dome’ with a valve floats over the slurry in the digester and serves as an outlet for biogas. WORKING: 1. In a digester the action of an anaerobic micro organism breaks down or decomposes the complex compound of biomass in the slurry, in the presence of water. 2. This process takes place within few days and gases like methane, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and hydrogen sulphide are produced. 3. This mixture of gases is supplied to consumer. 4. As biogas contains 80% of methane it is excellent fuel and burns without producing smoke.

The slurry which has lost biogas is called sludge. It is rich in nitrogenous and phosphatic compounds and can be used as an excellent fertilizer.

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